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Chris Jericho's second coming to WWE

Chris Jericho: Max Waltham’s 
Plagiarism Protector

The Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla, Chris Jericho returned to WWE after a lengthy absence from September 27th 2010, for his second time, seeing the former multi time champion shock the WWE Universe on the January 2nd Raw.

Filled with multiple surprises in his build up videos featuring a female child and a boy mostly in a classroom, with an eerie essence to the subliminal messages involved, had many of the audience guessing who would return to the show.

The veteran superstar returned to a high capacity crowd, who most already worked out, while others perplexed, pondered the mystery.

Jericho did indeed return, to an over hyped near ten minute return, which was adequate for the star. What wasn’t sustainable was the return contained no words from the overwhelmed, broad smiling superstar, who proceeded to arrive, work the crowd, then leave. The sound of fans chanting was near deafening at the time.

Some weeks later, WWE and Jericho were confused as to why fans were miffed and had distanced themselves from what should have been a monumental return. Weeks in, Jericho finally mustered a word or two, which then saw him leave. Fans were fuming that they paid for a WWE moment of ‘being there’ when it happened, only to speak ill of the downplay. Audience need wasn’t catered to, which then bore witness to the online audience noting Jericho would change tack.

He would. Jericho returned to rub the audience noses in it, revealing he had “Jeri-trolled” them all. Before the January 2nd show, Jericho’s Twitter feed contained Photoshop images in locations around the world, to fool the audience, once caught papped in the airport of Raw’s evening location. Some snaps included joining The Beatles at the famous Abbey Road crossing in London, as well as the Pyramids of Giza, one of the World’s wonders.

Two wonders of the world, and Chris Jericho, riding Bobby the camel

After the teasing was torn apart, here - Chris Jericho returning on Jan 2nd? WWE finally booked Y2J into a feud leading to the biggest Wrestling supershow in existence, Wrestlemania XXVIII. Who Jericho would face would be the question. Leaving the possibilities open for a challenge to The Undertaker or WWE champion CM Punk, most knew the outcome, though was considered by the ‘E extensively. 

Returning to the title scene, Jericho explained his reasoning for his return to the company in January had been for one sole goal, to topple CM Punk and liberate the WWE title. His liberation wasn’t fully explained in detail, though many assumed it was to facilitate the change CM Punk claimed he would encourage but failed to follow through on.

Jericho would also attempt to stop all forms of plagiarism as continually conceived by online people trying to write who cannot write a certain thing, and steal from others either text, ideas or concepts that are remoulding slightly differently reworded, which in hindsight, incenses WWE, among others at the inadequacies, which, then forces them to change the product in order to stop random and cheap angles ruined to go forward on product. Fans screw themselves by attempting to get a latest bit of “buzz” which is only a passing comment and not valid comments, akin to the lame one all over YouTube etc. “Lol, so funny” “Cool” “You Suck” “Next …. (So and so likening)” If you are not in the know and are sharing some random opinion which adds no level of writing well, and “well” doesn’t mean a nice flowed piece of words tidied up, don’t bother to write it, because you will never be classed as a writer. WWE professionals do what they do, Wrestling (or not), where actors, do acting, singers do singing and writers, write. Don’t convince yourself you can do it because a platform “encourages” you to write only for one reason – to build their name profile, which is built on abusing you, taking from others, and not having any credentials of their own to build a product on. #Down with capitalism.

Up-side down, boy you turn me...

Jericho, claiming everyone was a Y2J wannabe, was equally incensed. None more so that CM Punk would not push forward with any change in this area neither. Upon reading a journalist’s articles and noticing the CM Punk: Hero to modern day saviour and CM Punk title run in New Japan? here, Jericho, doing his research, discovered CM Punk’s family history. Using this as a mechanism to irk the champion, Punk finally coerced himself into a challenge with the obscene Jericho. Lewd comments about Punk’s father and sister weren’t shied away from.

Attempting to get Punk to drink a drop of alcoholic liquid of any variety. Hoping the taste onto his lips would tempt the champ, Punk would cast away his morals, as well as being the ultimate straw for Jericho to slurp out Punk’s creative juices and pluck the title from his waist.

Jericho, pouring his pungent liquid over CM Punk
After a feud on cards that had greater matches, both realised and aimed to make the best of the situation when cast into it. Realising they had the stage at their disposal, both put on interesting match outings, though had to miss a few vital ingredients. Their series, which went on far too long without a level of change, title change, or strengthened character on the PPV’s when it came to it, despite the fact the build-up to PPV was excellent, and what the taster was set onto, perhaps it was WWE diluting the distillery. Perhaps it was the overshadow of the PPV matches not receiving full attention, or possibly both performers just going as far as they could with a limited story.

Whatever the reason, good matches were on show, but both left this exchange none the greater. Punk didn’t develop any further dimensions, and Jericho had no role to do anything inside of.

Rewind to May 2012. Jericho, had now been shifted over to, and inserted into the Wold title picture, to support Alberto Del Rio, lacking slightly by fickle fans, not truly understanding the levels of wrestling involved, which they claim they wish to see, and Sheamus, as champion, completely exposed without guidance from veterans. Randy Orton, also among the series, could not guide Sheamus any more than he already had done expertly. WWE, giving a refreshing boots, applied Jericho to the role, in which it was his turn to build Sheamus.

Got the green ball of mystical light, namely the World title

ADR sit down dropkick. Look at the flight. Class.

Jericho, a Raw superstar, and considered yet remained on the roster instead of being drafted to Smackdown, which was irrelevantly cancelled, saw Y2J begin to move over as a Raw superstar for a Smackdown heavyweight title, which would have added even more levels of infeasibility to the title worth, which WWE were planning to raise, and Del Rio, still a Raw superstar, after WWE ‘moved’ him to Smackdown on the quiet, and insist he is a Smackdown star who never had any legitimate moving and is still technically a Raw superstar, as well as fans viewing him this way. Orton was the only contender legit enough to snare the strap.

Oh, Brazil... :o

What would unfold next would be a minor disaster to WWE’s plans. On a house show recently touring Brazil, Jericho, would venture off key, in order to inject some pizazz into his match with CM Punk. Punk, proudly waving the Brazilian flag, then saw Jericho, in retaliation, take the national emblem and crease the flag and kick it out of the ring in order to do his job and entertain the fans in attendance. Jericho’s notion was misplaced – see here - Chris Jericho in crease and arrest . This memorable experience saw Jericho expelled from WWE for thirty days. WWE needed to be seen to take action on the serious matter. They allowed Jericho, who would be touring with his rock band Fozzy in the UK over June, the time off to do that, and seem justified in its according actions. He was going to the concert anyway. Jericho shall return in time for the 1000th Raw build up set for July 23rd, when Y2J re-joins the Raw brand this coming Monday, 25th June.

Rock it with ya .... out!
Leading the charge on Plagiarisers, there is only one way Jericho could conceive this. Travel back to London and pick up a certain London resident writer, take them back with you, and, “invade” WWE Raw. Just a thought. :)

To travel further into WWE’s future, Jericho needs to remain on one branded area (Raw OR Smackdown) as everyone else should, and maintain brand identity separation, as well as protecting the written word and maintaining title / wrestling honour.  

©  Max Waltham 24th June 2012

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