Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Brooke Hogan contacts Wrestling Wonders

Brooke Hogan contacts
Wrestling Wonders

Oops she did it again...

Looking Glam on the
red carpet for MTV
Brooke Hogan has recently joined TNA wrestling, as part of the foundation to shape the Knockouts division.

There has only ever been one true individual able to put the female wrestling needs first and foremost, being Max Waltham.

In an effort to uncover more information, through a possible tactic of espionage, one of Wrestling Wonders' staff at the time, had received a Facebook request from one Brooke Hogan.


Aware this person was in charge of the PR aspects of WW on Twitter, Brooke tracked them down to Facebook, where they sent the friend request, which was accepted.

In the interest of politeness and common courtesy, the user contacted Brooke through a private message giving a warm welcome to the ‘friendship' as well as a Merry Christmas, in a sense of politeness, of all things.
This occurred in late December 2011.

Brooke chose not to comment a reply, and shortly chose to block the individual they just chose to request as their friend.

Merry Christmas?

Icon suggests female...

With another social calamity on the way, surely this doesn’t bode well for TNA, in light of its procedure?

Hello 'friend'...

Questions poised, was this Brooke Hogan or an imposter? Was Hulk or a member off her family using this method to uncover dirt on yours truly?

If they had just spoken, perhaps all would be fine.
Were TNA endorsing such practices, or was someone acting on behalf of a senior?

Or maybe the obvious answer is to claim it was a troll. Sure, TNA would like that to be the answer. The easy answer is, yes, it was someone pretending to be me, though, of all the people in the world, why would a one, Brooke Hogan, of all people be the one to contact?


Some responsibility, if this was one of the above, needs to be taken.

Will she accept our invitiation
 to clear up this confusion?
Wrestling Wonders and Max Waltham welcome anyone from TNA willing to address this matter, as well as Brooke, or Hulk or Dixie or the person to have approached.

We welcome a response. Please get in touch.

Until then, all are unavailable for comment.

© Max Waltham 12th June 2012

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