Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Raw’s 1000 episode surprises

Raw’s 1000 episode surprises

Set for St. Louis, Missouri, hometown of suspended superstar Randy Orton, WWE have installed many surprises for the three hour spectacular, which will then have the Raw television broadcast set at a three hour live show minimum, beginning on every week from July 23rd 2012.

One of the surprises in store will be the reformation for one night only of D-Generation X, consisting of Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Road agent for WWE Road Dogg, shall be joining the original crew, along with X-Pac and Billy Gunn. No word on Chyna participating.

WWE will more than likely use this to build the upcoming Brock Lesnar/Triple H rivalry. Lesnar’s appearances to his extensive multi six figure contract are limited.

WWE Champion CM Punk also recently let slip, possibly by design, that a new WWE Championship is waiting in the wings, and most likely to be unveiled at the three hour supershow, to change WWE’s landscape further.

Is the WWE title changing for the better once more?
Will Punk be the change to facilitate?

Allegedly, our source claims this is the centre plate
of the new WWE Championship

The spinner championship has been one of the many reasons people have switched off or become disconnected with the promotion due to the disconnection from WWE to wrestling, in favour of entertainment.
Serial spinner offender

WWE Championship evolution

Speculation is also in the air as to whether Stephanie McMahon will return.

Will she be revealed as the Anonymous Raw General Manager to depose John Laurinaitis?

Or did she hire the guy behind the computer... (nudge nudge) :p

Check our list of GM suspects here - Raw GM? - Usual Suspects?
Speculation that WWE may also be bringing back Doink the Clown for a one off is apparent.

Expect WWE to pull out further surprises. The Rock is not out of the question...

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