Saturday, 23 June 2012

Pictorial: Cody Rhodes

The Cody Rhodes Feature is on its way shortly, however in the meantime to tide you over, here's a Pictorial of the #1 stud in Wrestling on a Google search.

He sure can give everyone a run for their money! 

Here's to Cody Rhodes! 


(p.s. check below for one of Cody's Dashing grooming tips. Luscious Lips!)


Take a, take a picture...

Blue beautif-ale

Thinking of MW...

Throw him a banana. Banana Hammock :D

Ding Dong

Merry Christmas! Gotta leave that tie on...

Cody got gunked!

Oh man, i can feel the Triforce!

Cody camaraderie, hold me!


Not forgetting a Dashing video below! How does a guy put Lip Gloss on? 

Luscious Lips!

We haven't forgotten about Ted DiBiase or Justin Gabriel either. They will be coming next month. Alternatively, if you wish to see them featured another way, let us know! :)

© Max Waltham 23rd June 2012

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