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WWE Elimination Chamber 2015

Elimination Chamber 2015

After making a hasty move to cancel the annual Chamber event scheduled every February, because it was getting too predictable and dry in the Wrestlemania sandwich spot, WWE decided not to let it go to waste and shoehorned it in two weeks after its latest highlight of Pay Per View, Payback.

Could it stay on course with Extreme Rules and Payback, both WWE's most successful PPV's to date of the 2015 calendar year? Having figured out what to do with the wasted Chamber and putting the mid card into it, would it be as beneficial as WWE had hoped? Or was it simply about Triple H's ego quietly slipping through to gain more popularity, a choice which has marred WWE programming over the past year in Hunter's efforts to prove himself capable of running WWE to Vinnie Mac, all the while going against the grain of crucial advice for an industry expert often ignored?

Coming live from the American Bank Centre in Corpus Christi, Texas, live on Sunday 31st May 2015 on Pay Per View, WWE once again opened its destructive steel structure Chamber. The thrill, prospect and quality pertaining to previous spectacles of the show were on offer but with Tag and Intercontinental battles imminent, would it have its desired effect or an anticlimactic flop comedown to Earth thereafter?

As ever, let's find out.

WWE Tag Team Championship
Elimination Chamber
New Day (c) Vs Antonio Cesaro and Tyson Kidd w/ Natalya Vs The Prime Time Players Vs The Ascension Vs The Lucha Dragons Vs Los Matadores w/ El Torito

The tag team titles took their very first Chamber defence in a new concept which was long overdue. Though would the wait be too late to appeal to its full potential?

The New Day are running on a new high as Tag Team Champions over the past month or so. With a good set of contenders and not trying to overdo themselves has benefited all in the program. Tonight WWE slipped four more teams into the mix. It's good to have some more floating around to give more oomph to the scene but some were simply extras that had no real potential. The team of Sin Cara the second and the ignorant high flying muppet Kalisto were sent in for the desired 'special effects' of the match. Yes. The did "all that flippy sh*t." Triple H has still failed to listen. Oh dear. A future on ignorance is going to be rather bleak, it would seem.

Okay so how does a Tag version work? 

Two teams start. After four minutes another team, which are squeezed into the pods, enter the match. Pinfall or submission can count as elimination.  Out first were the reformed Prime Time Players Darren Toung and Titus O'Neil. They are good guys but need refinement. Young is the stronger of the two, but they need to stop the juvenile promos that are simply not funny or championship material.

Next in are the Los Matadores and El Torito stood atop the Chamber pod. In next were Tyson Kidd and Antonio Cesaro, led by Natalya. Cesaro was noted for having Chamber experience. Jerry Lawler recognised him as "innovative" and was waiting for his new ways in how to beat down his opponents. 

In come the champs with a sing-a-long for Corpus Christi, The New Day. Xavier Woods was wearing the title. The official champions are Kofi Kingston and Big E. WWE, as predicted have now stated Kane allows all three to defend the titles. It's the Spirit Squad all over again. What a major balls up. Woods is not the legit champ. WWE changes it's rules as and when it sees fit which ruins the show all over.

Out next are The Ascension, who should stop their bad taste on the Legion of Doom rip off. Be yourselves. Then again, WWE hasn't bothered to make any options for them to overfill the show with ignorant idiocy. The ignorant Lucha Dragons Sin Cara and ignorant Kalisto joined them to begin the battle. The guys with a Super Nintendo come Mario, computer game theme tune of the 1990's with flipping sillyness all over would begin the battle. Thrilling. They looked like a pair of Lemmings.

The Ascension made quick work of the putrid Canary looking fliers. Dumb ignorant imbecile Kalisto got his foot caught in the top of the New Day's chamber pod, who pulled him through to stop him doing anything else in the match up. It was a blessing in disguise. Kalisto doesn't do much anyway and will one day receive future endeavours. The Ascension made the mistake of going for him. Should have easily pinned off Sin Cara. 

Cara scaled a pod as Kalisto was down on the other. Cara dropped a smash on one as Kalisto found his footing, standing atop the pod. New Day stopped him again. A new team was coming. It was Tyson and Cesaro. The match needed them. Cara and The Ascension were pummelled. Cesaro continued his innovativeness with Kidd also making new and fresh options for move actions.

Kidd went for Kalisto. Cesaro jumped up and smacked Kalisto in the chops with a powerful and deserving uppercut in the face. Cesaro wrenched him from the top pod mesh with a powerfully stunning superplex to the ground. What a plex. They were tossed to the outside of the cage floor. Victor changed the game on Kidd as Cesaro helped his pal. Kidd locked on a Sharpshooter for Victor but Konnor stopped it. Cesaro took him out. Kalisto jumped around the cage walls like a pesky infestation. He went onto the PTP's pod. What is this lunacy? Some major star, huh? Goof.

Los Matadores were unleashed and instantly took Cesaro by storm with an athletic leg scissors flip. El Torito did a flip too. Kalisto has made his way to the centre of the Chamber upside down like a spider. It was plainly dumb. He dropped himself on all the stars, who broke this lunatic's fall. That was sad and pathetic. The rest of the crew made the match survive. Then El Torito scaled the top cage and was caught on a drop by The Ascension. Torito showed how to do that professionally. They smashed him into one of the Matadors outside and dropped the second in the ring. Los Matadores were eliminated. :(  

The Lucha Dragons continued their pathetic lunacy of "flippy sh*t" until The Ascension claimed a high level of power and took out the Dragons, pinning ignorant flipper Kalisto. 

The Prime Time Players eagerly burst out of their pod for their chance to get the gold. They were met by The Ascension who scouted them down. The PTP's came back into it and Tyson, usually too heavy handed and not fluid enough, looked very good in this exchange. Darren Young followed up a finisher to drop The Ascension from the title hunt. 

Titus suplex dropped Young onto Cesaro for extra dominance. Cesaro came back with even more power to change pace and also dropkicked Young on the top turnbukle with an outstanding jump up dropkick. Wowzers! The pair went for a suplex as Cesaro flung him down. Both felt hurt. Cesaro was dazed but had amazing legs widened! :o That's a contender for the Open Legs 2015 for sure! (He's still reigning champion 2014.)

New Day were left to get in the match. They went after everyone. The next spot was absolutely amazing. The New Day tried to suplex Cesaro, but the rest joined the sides and all four lifted the New Day trio in a quadruple Suplex. Wowie! Afterwards Cesaro and Kidd locked Woods back into the pod, where he belonged.

Cesaro caught Kofi for a Super Cesaro Swing. Young tried a cheeky pin from behind on Cesaro, unawares as Tyson Kidd and Antonio Cesaro were eliminated! Cesaro was totally bummed. He wasn't happy to go, but left amicably.

Big E collected Woods from the pod resulting in a two on three beat down between the remaining two teams. Big E was rocking a brave, sheen, shiny leotard. Titus and Young did a great job with Young smashing a double knee drop down slam on Kofi. Big E flipped Young to the steel floor outside hard. Titus inside caught Big E on a slam attempt for a two fall title chance. Titus tried a slam on Kofi as Big E snuck in to sweep down the leg as Xavier Woods smashed a kick to the face of Titus dropping him quickly down to the mat. The New Day jumped on for a triple pin for extra measure as they forced out The Prime Time Players to secure the WWE Tag Team Championship in its first ever successful Chamber defence.

WWE Divas Championship
Triple Threat
Nikki Bella (c) Vs Naomi Vs Paige

Highly cheered was defending Divas champ Nikki Bella. Naomi joined us in a colourful and beautiful black and blue get up, which fits her personality of beatings, ironically. Returning flunkie and ignorant goth Paige inserted herself into the match up. She continues to scream irrelevance.

Naomi was punched out the ring as Paige went for Nikki. Naomi took Nikki from outside and smashed her into the outside announce table. She smacked Paige beautifully in the face. Paige did a cheap counter for one fall. Naomi had to sell vividly for Paige. A sleek baseball slide of Naomi worked well as Paige then grabbed her for a cheap Fall Away Slam and lacking pinfall. 

Nikki came back in and took down the flunkie diva Paige with a strong knee to face drop. Nikki sent her into Naomi in the corner and flapjack tossed her with the Alabama Slam. Naomi stopped Nik from behind and took a two fall on Paige. Nikki missed a kick as Paige attempted to steal an opportunity, as ever. Naomi booted Nikki to the post outside. A perfect suplex by Naomi of Paige. Her strong attitude spoke volumes.

Paige whimpered when Naomi nailed her. The no sell was joined by Nikki to drop an underneath the turnbuckle double powerbomb drop. Nikki grabbed a two on Naomi then a two on Paige. Nikki's Rack Attack was foiled by Naomi. Paige stopped her three count. Paige then tried her Pretzel submission twist, but Naomi clouted her down. A two fall for Naomi. Naomi was caught up top by Paige but reversed it into a terrific back drop for a close two count. 

Nikki dropped a superb flip over of Naomi with windswept slam. That was simply beautiful. Nikki Bella landed the Rack Attack on Naomi to successfully pin her and hold up the Diva's Championship. She was joined by her sis Brie Bella.  

John Cena Vs Kevin Owens

Up next was some 'fat bloke in a tee-shirt' playing in his sandpit to feel loved. NXT champion (who injured himself a week after earning the gold, months back) took on U.S champ Cena. Even when Owens was the anti-Cena hopeful for WWE to rise, he was highly boo'ed and not loved by the crowd. Such ignorance will not excel. 

After the initial tease for the U.S title, WWE decided not to put the title on the line. Hmm... Desperate to get ignorance over, are we? 

Kevin Owens was LOUDLY heard calling the match with Cena which was outrageously embarrassing. The Cena chants rang as no fan is prepared to give Cena the full praise of lacking skill. It wasn't because stand in newbie Owens clogged up the plug hole. 

Cena looked amazing in his follow through's slamming down the bumbling disaster of Owens. Owens relied on a punch and his Ring of Honor toned down plaudits to succeed. A Ring of Honor jobber on the mainstream stage as an ignorant waste is not a excelling call up by any means. He looked a complete mess, which forced Cena to actually improve his match work when Owens was supposed to be good. It was shameful. Hey, Triple H likes Owens, so it's okay, right?

Owens lifted Cena up into a cheap sleeper hold which had no effective power. Cena tried to sell this one for Owens, who continually failed to work well. Owens ain't no Rusev, that's for sure. Cena tried the Attitude Adjustment as Owens cheaply reversed it into a simple DDT. He was heard three more times calling spots for Cena. Glad to see we have a true respecting sportsman here.

Owens was heavily booed on a taunt. He stood on the spot and held his arms out and barked at Cena. How weak was that? Owens landed punches on Cena which never connected at all. How this NXT champ has such favouritism from Triple H to this main event battle is plainly embarrassing. 

Cena's flimsy punches were tonight actually powerful and fully connected with Owens in sheer believability for once. That was shocking and impressive. Or was it that Owens was so pathetic as an opponent that it forced Cena to make the match meaningful?

Owens launched his portly belly into Cena for a move in the corner. Thrilling. He stood over Cena and spoke loudly again. It was more of a pansy teddy bear than a menacing force of challenge. His arms were lethargic swings and cheap.

Cena soon caught Owens with the AA and landed the Five Knuckle Shuffle. It connected well. Cena ran into a powerbomb from Owens which was less than to be desired as Cena did all the work. Owens just stood there. 

Burly blubber Owens went to the top corner post and sat there for a number of time waiting for Cena to join him atop the turnbuckle. Owens headbutted Cena down whimsically with a missing Moonsault which looked embarrassing with a no sell of an instant miss and get up as Cena charged into him with a smashingly perfect AA. Both were down after a two fall count and clash. 

Cena tried to lift the heavy lumber as Owens got up and the pair exchanged blows. Owens landed a messy superkick to take Cena down. Owens was vividly tired and blown up in a second. The portly putrid walked along when trying to mimic Cena's Knuckle Shuffle. He got reversed and caught into a roll through STF. 

Owens cheaply waved to the crowd as Cena when copying his AA which looked simply stupid. Lacking respect, Owens landed only two. He walked around the ring and then ran into a Cena boot, which Owens stopped too short of to fully connect with, making it seem like Cena was off time. It was another embarrassing moment for such a grand PPV debut. 

Owens rolled around on the floor as the pair were down once more. Owens reversed Cena, who placed himself in the spot to help lacking Kev to a hooked arm powerbomb drop thingy. It had no real effect, but Cena sold it on the mat. Owens pulled Cena up and spoke to him again. He punched him backwards and yelled at him like a dog. Cena smacked him in the face with a great fist. Fans felt that one. Cena followed with the Springboard Stunner off the second rope but gained a two count only. 

It soon went to the turnbuckle again as Cena perfectly placed himself into a spot that Owens was carried in, dropping a suplex slam.

Owens then went for a messy elbow drop. Cena planted a strong clothesline on Owens, who had it coming. He took another on the mat breather to regain his 'athleticism.' Cena ran into another powerbomb as Kevin Owens stood there and did nothing to beat John Cena and take a victory. Michael Cole gushed of Kevin Owens as fans in the crowd were disappointed with the messy, sloppy, ignorant waster of NXT dropping Cena, who did all the work and improved drastically tonight. A win it might be, but Owens is not now, nor ever will be the future of WWE. He was a complete state. 

He then spoke some pointless words. He said "Now everyone knows who Kevin Owens is." A complete embarrassment. He told Cena his time was up and that Owens was now. Cena may be old and dated, but Owens was not legitimate competition. No-one really cared and the Cena haters were only happy that Cena didn't win. They'd even cheer for Stevie Richards. 

Bo Dallas Vs Neville

The pair had a decent encounter with a technical intermission for those needing the toilet. Bo Dallas worked Neville well to a strong match outing. Neville did his traditional flipping around moments which may appeal with a little magic right now as a quick moment, but were simply that. It fizzles out quickly. Fans prefer a wrestler than a stuntman. Maybe he should wear a plaid patch jacket next. On his own Neville looked empty and needs a lot of work in the ring to become comfortable long term.

The man that has your grandfather's name Neville won the match over Bo Dallas with a traditional top rope 450 splash. That was the highlight of the match. Not exactly thrilling though, was it. Next...

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Elimination Chamber
Sheamus Vs Ryback Vs R-Truth Vs Wade Barrett Vs Dolph Ziggler Vs Mystery Opponent

WWE's D- player Daniel Bryan had to vacate yet another title. He was ringside with the title and will present it to the victor. Ignorance and the curse of the IC title led Bryan's place tonight. Such a shame. Let this be a lesson to all wrestlers who must learn not to sell stories for fun so freely or simply. It is costly to do PR for 'fun' it would seem. Foolishness Sidelines Mentality.

After a three month uphold in title limbo rather than an actual title holder, WWE moved the title into a steel smashing extravaganza. The problem is WWE added its mid level jobbers into it as well. No one can ever take the King Barrett gimmick seriously when it is simply another attempt to try and boost Barrett, who should have had his stardom three years ago. For him, it is over. Maybe he can call Wayne Rooney some time. The latent foolishness of such tool has not been implemented well for the setting that is WWE. He's another wannabe that is going nowhere and will forever stumble along. He is fodder. Though replacing him with ignorance from NXT favourites giving priority over others by Triple H is no solution, either. Spare a thought for the hard working and actually skilled stars of three years being pushed back from their call ups to other lame ignorant luvvies.

To add to the curse, WWE's strong superstar, Rusev, suffered an unanticipated, foot injury and will be out indefinitely. He will have a replacement entry tonight, who will not fight for Rusev, either. That man was first out and was Mark Henry. They should have saved him for a return on Raw. It was a lost moment. Rusev was injured in a match on Smackdown against the in-ring liability Ryback.

Sheamus joined the pods next. Followed by R-Truth. The last pod was filled by the jobbing meathead caveman who has no value to WWE at all, Ryback. He needs the pink slip more than anyone. He is going nowhere in WWE. Get someone better who wants the spot. WWE has the numbers. The fans want them, too.

Making up the start of the battle was Wade 'King' Barrett. Barrett once again simply walked to the ring with nothing new except a dress up gimmick in hopes to recreate his lacking, ahem, skill. He'll go up against crowd luvvie Dolph Ziggler. Zzzzz. WWE hasn't really got much to do for these guys, does it? It was truly a jobbers match, which should excel but only embarrasses WWE and its product further. 

The pair did a few roll over leg covers on the start up. Barrett held a traditional sleeper hold armlock on Ziggler, always donated to naughty men in WWE. It was weak, tiresome and boring. Fans were waiting for a new star to enter and make it exciting but then realised the pod entries were not encouraging in any light. 

First out was resident whopping boy who could actually be a probable champion in R-Truth. Barrett smashed him before he could leave the pod. He went back to Ziggler and then walked around the ring waiting for someone else to enter. Talk about filler. It wasn't a commanding moment. R-Truth came back with some skill and moves but cheaply caught into a Whirl Sideslam on the spot by Barrett, Ziggler was back now. He was smashed down by Barrett. Two fall only. 

Next in was Mark Henry. He was released when Barrett smashed Ziggler into the fall away 'glass' of the pod holding Henry. He came out and cleared house as usual. WWE used this as his entry instead of extending the time. Ryback entered next and did cheap, untouching shoulder jabs to the gut of Henry. The crowd booed him vividly.  

Henry, Ziggler, Ryback and Truth all stared one another down as Ryback and Ziggler took it as the others went for one another. The crowd were so bored they chanted "Feed Me More" only because they were bored and it was the only chant available. 

Sheamus was next to enter but the official could not open Sheamus' pod. Ziggler and Ryback, who were against each other, stood around next to each other wondering what was happening. Everyone took pinfall attempts. None succeeded. All three guys then decided to hatch an alliance to defeat Mark Henry. Ryback then turned on Ziggler and smashed him down too. 

Wade 'King' Barrett was the first to be let go from the battle after the four guys teamed on him ending with R-Truth's Lie Detector to convincingly cover Wade Barrett for a three fall elimination.

Ryback took the second elimination of R-Truth with a easy and non-effective waste of Shell Shock. Sheamus was still wailing like an Ape trapped in his pod. Ryback was guided through the match by Ziggler, given a vertical suplex holding him for so long it was patheticly mind numbing tosh. 

Ryback was nailed by a superkick from Ziggles. Sheamus was still stuck. Ugh. What foolishness is this? WWE know how to ruin a concept beyond believability. All of a sudden Sheamus unlocked his pod and entered when everyone was down. As clearly obvious, Sheamus planned his own lock-in. Aye Aye Aye, fella...

Mark Henry was dumped by Sheamus after a simple and tacky Brogue Kick of no effect. Sheamus caused the upset of the night as Dolph Ziggler was dropped like a sack of spuds next. WWE decided to carry Ryback as the last one left. So much dislike for Sheamus led some support for Ryback as WWE intended, yet the fans aren't buying into either liability in the ring. 

Ryback ran the ropes with Sheamus with some body slams and corner shuffles. They were highly heard calling instructions to put knees up. *sigh*

Sheamus tried to unhook his pod lock to hide inside the pod. What a match. Ryback grabbed him as Sheamus countered with White Noise onto the steel. It was a two only. He then struggled to toss Sheamus over the top rope to the steel apron space. It was hilariously ludicrous. Ryborg returned with a tap of Sheamus on the steel which looked insanely laughable. 

Sheamus was defeated by Ryback with ease after a cheap Shell Shock to lift the Intercontinental Championship in yet another wasteful and tacky victory of no value. Oh dear. Well, Tough Enough is starting now and Skip Sheffield of the past needs to be wheeled out. Ryback's first major title win could not have destroyed WWE's legitimacy of the sport and the title more. WWE continue to select uneventful losers to clog up the title. Is it any wonder it is cursed? What an anticlimax. Daniel Bryan asked fans if they though Ryback deserved it. Whilst predictable fans said yes to not drop the match they just watched as a waste of their time and money, a lot said "No." Even using Daniel Bryan couldn't get "The Big Guy" over. Fire him. He won't materialise at all. The longer he's champ the longer WWE is a farce losing stock. Going against the grain just to be awkward and show-offy never helped anyone.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Seth Rollins (c) Vs Dean Ambrose

"Dean Ambrose is crafty, he's smarter than you think" WWE told us through Jerry Lawler as the match began with J and J Security and Kane at ringside for Rollins' support. The match started well with a great technical tussle to mix up the show, highly led by Seth Rollins, working Dean Ambrose, who was in charge of the drama early in the battle. A true pro works for his opponents. Ambrose followed good arm tosses and wore down Rollins with good arm wear down technique. This was good but fell a little short when Ambrose comically tried to wrench the arm for a fun moment which stalled the progress of legitimacy. Rollins was then huddled by his entourage outside. 

Ambrose laid down in the ring for fun moments which were rather silly and should never travel the John Cena comedy route. Rollins worked back into it with good, heavy foot stomps. 

Ambrose went high to the top rope but Mercury's distraction caused him to be upturned in the corner. Rollins drop stomped on Ambrose from the top turnbuckle to change the pace of the action. 

A smooth level of action with punches and technicality made this match not only equal but of high entertainment value for fans alike. Professional, it was carefully laced with strong technicality that can only prove positive if both stars follow it rightly. 

Ambrose returned with a flurry of punches as kick reversal pinfalls came next with Rollins too as the match took some tense two fall thrills. Daredevil Ambrose charged over the top to Rollins sending both down at the outside by the announce tables. Strong counters were again the highlight but Rollins used the second rope on a backslide but the ref caught him. 

Rollins smashed a kick to Ambrose's jaw for a quick two fall. Ambrose did his 'wacko' tongue point out moments as he went for a suplex on Seth at the top corner post. Rollins changed into a Sunset Flip but Dean held on. Ambrose threw them both outside with a follow up clothesline.

Outside Ambrose eyed up J and J allowing Rollins to gather time and powerbomb Dean on the barricade outside to crowd elation. It was a two fall back in the ring only. The fans were on side for the "Awesome" match up as Rollins smashed Ambrose in the face with a flying top corner knee . 

"You think you're championship material?" Rollins asks Ambrose on a beatdown.

Ambrose gained scores of close falls at two with a changing beatdown of Rollins which Seth made look textbook. Ambrose has a lot to thank Rollins for. He made him legitimate in these strong cross overs. 

Ambrose relied on the comical and starting to be typcastly daft middle rope flip counter clothesline thing and followed up by taking all the crew out on the apron. Ambrose scaled high but launched to the outside on the crew instead. The Lunatic Fringe had a moment of weakness to stop 'em all.

Ambrose's acrobatics with a slide into ring counter clothesline followed as he took to the air again. Ambrose nailed a smash down as the ref and Rollins were taken down. Rollins followed with a stunning corkscrew Twist. Ambrose countered with the Dirty Deeds as he covered the champ. No referee was there as an official hurtled down the ramp to slide in and count the cover on Seth Rollins as Dean Ambrose nailed a long three fall victory to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. The crowd cheered but was still somewhat mild for the new champ. It wasn't what WWE were hoping for. The sexy brunette ref debated with the new official. The blonde stand in referee told Lillian Garcia Dean Ambrose was the winner, but by way of Disqualification. Rollins pulled the original ref into the way ruling the DQ. It was over. Seth Rollins is still the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in a swerve decision.

Roman Reigns arrived and helped Ambrose smash down the dirty outsiders. Ambrose celebrated with the World title and took to the mic. "I won this match, which means I'm taking the World Heavyweight Championship. No one's on your side right now, huh?" he said to Seth Rollins as Ambrose hijacked the Heavyweight title. It was the lunacy IC title thievery once again. That didn't work out well, so why did WWE assume this would fair any better? Ambrose celebrated in the crowd with Reigns and the fans, raising the title high in joy.

Are WWE testing whether Ambrose is title material? Did it ruin Seth Rollins as a champion of sheer value who has truly changed WWE's title race for the better? 

PPV Rating - 4/10

Men/Women of their matches - Antonio Cesaro, Naomi, John Cena, Bo Dallas, R-Truth, Seth Rollins

Man/Woman of the PPV - Dean Ambrose

Novel was the concept of Elimination Chamber making its return not to be recognised as a spare part PPV. That in effect is exactly what it became. Ill thought through, wasteful and ignorant. WWE are starting to place themselves, under Triple H's leadership, in a very troublesome time for its future growth. Even Vince McMahon has quiet concerns over his failings to fully achieve. HHH hates the fact McMahon respects those who know how to get product to work together than favouritism brought up from the brink of a pothole known as NXT. Spare a thought for those in there for other three years proving themselves for some random favourites to sideline them and fail vividly on the main stage. Triple H's pet projects in Sin Cara [Mark I], Kharma, Paige and the 2013 Tag Team resurgence have sunk as quick as they came up. Now its Sami Zayn, Neville, Kalisto and Kevin Owens. Oh dear. Does he ever listen? Does he even want to? Can he? Triple H's biggest test at running WWE will fall to one thing. His ego.

Naomi and Nikki Bella added fresh perspectives to the battles in the Divas  division. The return of the wasteful ignorant flunkie Paige added no value and once again clogged up the scene with a lacking space that could have been filled by others. WWE should call up Emma, who is extremely impressive with athleticism and maybe Charlotte and put them in the title race with Nikki and Naomi to boost their skills and flesh out the diva's scene. Brie will also have new opponents in the interim too. Charlotte would be better as a bad babe and Emma can transcend unilateral positions.

Bo Dallas did his best in the 'take a break' spot. He worked well and gave good opportunities to Neville, who still has mountains to climb in WWE at this time. It will be a work in progress based on individual instances, by the seems of it. 

John Cena excelled himself for the first time in ever and we are finally glad to be able to write something positive. The only problem is, was it down to just how bad his opponent was that made him change, or was it his own doing? Either way if Cena keeps the change up, he could grow and develop better than previous stale years. As for the ignorance of Owens, he needs to be dropped imminently and fired. He is a waste and a public embarrassment for WWE. Triple H testing the water and avoiding all advice is a foolish and troublesome vision to behold. While he thinks he has power he can abuse, always remember, with these circumstances, while you might think it and have every resource to help, you will never, truly win. It is best to keep your allies on side, and those who you might regard as enemies, even closer. To go against the grain for fun is simply idiotic and can never achieve a positive. Warning signs were given. Likely Trips will have to 'accept' wrong doings can have consequence. Let them come. You have much more to lose. Hopefully he can figure out what truly is "Best for Business" than personal favourites.

The Intercontinental Championship was the biggest waste to ever grace the Chamber and a WWE card to date. What a mess. Sloppy and irrelevant character did not envisage a future among WWE. Many on the roster are capable and ready for the spot or a call up. Ryback will never materialise and is best off without WWE. What will he honestly offer the product? Clogging up finances when someone who really wants the spot can truly run with the ball? Skip Sheffield is long gone. Ryback needs to do the same. It is a failed concept which will never work. Does that mean that the cursed IC title was given to him for the sake of it? Great way to devalue what was once the greatest title in WWE for a long time by fans on its own merits. Currently, it is a joke.

The tag team titles in the Chamber were the first and most interesting of the battles. While some dodgy tag teams, which should be disbanded (some people are better on their own) WWE can make things work if they get things in order. It probably should have also added the Mega Powers, Damien 'Macho' Mandow and Curtis 'AxelMania' (as Hulk Hogan). Hey, if it can make joke act Santino Marella credible in one Chamber, the Mega Powers, which WWE could seriously run with as a strong and legitimate team, initially founded on a joke, would really deliver for fans and the scene. Though it will always come down to WWE booking, won't it? 

Dean Ambrose is too reliant on lunacy gimmicks and costing himself as a main event performer, let alone a mid-card one. While tonight he transtioned from his bubble mostly, he reverted into it a tiny portion more than he should have. This battle was a great piece of action, though Rollins upheld the match structure and should have been respected more than a dirty victory and a gimmick title change. Stealing the belt like the IC title is also another idiotic mishap WWE should really avoid. As a challenger Ambrose has options and it was great to see a level of his original technicality arise in the show, as well as Rollins. It suited them perfectly. Is Ambrose ready for the gold? Like Reigns before him, WWE have been trying so hard to push those two as its main stars that they have no real direction and strong backstories to achieve it. Only Fools rush in. These two need more time and can play in main events, but it needs to have a legitimate glaze over than cheap tactics. These are the future of WWE, apparently. From all of this over hard pushing of the two, the one WWE neglected, was the breadwinner of all, Seth Rollins. Look him now. He should have a longer and more healthy reign. Survivor Series could be his biggest test, but he should go strong till then with a clean and legitimate title run, even if he is dishonourable. Ambrose's landmark event of winning the main title was dashed in a swerve joke on him. A future prospect? Hmm... Not looking too great with that wayward booking approach. 

As a PPV, where WWE needed to figure out how to resurrect the Chamber from the obscurity of storage, WWE inserted the Chamber too quickly and too loosely without any build up that harmed more than helped certain people. The concept is in danger of becoming worn out when choices like this and title change overs of idiocy reign highest. WWE really need to figure out what, or indeed who, can help it for the future. If WWE can get over their stubborn bubble and include the one that can drive them to future success as a team than a show off, egotistical, self interest bragging rights, WWE might just reclaim numbers, stock and return the fans to their full WWE height of thrill. Currently fans are demistified. A clouded purple haze over WWE, especially after the excellence of Extreme Rules and Payback, back to back, were strong winners for the company, is troubling, even if they wish to forget it. Wise up, be mature and think professionally. Or sink in future. WWE's doors will always be open for a very long time, but it will lose it's reputation, style and place as a great experience people actually want in their entertainment or sporting interests. 

© Max Waltham 03rd June 2015

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