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Cody Rhodes avoids suspension, one other yet to be named.

Cody Rhodes avoids suspension,
one other yet to be named.

Cody Rhodes recently tested positive for a substance on WWE’s list of banned itemry in regards to the Wellness Policy.
Producing a valid prescription from a licensed and treating physician surpassed suspension for Rhodes.
Pertrouding :)

One other WWE performer may be under speculation, as the superstar, undisclosed, must provide a valid prescription or face an absence of thirty or sixty days.
Rhodes posted a tweet after dropping the Intercontinental title to a returning Christian at PPV Over The Limit stating “Time Off” where all marks on the dirt sheets inflamed the Universe with mindless thoughts Rhodes would be taking time off of Smackdown and with WWE programming. Rhodes took no time off. Time off can be hours to days in a packed WWE schedule.
Below is a list since the Wellness Policy was introduced in 2007 of all suspension counts among all those still currently employed by WWE thus far.

Randy Orton (2)
William Regal (2)
Dolph Ziggler
Rey Mysterio (2)
Sin Cara
Mike Chioda
Darren Young
Heath Slater
Evan Bourne (2)

Never has one man given us
enough work in a short space of time.

Rey Mysterio is expected to return for WWE on June 25th or nearabouts.
WWE placed John Cena into Smackdown events to cover Orton’s lapse, while CM Punk was named his replacement among the tours throughout July. WWE are encouraging Orton miss returning at Summerslam, which is legit after his suspension runs out beforehand, in order to teach him a lesson. Absence is expected to cost Orton $275,000 worth of WWE’s purse.

Same old...
Orton had also been lined up by McMahon to become the latest star of WWE Films project The Marine 3, until the real marines of America objected to the news, as Orton had gone AWOL in his previous tenure as a marine before joining WWE years ago. The role was intially to be given to WWE champion, CM Punk, though with heavy work commitments, that fish was thrown to The Miz.
...Same old
With WWE’s lack of new stars and suspensions or injury lists ever growing at the worst possible time, and with no backup in sight, WWE truly need to roll out its fleet of grand star making swiftly.

WWE's over reliance using the only handful of top of the line stars has put them in the very position with Orton as it has done now. CM Punk and John Cena are the only stars, and yet, both are losing their appeal, slowly but surely.

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