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Ryback's rampage of surplus stock

Crushing consignment continues 
to quell freelance workers

With the recent suspension of Randy Orton turning WWE on its head, Vince McMahon has given the green light for Smackdown’s production team to shove an extensive power vacuum behind Ryback.

Well look who it is! Wrestling Wonders Rookie of the year for 2011, Ace Hawkins.
He also won PWI's Rookie also, though WW got him on TV... :)

See here on Hawkins - Wrestling Wonders' awards 2011

Hawkins was one of two to fall to Ryback at the (click here) - Extreme Rules 2012  pay per view, alongside Heath Hatton. Hawkins was repackaged as Aaron Relic, as was Hatton, who became Jay Hatton. WWE already had an Ace and a Hawkins...

McMahon himself believes Ryback can be WWE’s version of Goldberg. As of late, Ryback has appeared on television in jobber/squash job matches and not been able to establish himself to the audience, despite WWE’s heightened interest in the star.

The Ryback character, at this rate, cannot feasibly succeed unless WWE choose to create real opponents for him. There are none available, and with WWE’s consent, would crush all those aiming to stand up to support with Ryback as new stars in the company.

The Ryback armband still exists

Unlucky guy, nice thighs...

Local James Lerman was next to fall

Planning to cause the likeness to Goldberg seemingly intentionally by them, WWE don’t realise that building your stars on other platforms that already existed are what cause the audience to become disinterested. Have they not seen it all before? Was it THAT interesting the first time round? Will it have the same level of magnitude as it was, whether positive or negative? Goldberg defeated one hundred and seventy-three wrestlers in a row, if your planning on keeping score. Can Ryback, which McMahon believes can, achieve this? It sure will live out its usefullness, that's for sure. In the last week, Tyson Kidd was the latest rising star to be squashed.

Here's Ryback, with some mean chest hair :o

The character, while respected for being pushed fully as certain new stars must be to establish worth, Ryback’s beginning has been cemented and cannot progress because he has already been tarnished with likeness and job squad, pithy match outings that create no buzz. Simply put, no one cares.

There's only room for one entertaining Goldberg after Bill 

Already a fledging prospect, Vince McMahon, whom pushed forward with the John Cena character out of egotism rather than rationality and having the crucial evidence from audience that they were not pleased with the character progressing, Vin chose to continue forward out of stubborn attitude, and masks this with the notion that the audience do not know what is good for them, and that the marks would soon cave in to the product related character as an act on WWE programming. McMahon continued with this, as he would never be told by anyone that his concept or indeed his inactive attitude to listen to fans who pay the money to line his pockets was wrong in any way shape or form, and that he could press forward with this idea, because, simply put, he could, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop him.

Not even resident in-house jobber Dolph Ziggler could be spared

Double jobber backbreaker! Them poor guys...

Though Cena makes merchandise from the young, the response to the belligerency was told. ‘Fans’ stopped coming, became exposed to the industry behaviour, and, overall boycotted WWE in certain areas. While it still kept sales and merch up, the audience were disgusted, appalled and upset. The ratings for WWE Raw has been cataclysmically low throughout various stages of the last year or so, which has the WWE worrying.

The fall away slam resurfaces in 2012

Sexy Pins wont save you, but make these awful matches bearable

It needs to produce stars. Fans do not wish to see Mark Henry, Big Show, Kelly Kelly, Cena (in part), and Ryback to name a few. The most interesting 'thing' to notice in all of this transition, is that the skinny, little jobber of all those that Ryback faces are the most charismatic, sexy and interesting focal points to watch, instead of the main focus being Ryback. The smaller guy has more talent, and shouldn't be stopped just because it was mentioned. They have to make a living, though, perhaps WWE should use them for its cruiserweight show planned for the WWE Network.

Where it all began for Sheffield
Where it all began for Ryan Reeves

WWE need to produce what they have, and pronto if it is to handle ratings and figureheads successfully. Eventually WWE’s elite superstars will not be around forever.

© Max Waltham 17th June 2012

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