Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Is Kelly Kelly leaving WWE?

Dilligent diva departing?

WWE Diva Kelly Kelly has been granted a leave of absence after bigwigs assessed she needed some time off to recoup.

Overworked and possibly tired, Kelly Kelly, the seldom worker in ring, whose predominant role is to stand, smile and perk her mountains out, has taken a hiatus.
Kelly's extensive ring work may have tired her out.

Speculation ensued as to whether Ms.Blank would not return to the company at all.

Kelly Kelly has been seeking modelling contracts and work commitments outside of the WWE walls once realising her potential is far from limited. She has been seeking work under her real modelling name, BarbiE Blank.

One Click Click, and she's off?

Kel recently made her second year in a row on the Maxim top 100 list of female’s to ogle over, some with scepticism of name only publicity. Layla also entered in this year, too.

Kelly's Maxim spread. Great modelling...

Given the lack of commitment to WWE’s women’s division and the shortcoming of doing anything other than to just stand there and look good, Kelly Kelly has chosen to go back to these roots outside of WWE. Even Kelly Kelly understands this is best suited for her. If WWE finally had the sense, it would comply and release her. Usually when performers look to outside of the company, WWE often sense a level of commitment waiver.

Everyone remembers when Kelly Kelly previously held the WWE Undisputed Women’s championship, in the mask of the Diva’s belt, which saw K2 undo every piece of work the division had ever seen, rending the whole division obsolete and useless.
Missed a bit on the chin...
For Kelly Kelly, in WWE her options are null and void. She has lived out her usefulness as a model, also. She understands this too. Perhaps she can coach a football team in future.

Kelly has been with the company for a number of years, since joining the ECW (re-)brand at the tender age of just nineteen.
Maybe The Godfather could return?

Proffessional and a catch.

WWE will have immense pressure to re-shape what she crushed in one fell swoop for the company, when they felt that a bit of eye candy would save the female outlook in the company which audience viewers respect for wrestling principals above all else.
If you haven't already, you can check out the latest video of Kelly Kelly here - Video:Kelly Kelly, Suicide Blonde 

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