Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Randy (Orton) being released from WWE?

WWE considering releasing Randy Orton?

At the beginning of the month, Friday June 1st, WWE officials chose to meet with Randy Orton, one said to be filled with hostility.
The “hostile” meeting, held at Stamford HQ,  involved Vince McMahon, Triple H and Kevin Dunn.

Orton’s contract happens to be inked till 2019, where some inside the company believe this is too comfortable and unjustified for Orton to have. WWE clearly inked it to secure one of its greatest superstars it continues to have.
McMahon himself is said to be extremely incensed with Orton’s suspension after feeling he had matured over the years from his previous behaviour transgressions as a younger man starting out.
If brought back, the future lining for Orton, who looked set to scale to the top of the title picture once more, would be placed into a mid card level tier.
WWE are cautious to book Orton in certain areas realising one more suspension of the wellness policy costs him his job entirely, resulting in firing.
Orton had reportedly tested positive for anabolic steroid Dianabol. The other was for marijuana, which is tagged with a $2,500 fine.
Stay or go?
Should WWE be stupid enough to release the WWE stalwart, despite its inferiority, Randy Orton, who has worldwide fanbase, on many different cultures, providing different experiences to not one set but every type of person, as well as having an extensive repertoire of being WWE’s only man who can build, shape and guided superstars to a wrestling match, as written in the WW Pro Wrestling 50 of 2011 (where Orton was ranked #2) “WWE would be lost without him.”
Trying to develop no hope talent...
For some, favourite superstar, others, wrestler and further more – a man.
Therein lies the problem with no new talent produced and waiting in the wings.
That one goes to WWE.
Orton’s behaviour risking it all is his own.
Randy Orton's 'contrast'
Of course, reading this, fans and TNA will both be eying up the potential steal assuming it will reshape the company to contrast competition to the ‘big league.’ Should TNA acquire Orton, yes, it would give pull and new audience, though it would also not make people rush to watch TNA, because TNA’s organisational structure seems to audience to be in tatters. For Orton, TNA is not an option.
Many fans question her validity, especially if with Randy Orton
WWE have Randy Orton and John Cena as its two top mainstream stars. Without Orton, and only Cena to boast of, where audience is already divided in a ferocious way, Orton, who transcends to almost a good 85-90% of the audience in many aspects, would be the most crippling loss and destruction WWE could ever have.
If Randy Orton needs a job, Max Waltham will always find one for you. J
MW would take the job from WWE, I'd rework Orton. It's no secret MW would enjoy. :) Blame it on Waltham, everyone else does...

Here's details on Orton's suspension (click) here - Randy Orton suspended

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