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WWE Payback 2015

WWE Payback

WWE presented its third annual Payback Pay Per View live from the Royal Farms Arena in Baltimore, Maryland on Sunday 17th May 2015. Would WWE be able to come off of the high last month that was a successful Extreme Rules and keep feuds bubbling handsomely? Or would it let standards slip and cause a problem for its future? 

Lets take a look...

Sheamus Vs Dolph Ziggler

A rematch of last month's dreadful Kiss Me Ar*e match in which Sheamus lost but never kissed and forced Ziggler to was given another airing in a formal match up. Why is beyond all of us,

Sheamus gets his own butt check retribution by Ziggler shortly into the match. There we go. Both were now even. No-one really cared. Fifteen minutes in and a Fame Asser was delivered by Ziggles. This should have been enough for Ziggler to be a three fall to end this drivel. They try for what little time they have to impress but its built on lunacy and is going nowhere. They looked like a pair of jobbers on the main stage, which is worrying for two personalities WWE seem to want to elevate to a certain type of standard. Both are going nowhere fast. Others are simply more deserving too.

Superkick by Doplh Ziggler for two followed. Ziggler was bloodied by Sheamus in a mass liability headbutt which was genuine. All of a sudden the referee checks on him. Sheamus and Ryback have been mass liabilities in the ring for WWE over the past two years, along with Paige. It was ludicrous and stupid of Sheamus to be so careless. WWE need to really figure out how to deal with these problems instead of pass them by,

Sheamus nails a Brogue Kick in Dolph Ziggler's face to end the pointless battle in an efforted but nothing match to start the show.

Kane and Seth were with J and J security to discuss the main event, where Kane's job was on the line.

"I love this job, but I don't need this job. Maybe I'll just stand by and watch. I haven't decided what Ill do tonight" Kane informed us all. He doesn't need it. 

"If you do anything not in my best interest losing your job will be the least of your concerns" Seth responded to Kane, who laughs hilariously in response as J and J approach him. So does the audience. How infallible was that. Surely WWE needed to build them up as more than just stooges and whipping boys. No-one can take them as any level of believable force to behold.

Now WWE pug its commercial for NXT's mini Pay Per View thing. "You have no idea what's coming. There are no limits." The NXT voice-over-man tells us of the trailer for Unstoppable. Only Triple H's favourites were shown. All the NXT workers who have been pushed back an extra year or two by ignorant favours of Triple H were nowhere to be seen. How kind of Tripper's conflicting ego to sideline and entire new workforce of needed up and comers to stabilise the product in the future. 

WWE Tag Team Championship
Two out of Three falls
The New Day (c) Vs Antonio Cesaro and Tyson Kidd w/ Natalya

Think positive. Clap for your champs, The New Day pledged on arrival. They called themselves the new version of POP. 'kay...

Adam Jones was in attendance. He's some football or Hockey star, presumably. WWE didn't say. You can't expect the world to know. Well it wasn't Aaron Rodgers or Tim Tebow. Or Big Ben Rothlesberger. Mmmm.

Clap with New Day, Xavier Woods said and show that Baltimore can change for the good to cheer New Day, he added. It failed to work. "New Day sucks!" the crowd responded.

Cue Antonio Cesaro and Tyson Kidd with Nattie.

Chants for Tyson Kidd from the crowd were encouraging to see. They dig him as much as Cesaro. Shame WWE don't have much faith in the two as key players for its future. Cesaro was in instantly with hard clubs. Big E then came in. Jump up attack was caught onto Cesaro with sheer power. It was Big E's turn with a drop top above shoulder slam. Xavier Woods soon gave a slap from the sidelines. Kofi in now. Cesaro reverses him with a had and great stomp on both him and Big E with swift flair. Suplex hold from Cesaro for many seconds to tag Kidd in, almost twenty plus seconds, was again superb. Kidd slammed, as Kofi was saved by his partner Big E at two.

A smooth toss into sit down slam by Cesaro next. Quick paced action with sheer tenacity came next as a swing for Kofi was on the cards. The following dropkick from Kidd added to taking the wind out of his sails. First fall was credibly gained by Tyson Kidd and Antonio Cesaro. (1)

Xavier Woods was not best pleased and argued with the referee. Natalya goes over and pulls him down sternly. Tyson gets outside and drops down interfering ninny Woods. Kofi and Big E missed a Tyson smash. Kidd torpedo'ed to the outside but was caught and flipped hard by Big E's catch and release. Stomping hard with a Tyson laid out open legs flat (available on Social Media page in a few days, with more to come Do give our pages a like or follow, if you wish.)

Big E splash saved by Cesaro. Kofi and Ces go at it as Big E charges into Cesaro. Big E is in to tag Kofi. Two fall. Got to the corner as Cesaro still out outside. Roll up by Tyson. Excellent levels of athleticism from Tyson until double teamed by Big E and Kofi. Second fall was landed by Kofi Kingston and Big E (1) as New Day regain the level playing field at one a piece in this three fall match-up.

Caught with a belly to belly launch by Big E wears Tyson Kidd down. "New Day sucks" were the subject of loud chants. Cesaro was knocked out too long by this point but sold the beating perfectly. He made it to the apron for a tag. Powerhouse launches sent all over Kofi with running uppercut smashes with crowd interaction positively. Thrown onto Big E. Almost a Neutraliser, missed by the beefcake Swiss Superman. Big E powerbombed out instead. Uppercut to Kofi for near two count. flinging Kofi back to the bottom pad.

Claps came from the audience at last, but for appreciation of the red hot action. Kidd was back in on a backbreaker and launch to two fall second rope elbow drop. Tyson locks on the Sharpshooter. Cesaro slams Big E over the announce table as Kofi breaks free. Kidd launches at Kofi to the corner and flips over back of Cesaro, back to back in an amazeballs moment for the crowd, lapping it up. It was original, fresh and exciting. Uppercut as Cesaro in. Big E breaks it up. Xavier Woods sneaks in to the match quickly to roll up Cesaro for a cheeky pinfall small package style as the match official could not tell Xavier and Kofi apart. That's a great race play waiting to annoy the Universe more, but a good interplay nonetheless controversial and inevitable. The third fall was awarded to Kofi Kingston and Big E (2) of the New Day, thanks to Xavier Woods' meddling. 

What an electric match up that was. What an outstanding match, huh? Cesaro, Kidd and New Day really boosted the card there. All winners on the night.

It's back! Only two weeks away, on the WWE Network, WWE have re-birthed the redundant Elimination Chamber as a pay per view. It will feature a tag team and Intercontinental battle in the Chamber for the titles. Two weeks seems slightly premature for this grand event, but WWE, after striking it away from the PPV calendar this year, shoehorned it in somewhere. It should never have been ditched, maybe re-monthed instead.

Ryborg said he wasn't scared of Bray Wyatt. What a fool. You should be.

Bray Wyatt Vs Ryback

It was a useless attempt to build the never growing, ever stale Ryback into a WWE key player. Release him, he's going nowhere, ever. There are many other talented stars on the roster waiting for that position to be something worthwhile to the audience and the company.
Plus it was a criminal waste of Bray Wyatt's time in a pointless feud which can only ever go one way.

Ryback was booed on cheap push down of a Lou Thesz pressing which really destroys the legacy of the moves originator. His punches were as dismal as they come and a complete embarrassment as a wrestler. Outside soon. Fans chant to amuse themselves as ever to get through a Ryback match. Running forearm smash with swivel on impact from Wyatt highly impressive.

"You've gotta worry about someone launching themself as a weapon with no care about himself." - JBL mentioned of Wyatt's will to cause.

Stay outta his way if you're not a profitable interest of virtue and honour doing what is right, than wrong, perhaps?

Ryback smashed into a post. "Ooh!" Ryback laughably pants. Slammed to the outside by Bray. Running off apron to outside dumping onto Ryback outside with back body splash.
Run after Bray as he knocks him into the corner. Two fall. Ryback heard calling commands to Wyatt on a suplex to block him. "Let's go Wyatt" "Ryback Sucks" rang in tune multiple times.

Ryback knocks Wyatt down from the top post as Ryback jumps high off the corner with a splash. Two fall only. (It was revealed on Raw the following night that Ryback had injured his hip here. Ever the liability, this time to himself, yet again.) He had to do something to seem credible in this match and build a time setting, obviously. Though loses any level of credibility in belief. Sister Abigail missed as the turnbuckle paid was ripped off. Bray Wyatt nails the Sister Abigail flip smash to the mat as Ryback was pummeled to a three fall defeat.

"Somehow Lady Luck sits on the shoulder of Bray Wyatt here tonight." - Jerry Lawler.

"That's what makes Bray Wyatt scary." - JBL.

Perhaps it is simply honour and virtue taken for granted that cannot be allowed to fester with abuse as well as ignorance of novice noobs who have no relevance reborn by the master himself? Who knows? Someone does... You know who knows...

WWE returned its ignorance with wife beater, resident quitter and WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin. Just when the change may have been working for WWE, they stoke it back up again. Oh dear. Do WWE really need a physical wreck who adds nothing to the table festering with ignorance and a recent picture side to side with Dixie Carter? That never works out for anyone. At least he's given up the typing thing for now. Yet has made no attempt to seek retribution or solace. Fully Subliminal Mistake. 

WWE recently replaced him with 'I work for the money' only and high equal ignorance cesspit Chris Jericho, a former shell of the man he supposedly once was with the presenting gig on Tough Enough and a podcast with Stephanie for WWE. Austin was blocked for asking Triple H questions on being a wifebeater to Chyna and her Hall of Fame credentials. WWE said it welcomed any tough talking questions. Clearly not. Podcasting isn't for everyone. It's also a lacking phenomenon that everyone think is cool cos others are doing it. Old has been wrestlers have made it unoriginal and sad. More on this in depth another time.

United States Championship
"I Quit!"
John Cena (c) Vs Rusev w/ Lana

Rusev gave Cena the chance to swallow his American Pride and say "I Quit!" right now. The ref stuffed a mic in Cena's face and asked those annoying lines in modern IQ matches - Do you wanna quit? Good ol' Mike Chioda.

Rusev grabbed a chair for Lana to sit upon as he worried the crowd were interested in her outside, by the announcers, in font of Jerry Lawler. Cena flipped him on his back to regain stride. He threw his clumsy punches that never connect in comical fashion.

Rusev stamped him down lots of times, adding nifty dropkicks too. he format was a troublesome, same old formula in the match. One move done before the quit question.
The crowd were bored and chanted instead. "We want Lana!"

Rusev got jealous Lana may have been appealing the crowd when he wasn't looking.
Lana was ordered to give Rusev the Russian flag as the crowd cheered her strutting to him. As Rusev waved the flag, boos and American patriotism rained on his parade.

A Fall Away Slam forced Cena outside. Steel chairs in the corner were flung into by Rusev.

A cheap backdrop counter in center ring steps reversal by Cena next.Still flinging cheap fists. Caught by Rusev with spinebuster to steps.

Again Cena's unconvincing "No" response with no pain or drama whatsoever. Rusev smashed his foot on the step and missed as Cena scurried around like a weasel to pick up Rusev and slam him in quick time. For someone built on such formidability the contrast of illusion at booking is offset. Eh?

Rusev was coughing hard, unable to speak. Mighty Cena lifted the powerful, struggling plastic stairs to throw outside showing off his muscles. It missed Rusev. Why would a noble hero attack to decimate them with stairs on top of them? Were is the mighty Cena logic? The pair go at it outside. Rusev was hurled over the barricade and growled "No!"to the question. Cena then charged Rusev through the collapsible cushion of the side barricade to break away. Cena just stood there with his hands on his hips as Rusev lay down to defy the question again. 

He found a case which is used for travelling equipement. He missed the smash into Rusev, who superkicked him over it impressively. Cena no sold the no pain "No" again.

Cena hop walked backward on every quick jab by Rusev and then countered. It is choices like these that can never be taken seriously by the crowd of Cena, who seems to think it is funny not to care and make a mockery of match, sport and opponent. He's been doing it for decades. The crowd have told him how they feel. Yet still Cena does it. Then he moans he can't get respect. Honestly...

Rusev smashed Cena through the side table which Cena just sat on as the crowd heavily booed it. Then Cena got up in one second flat to drop Rusev on a counter. That was pitiful. He set up a side table by the arena crowd. The crowd laughed as Rusev was hurt by Cena in a gladiatorial pose. Cena pretended to tap a non functional, blank screen keyboard on a laptop (sticking two fingers up to the dirtsheets) and then whacked Rusev. Was that symbolic? Yes.

Cena simply picked Rusev up on the spot without any skill and placed him in the spot, to which Rusev countered and slammed Cena through the table. He would not quit.

Rusev messed around with the pyrotechnics, setting it off in awe and delight like a little boy at Christmas. Rusev wailed like a madman as Cena played possum and countered an Attitude Adjustment, as always. Cena then hurled Rusev onto the pyro and caused a huge puff of smoke to go up as Rusev wriggled in pain. Worried Lana raced to the titantron in concern for Rusev. The announcers said he suffered burns. Rusev would not quit. The crowd cheered in hopes of a Cena loss. Cena has never, ever lost an "I Quit!" match. 

Cena set up a guard rail at the center of the ring as a mini stairway from the ground up. Cena missed as Rusev stole the shock from the crowd and suplexed Cena into now bent guard rail. Laid out upside down on it, Cena said "Hell No" in complete disregard for match believably.

Frustrated Rusev smacked a foot to Cena's face and locked on the crushing Accolade. Super Cena, with the no sell arm lock on face, lifted Rusev on piggyback. He's so strong. Rusev finally wore him back down to the mat. What a surprise. Cena was finally muzzled when asked to quit by the hand clutch hold. Cena was passed out. He laid in the ring like a puffed out starfish. Even that he could not manage to do well. He looked like a complete joke. 

Rusev opened a turnbuckle pad. Rusev pulled out the ring post and collapsed the top ring rope.

Someone call the Big Show, he wants his ring collapse back. Rusev splashed Cena with water from a bottle, retrieved outside, to waken Cena. Clutching the rope and steel post tightener, Cena avoided as Rusev got caught and Cena prised the rope over Rusev in the STF, over his nose.

Rusev rambled in Russian presumed, later told by WWE it might be Bulgarian, as the audience could not understand. Lana entered the ring in desperation to save her hero and told the crowd, he quit. "He says I Quit!", Lana translated, leaving John Cena to be crowned victor over Rusev and the battle of national pride. It was over, just like that.

Pre-Show Highlights

The Pre-Show highlights were mentioned as WWE classed the star attraction as a "Tribute" act. Hot off the heels of AxelMania, Macho Mandow joined Curtis AxelMania in a tag battle against The Ascension. The pair are a modern day Mega Powers of Hogan and Savage by Axel and Damien Sandow. Oddly enough it may be bad taste on WWE's part in how they are booking them, but it is entertaining and cool. Perhaps WWE shoul make it serious seeing as this was two of the main stars to make WWE its success and the fondness for the characters in the WWE Universe's hearts for it will succeed. Everyone also wants Sandow and Axel. Therefore making the pair a tough, growing tribute with style, skill and charisma, which both have, will boost bigger stars for WWE and have ahigh powered gimmick match.

Maybe Hogan can bump into Axel backstage on a Hulkamania act and 'transfer' the accidental magical power that proves Axel's new age winning streak of never being defeated so easily? Simple. See, it wasn't that hard to figure. Why don't you just give me the job, babe? You know I'm good for it. X

The Ascension won.

New Day are toasting backstage with a champagne glass of milk. This race gimmick is getting bad man. I'm saying nothing Kerwin White.

Tag Team
Nikki Bella and Brie Bella Vs Tamina and Naomi

Recently returning to the scene Tamina beat down the Bellas with a hard family reunion with Naomi, two weeks ago on Raw, who has been super fresh since her call up last month at Extreme Rules' divas title match. Naomi hasn't got her green sneakers though. :( Bring them back.

Naomi and Nikki started strong as Brie joined the fray. Brie ran knees into Naomi as yelling "Brie Mode" before making it outside. Tamina on a distraction nabs a super agile kick to Brie off the apron. That was hard and smooth at the same time. Brie took it well too.

Better check yo weave gurl! Naomi played a lil' bit with the Bella hair aggressively but well.

Fierce Tamina gets in to beat on both Bella's at certain times. Nikki made certain to hold the tag rope in a good understanding of match support. Naomi lands with more jabs at Brie into a cool neckbreaker. Fingertips away, a roll through made it instead to tag. Unloading with momentum in moves, Nikki  made her mark. Hard flapjack spinebuster for a two as Tamina saved. Tamina was knocked out by Nikki as Naomi follows up behind. Brie tries to get a whack on Tamina behind her at the ropes and misses as Naomi hits the Thump now called rear view. Brie deals with Tamina outside as Nikki flips for a close two on Naomi picking up some strong pace. Tamina slammed Brie into the barricade outside. Nikki looked over with concern as Naomi smashed her to gain the win with Tamina in a cool, smooth and fair tag match for diva standards. It was a great change up from the resident mishaps, even if there was one or two minor blips to improve on, proving these divas could make more of the division if it isn't messed up with flunky favouritism.

Rusev was displeased with Lana and told her to get out of his dressing room. Rusev was livid. Lana left as Rusev agitatedly paced up and down the room in anger.

Daniel Bryan was injured shortly after winning the Intercontinental Championship after Wrestlemania. Bryan who built the weekend up with a minor interview to a random fan posing as an interviewer published it in a tawdry magazine of no real value. Ignorance is not a virtue. The curse of the IC title delivered to Bryan his payback. After WWE once again failing to intervene and strip Bryan, the title was spoke of tonight. On the following Raw, the title was announced for an Elimination Chamber special upon vacation. 

Ignorance is the hardest payback available. Karma's a b****! Not the diva, the real retribution. It always comes back. Many could learn from it if they want to succeed in the business. Injuries, retirement or stalled pushes come around for all. Upsetting, isn't it? Spare a though for someone else and you might go far. Fortune Squandered Magically. No-one is immune.

Bryan added he might not be able to perform again and that the IC title did not deserve to be held up. Oh well. Thanks for your 'valuable' contributions. 

Bad News Barrett Vs Neville

Neville missed his turn over. A kick outside. JBL mentioned it knocked his "boatrace" as Nev fell down outside the ring like the apple and pears. "A little flurry" from Neville Michael Cole appropriately called it. Neville's spot monkey moment of flippy stuff was officially over. 

Neville later missed a sky-splash flip on Barrett in meek fashion. Barrett was eventually counted out at ten, after not bothering to enter the ring at nine in a cowardly retreat as recently crowned 'King' gimmick from the King of the Ring Raw tournament previous. The gimmick to get over is as lame as it comes on the wrong shoulders. It's simply Barrett again in a cloak. Boring as ever. 

Barrett returned after the match which Neville won by fluke on countout. After beating him up, Neville then got some action back with a German suplex. What honestly waste point? A match after the match and two minor undercarders? It wasn't a great start even for a toilet break. Neville drops the 450 corkscrew splash just like Billy Kidman before him. 

Not exactly Rob Van Dam or Jeff Hardy but WWE need (and want) a substitute don't they?

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Fatal 4 Way
Seth Rollins (c) Vs Randy Orton Vs Roman Reigns Vs Dean Ambrose

This super hot four way really started with a scintillating superkick from defending champion Seth Rollins.

The match was full of twists and turns from four hot guys in their own right which the audience loved and disliked a little. The magic further intensified when the trio of former Shield members saw an opportunity on randy Orton.

Randy, outside and beat down, was preyed on by the three for the feel good moment of the triple powerbomb table smash. Seth was calling for a return to The Shield magic. Reigns and Ambrose felt the moment of hype and all three lifted The Viper in the air as Orton crashed hard through the table with the triple powerbomb. It was intense and beautiful. Seth was feeling the brotherhood once again. His naive nostalgia cost him. The gang went at it instead and wouldn't be Seth's stooge again. The second table at ringside opens up for Rollins by Ambrose and Reigns. Kane stops the pair slamming Seth.

Seth was knocked onto the table in the melee. Kane was lifted by the double power od Reigns and Ambrose to powerbomb Kane on top of Rollins on the table.It was a hard enough drop but the table did not break. Those are too sturdy guys. "One more time" the audience cried. Ambrose and Reigns conceded and this time smashed the table beneath them on impact.

Reigns and Ambrose were finally uninterrupted with a friendly staredown, which looked highly uncomfortable. The spoke and said something cheap and silly that meant nothing and distilled some of the crowd. It needed to be a stronger moment than that, but was passable. They took one another on formally in the ring. All or nothing. They talked again. They traded blows. Reigns wasn't over. Ambrose was sided with instead.

There was a powerbomb clutch arm lift. Reigns brought his own response with the Superman punch. Reigns took a two fall soon after. Intense feeling around the scene. Reigns smiles in disbelief. Don't do a Cena mimicry. that will completely ruin it for you. Spear to Ambrose. Save by Rollins. Reigns attacks J and J Security who come into play now.

The action continues to develop strong with Ambrose taking conrtol later with the Dirty Deeds. Kane pulls Ambrose out to stop his pinfall. The steps were used on Ambrose and Roman Reigns. Kane was annoyed and chokeslammed Roman Reigns. Randy Orton returns to stop Kane. A cheer for the "RKO" is now deafening. 

Randy decided for the second rope DDT instead on Rollins. Jaime Noble and Joey Mercury of J and J Securiy were slammed with RKO's now instead for intervening. Seth got powerslammed hard too. Randy Orton gained such steam and smashed Kane with an RKO aswell. RKO's everyone once again! Randy Orton failed to see the light behind and missed Seth Rollins who beatdown Orton with a crushing Pedigree to cover for a three fall victory and leave Payback as the WWE World Heavyweight Champion in a pressure cooker match of sheer delight. 

PPV Rating - 9/10

Men/Woman of their matches - Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro, Bray Wyatt, Rusev, Divas, Neville, Randy Orton 

Man/Woman of the PPV - Kane

Ziggler and Sheamus was a colossal waste of time. Seriously, it was. everyone knows that much.

So was Barrett and Neville which was clearly a nothing match. How WWE have grand pans for both of them, when neither can achieve much outside of their comfort zone is difficult to envisage. Neither will fully materialise at this rate, especially with Triple H's NXT temptation at ignorance. He is playing a dangerous game in the future careers of the star he favours. The true one's who just might make it on paper, could risk losing everything but whats not "Best for Business." Lose the ego, be a professional and think f the company, not yourself. The business may just grow and your name with it. Listening to advice is crucial and not to be dismissed for egotistical purposes. Research the market before you 'buy' and NXT dude, too. 

The tag team match for the titles was extraordinary. Cesaro was once again WWE's top player and he and Kidd proved they could mix it up with new content and keep the old bits in unique places to drive their opponents and the feeling to a greater match. New Day would not be so over if it weren't for that. New Day have also dramatically improved their promo skills, even if a little bit off, but still growing. Less is more. The accompaniment of the 2 of 3 falls bout was even more perfect to give them all what was needed to boost the show. Cesaro, once again, is highly undervalued.

Wyatt had his work tested further by playing with damp squib Ryback. Why? Was it worthwhile? No. A nothing match, which Wyatt made perfect, as usual.

The best thing for Daniel Bryan might be retirement now. The door hitting someone on the way out when failing to make good choices is the most painful to witness. Bye then. 

The divas tag was another uplifting situation for the division. Without any ignorance and imbeciles the gals worked very well together. Granted their were a few over-eager moments, but these can be worked on by the ever improving ladies. It as fresh, new and interesting after months of stale flunkies clogging up the plughole.

Rusev was amazing in his ever developing aura among John Cena. While Cena has stunk the place out tonight, Rusev used an array of freshener to keep it stimulated. he addition of Lana, and the impending loss of her at his side, will be Rusev's next test. For Cena, its business as usual. Why bother when you can coin it in? Is his invincibility heightening the US title, or dampening it? Though it was right to place him in this title place, he needs to fix his opportunities than assume 'whatever's' instead.

The fatal 4 way was fantastic. As ever Randy Orton is the star player, though Rollins has proven he is himself a star in his own right too, capable of the championship. Reigns and Ambrose have miles to go but could achieve it if worked upon more. As we stated before, it is important they are not rushed. It will take as long as it takes. Some people are like that and that is not a negative. Unlocking their potential is the key to winning longterm. There are still enough capable contenders to fill in and grow them in the interim. Though Dean Ambrose, we previously stated is in trouble of becoming typecast. We told him  to stop relying on that double rope flip clothesline counter. He as done it over and over. Less is more. While following orders, this is making Ambrose lose creativity and essence as a future star and just some wannabee who is going to sink to the tag card if not careful for his foreseeable future as a fill in than a main eventer. It's advice. Roman Reigns is getting better but needs tweaks and slow burners here and there. He is not over. Though he is still trying, which is good.

The PPV was mainly about Kane getting involved. Why it was him was a tad daft. It should have been one of the standout guys in a match. Nevermind though. It was still an amazing PPV and WWE have managed to do two PPV's back to back at 9/10. If WWE really do get their bits together there is a chance to really boost their potential with an array of great stars and acts. Failure to get it right dampens. IT's not personal, it's just business. Perhaps WWE have finally realised this. The PPV was a glorious success thanks to its skilled performers and the hype with intensity in matches. This is what fans want. Not replays but difference that appeals, excites and sees their stars utilised in probable or well placed scenarios.

Payback was meant to be one of WWE's filler PPV's that event he company did not feel would be this big. Payback is always one of the top WWE PPV's to deliver and has proven to be a mainstay for a long time on name value. 

© Max Waltham 20th May 2015

All Rights Reserved 



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