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Anthony Nese's triumphant tale over TNA

Anthony Nese's refreshing return

Freelance wrestler Anthony Nese asked for his release from TNA Wrestling in May (17th), this year, in order to participate on a card for an independent promotion, after his time was being used sporadically by the company. 

Full details on Nese's TNA departure are here (just click) - TNA Wrestler Released

"The Premier Athlete" Nese wrestled on the Pro Wrestling Syndicate's 5th Anniversary show, which also featured stars from AJPW (All Japan Pro Wrestling) in a tag match against The Great Muta and KAI alongside partner Sami Callahan, on June 1st 2012. Nese and Callahan fell, in hardfought passion burner.

Feeling this opportunity was too good to pass up working with legends including Muta, Nese was granted his departure from TNA, after they refused him to wrestle on the card as part of the TNA family, which would have gained further exposure for the promotion.

Looks at the curves on those arms...

That's telling you!

Here are some of the highlights for Nese’s working, as well as another card afterwards at a later date just passed.

Muta's face...

Now you know where Jillian's face growth stemmed from

Nese, clearly made the right choice, and TNA, having lost a prized possession may just realise what’s they passed up.

On May 18th, Wrestling Wonders wrote - "With Nese’s powerful legs, high core strength when performing them in rope spots, and having outstanding finesse, Ness will be a sore loss TNA haven’t understood could have changed their outlook respectfully."

Perfect pin. Elegant, gracious, pristine.

Scott Steiner, Davey Richards and Vader were just some of many at the event.

Vader recently returned to WWE Raw also, on the June 11th
broadcast in the lead up to the 1000th episode

You can check out a little taster of the event here, seen on YouTube.

Nese also defeated Matthew Justice for the NYWC Going the Distance event on June 9th, as his latest current outing.

Nese also currently holds the PWS Tri-State Championship, since 5th March 2011, so far totalling an impressive 474 days.

What a fine specimen all over.

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