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WWE Money in the Bank 2015

Money in the Bank 2015

WWE now presents its yearly offering of Ladder madness, repeatable actions and dodgy winners. WWE were right to keep Money in the Bank, one of its most successful PPV events, in its annual schedule. Though the reason for abandoning it would have been because it repeats the same matches of ladders and its prized themes on the same card. This is WWE's fault, not the show or the performers. With two or three mega Ladder matches on one card, WWE should focus on how to make it so, in order to protect and soar the stars and stipulation, not blame the match type with attracts many.


R-Truth Vs Wade Barrett

Opening the show was a singles battle with R-Truth and Wade 'King' Barrett. The King monkier is still not growing as effectively intended. R-Truth, however, has the potential to grow, but WWE are obsessed with the limp failings of Barrett. It isn't working. Barrett won after a tedious effort, though R-Truth once more really upsold his opponent. It was a tad boring.

Counting the Dream...

WWE opened with a ten bell salute and fitting tribute to the late great Dusty Rhodes, who passed away on Thursday. All WWE's rostered talent took to the main stage at the Titantron, including Stephanie and Vince McMahon. This was a tender and charming moment to honour the 2007 Hall of Famer and all-round wrestling star. 

Money in the Bank
Roman Reigns Vs Sheamus Vs Kane Vs Randy Orton Vs Neville Vs Dolph Ziggler Vs Kofi Kingston

The ladder match with the greatest prize, a yearly free title opportunity cash-in at the heavyweight champion at current time, took its yearly setting. The match of high value which can make WWE its newest and most boosted star for a future, as should be the mentality of the Royal Rumble, may now serve as exactly that. A distilled Rumble misinterpretation to make someone who cannot fully carry their star. Roman Reigns is tipped to win the bout after failing to become as strong or powerful with the public as WWE had hoped to influence. Fans do not respect his quick rise, lacking skill, technique and speaking skills, ushered in because he is tall and big, muscle wise, a 1980's WWE requirement.

Why is Kofi Kingston in this? Why is he not defending his half of the WWE titles? Kofi is here for the traditional lunacy spot of aerial acrobatics as is every year in the Bank and Rumble matches. Whilst originally intuitive, WWE have milked it to the point of idiotic stupidity which cannot be taken seriously.

Why is Sheamus in this? Why this raving peacock of lacking value is littering the scene through WWE's lack of building stars is why Sheamus must fill the spaces. Plus, he is Triple H's best friend and gym buddy getting favouritism anyway he so wishes.

What about Neville? Too early is for Neville that no-one can feasibly believe this high flying loon will be anything other than WWE's replacement wannabe of Jeff Hardy or Rob Van Dam. Bit boring now, isn't it?

As ever WWE needed its five-star key player in making others succeed, Randy Orton, to make sense of the delusion on offer and retain some sensible order.

High flying spot monkeys Ziggler, Kingston and Neville were an oversight for making the match more "Oh Sh*t" than Wow, that was amazing.

The losers with no place Sheamus and Kane did not encourage fans to thrilling opportunities. As for the never ending tale of trying to make Roman Reigns World title material by giving biased and uneventful wins where everyone does everything for him will not influence the audience with positive opinion. WWE are clearly reforming to their whole 'John Cena booking' mentality which did not work so well for him first time around. WWE need to book for Roman Reigns, not Cena. Reigns is unready, in-ring, verbally and communicatively. He is one who must grow. WWE feeding such heightened bias puts people off and has the opposite effect to what makes a star fresh and exciting. Continuing on this path for Reigns will destroy his quest for the World title as a healthy contender than a washed up, wannabe fanboy. This is meant to be part of WWE's future.

Only Randy Orton could fully be relied upon, but WWE can't expect him to remain forever. Even he is getting tired of being relied on and neglected from within as a legitimate contender, worker and superstar. While Orton is not going to go for the title yet, and he knows when to sit out and contribute elsewhere, WWE have not put him in a match with the best counterparts to make a successful emphasis on fresh, future and fun. Even with its hottest property, WWE are neglecting its own product in efforts for bragging rights with Triple H's ego. This is not "Best for Business" darling.

This match surprised fans by going up first. Though any redict the outcome is for an unfavourable Roman Reigns. That may not be met with a positive reaction if followed through with. Is the Royal Rumble re-start for Roman?

Kofi started the match stupidly. As all went for one another Kofi grabbed a ladder to climb. Only h choose to climb when the others all clocked him to stop him. Then everyone else tried to climb before all were stopped. Zzz... Kane tossed flying waster Neville to the outside with ease as Sheamus took the fight to Kane. Ziggs came in to miss a DDT vividly on Kane. Sloppy.

Ziggler climbed as Sheamus stopped him. Already bored yet? Sheamus dropped him and then a returning Neville with a fist. HE kneed Roman and ladder jabbed Orton. Good grief. Call me when its over.

Fans were bored and chanted "You look Stupid" for Sheamus, running around the ring. Kofi tried a fruitless attempt to climb again. This is so boring. "New Day Sucks!" came quick. Sheamus set a ladder in the lower corner rung as another over the left back turnbuckle was slanted in place. Neville came in to do some flippy s**t. Kofi silenced him and dropped Sheamus with a enziguri. Koofi tried to climb again. Kofi, a dishonourable foe, tonight played as an honourable one. Wait for the gimmick bouncing spot.

Neville tried to seem relevant with his moment with Kofi but fared not so well. It was nothing special. Kofi dropped him as Roman Reigns entered. Reigns was heavily booed on EVERY move. Hear that WWE? Even after six months of failing to create, WWE's re-start on Reigns was another instant win money maker which the fans meet with pure disdain.

Reigns did a long and dumping Powerbomb on Kofi to the ladder. Fans took the awe moment in for a second and respected the spot, mainly for Kofi and then booed Reigns again. Reigns then caught Neville and dumped him with a Powerbomb onto Kofi. Fans respected the moment, but still weren't satisfied or conned into liking Roman with such cheap tactics.

Kane came in and chokeslammed Reigns off. Fans cheered and even clapped Kane when he climbed. Orton came back to save the day and dropped a thunderously loving crowd reception on the RKO. Randy climbs only for Kofi to try to stop him. Kofi was supposed to be battered from a huge Powerbomb. Orton gave an RKO. Then Neville no-sold the move by coming back. Orton wasn't having it and RKO nusiance Neville off.

Sheamus returned to get a chance on the case, but Rand stopped him. Orton slammed him with a beautifully swift backbreaker. The briefcase was a dangling delight swinging tentatively as Sheamus stopped Orton. Great no-sell again. How can fans have such believability when WWE fails to enforce it?

Sheamus climbed among an empty ring but Dolph Ziggler slide in from nowhere. Shock! The pair fought on top of the ladder with the case above. Ziggler had his moment, with some Daniel Bryan "YES!" wannabe chants. That's old now and won't work by donating it to Ziggler. WWE respect you less for it, which helps no-one.

Ziggler moved over the ladder, from the top to put a Sleeper hold on Sheamus as both tumbled Neville came back to use his 450 splash on Sheamus in the spot monkey moment. Ooh, so Jeff Hardy.

Ziggler and Neville were at the top fighting for the case. Neville head-butted Ziggler off but Kane stopped Nev. Ziggler superkicked Kane as the pair starred each other down. The pair used the ladder as a battering ram only for Kane to stop them both. Kane built some fire as Basbball Slide the ladder into Ziggs on the outside. Reigns came back from behind to send Kane out. Reigns decided to fling himself over the top rope onto everyone. 'kay...

Oh no! It's Xavier Woods and Big E who ran into to push Kofi into the ring, with a ladder too. Can it be? Kofi climbed as the New Day guarded the ring. Kofi climbed but the audience did not appreciate. Reigns smashed the pair of New Day down like a pure inconsitency. What was the point of that? Reigns stops Kofi and gets him into another Powerbmomb. Reigns messed up the spot and the ladder fell to the side. Reigns, with Kofi in Powerbomb, had to throw him onto the guys outside again. Reigns cleared house until Bray Wyatt appeared in an unknown appearance. He tipped the ladder over and smashed Reigns to the ground. Wyatt leaves as everyone is scattered down the floor. Wyatt needs to ditch that ridiculous apron. It adds nothing.

Sheamus came in to climb now instead. Neville stops him after looking like Sheamus truly had it. Sheamus pulled Nev's hair and dropped him down the ladder as Sheamus grabbed the case, unhooked it and held tall the Money in the Bank contract opportunity, to shocking, idiotic and undue unbelievability. If Reigns wasn't going to win, why this? He is Triple H's friend.

Paige had a chat with Renee Young. Paige had the cheek to say the Bella's were holding the divas division back. The Bella's, who, with Naomi, have brought the division up, have dropped the division since Paige returned with such inconstancy. Hmm. Pot. Kettle. Black. She banged on about change. "I will create that change" she said. Yeh, Yeh. You ain't me. Get lost.

WWE Divas Championship
Nikki Bella (c) Vs Paige

Somehow and without any story flunkie diva Paige who filmed a minor cameo in a WWE movie bound to flop at a cinema near you soon, was quietly slotted back into a singles match, sidelining the ever hot superstar uprising in Naomi. Another one of Triple H's failed pet project flunkies given special treatment once again. The irony is that every choice of Triple H's personal ego, Paige is yet another liability in the ring and a complete sloppy mess. Many thought Triple H might save the WWE from so called "senile" Vince McMahon. Triple H is not even in McMahon's league, if this is his quiet manipulation of the product in which it fails immensely. Triple H's overgrown ego is once more infesting WWE at a toxic level that threatens the very product on offer for future generations. In other words, he is pissing McMahon's legacy away in one fell swoop. At least Vince knows what to do in hindsight, even if fans often disagree.

Paige received no reaction on entry after walking the stage. The pair had another traditional starting lock up with no action and push backs. Paige screamed again. Nikki rolled outside in a weak and pitiful exchange. She was shoved out of the ring tiresomely by Paige. Paige stupidly stood up the corner barricade outside as Nikki caught her to reverse drop her face first into the guard rail.

She slammed Paige into the side. Nikki did push ups in the ring. Oooh. It's the Diva's union. Backstage all the divas were chatting about the match together. Paige said she was the voice of the divas. Hah! She could not comprehend why no diva supported her to stop the Bella's.

Nikki continued to smash Paige down, but lost strong momentum, as is always the case in a diluted Paige match. She failed to sell a stunning top rope back flip suplex by Nikki. Nik locked a leg scissors pretzel grip around Paige's lower mid-section. Paige elbowed her way free and an unflattering and pointless attempt at being tough.

Paige almost got disqualified for outside moves. She was soon smashed down in a next to nothing moment. Nikki used a chin lock and is taking the role once again as dishonourable woman after she was honourable a month ago. Eh?

Paige kicked Nikki after Nikki did the work and got a two count as a flunkie attempt to win once more. Nikki took a bow for herself as Paige came back out of nowhere in a simply unbelievable moment. It was clueless. Paige then locked in a cheap and loose fitting hold submission on Nikki, who reached the rope break. Paige was slammed to the ground. By this point the match had gone on too long and was slow and mundane thanks to Paige's watering down, stand and wait spots. Paige locked in a PTO as Nikki broke free. Nikki tried the Rack as Paige reversed for a very cheap DDT thing. She got a close two fall. Again Paige hoped to win the gold on a cheap flunkie win.

The pair battled at the top turnbuckle and both fell. Brie Bella, as she previously did before the PPV on TV matches, arrived from under the ring. Paige got a cheap and obvious roll up technicality to win the Divas title. Brie Bella quickly showed herself to the referee. Paige kicked her down as Nikki Bella smashed Paige from behind and successfully kept the divas title which Paige proved she was highly inadequate to receive.  

Intercontinental Championship
Big Show Vs Ryback (c)

New champ and liability to all wrestling talent Ryback, who offers now transferable qualities to the show or title took on Big Show to try and retain the IC title. Ryback had no competition in the recent Elimination Chamber victory which further makes his reign inconsistent. Big Show, who has improved and is thoroughly deserving, probably should have won. Being in the Chamber would have benefited him greatly as a winner.

WWE's resident half-wit The Miz came out to talk about being short changed for the IC title. Apparently it was Big Show who stopped him winning it. Whine Whine Whine. He said "David always slays Goliath."  While that may be true, and you may be small, but you are not David, dear.

Meat head moron and plain Jane Ryback came out and did  the same pitiful routine of walking in. Ring announcer JoJo, who slept her way to the top to get the job (which WWE implemented a new n-talent relations policy) did another terrible job. Diva search coming up? Pinkslip for JoJo.

Ryback did his hilarious useless UFC gearing up thing. He knocked Show down instantly on a charge and clubbed his chest. Hilarious. Ryback tapped Show, who had trouble flipping himself out of the ring with no support from liability Ryborg. That was simply sloppy and wasteful.

Big Show cameback and hammered the IC title mess down. Ryback used pathetic jabs that had no value at all. Ryback could barely get Show's arm effectively and messed up an outrageously pathetic arm bar roll over. Absolute mess. Show sold for Ryback, letting him get a suplex to make Ryborg look good. He continued to fail on his follow ups as Big Show chokeslammed him down. Ryback survived at two somehow.

Show did a good punch into Ryback which looked effective. That was this matches only highlight. The Miz predictably entered and beat down Big Show to force a disqualification. Fans were now shortchanged and felt conned of the lacking experience. What a colossal waste of time, even if getting through a limp Ryback match wasn't enough. It failed to get both stars over. Ryback still no sold a crowd interaction.

Tough Enough's finalists advert aired. Ignorant baldie Stone Cold was dropped from the line up, forcing WWE to choose a new lot. They certainly got that one right. Jericho, next week, on a Tuesday. Ignorance is not a virtue. Also on the bill is hapless limp tool Daniel Bryan and wannabe liability Paige to help host the show. How original.

John Cena Vs Kevin Owens

Another limp and pathetic singles match between the two was imposed on us poor saps known as the viewing audience. On one side the John Cena cesspit, who has decided to rapidly improve since the last PPV that was Elimination Chamber against the anti-Cena desperate to get over known as the fat bloke in a tee shirt whose just happy to be there. Juvenile. He's also insanely rubbish, over-hyped and an ignorant bedfellow who has no definable qualities and hand crafted speeches written by best friend Triple H, who desperately wants his new 'pet project' to succeed. Yet Triple H picks all the wrong people to invest time and effort in. He gives it to people he strikes up friendships with, which goes beyond the working relationship of employer and employee favourability.

Some burly bloke in a tee-shirt who simply smiles and needs to feel happy he is included, without giving any skill in the sport tried to abuse kayfabe to his pre-match advantage. Before the match Owens, who had a pitiful match at Elimination Chamber which Cena oversold, worked the media to get favourable bias. He licked the backside of Cena and hoped to remain favourable with WWE executives and his best friend, Triple H, the booker by claiming anyone hating on Cena as a worker did not know anything about wrestling and had no right to call themselves a fan. That would be all of Owen's fanbase tonight then. What a slap in the face to his own, supposed fans. That's how highly Owens values the WWE Universe 'cheering' for him. He made a fool of every one of you.

Owens stood and laughed whilst unsure how to start the match as Cena worked the crowd. What a pro, Wow! After a touch down the pair circled each other into another headlock as Kevin didn't know what to do. He stuck his tongue out at Cena. He pointed at himself and said its him. He tapped Cena down pitifully and cheered himself. Hmm. One move? Yet people hate Cena? Look at Owens. A move mess. Looks like someone with all that 'independent scene experience' is no Squirtle to WWE's Cena Charrizard.  Five moves are better than one. A total mess.

They ran the ropes as Owens got a clothesline by Cena. Owens magically got a cheap move to regain and then put Cena in a terribly unconnective and breather moment chin lock for the blubbering un-agile block. Cena powered through as Owens looked an utter mess once more. He stayed on the ground. He barged into Cena off running the ropes with a tiny tap. Owen countered Cena's Five Knuckle Shuffle with a long pause and hand in the air. Owens ruined all momentum by walking slowly and tepidly dropped and elbow. Wasteful. Cena countered with an Attitude Adjustment and STF, which also had no pressure applied. Though Cena had his work beyond his control trying to make Kevin Owens work toward a good match. For Cena, it was a one man show. He should have wrestled a mannequin. It was up to Owens, who was called up for his supposed experience in teh business, to deliver, especially with WWE's leading star.

Upon a re-surge Owens stuck his tongue out like a hideous reptile and walked around the ring. Cena rose and slammed the hard body slam on the loose liability. Cena perfected the Five Knuckle Shuffle on Owens. Owens no sold and instantly used a cheap German Suplex release. You ain't Brock Lesnar. Owens then ran and threw his body weight into Cena at the corner. Wow. What an asset.

The pair did the 'you first, then me' fist trades. Owens caught Cena and held him in the arm to turn on the spot in horrendous fashion and drop Cena on the spot. So effective. Not. Owens went to the top rope and did a pathetic Moonsault with his legs all over the place. This also could have harmed a performer as it has done numerous times in WWE. Cena got the knees up to boot. Owens struggled around the ring to get up as Cena caught him for a face planting with high altitude. Cena took a two. Cena gave a stunning AA with style and wave as Owens was dropped. Owens no sold and got a easy two fall kick out which seemed stupid at best for the match.

Cena had to move the lumbering mess into the corner post who took a while to get there. They played too long as Owens slipped under Cena's leg to land in position after work was all done for him to do a Powerbomb. Owens only got a two. Owens has once again had everything done for him and has done nothing original. How this is the future at this point is highly embarrassing for WWE and the business.

Owens grabbed Cena and gave him some Triple H knees before cheaply running the ropes again and getting a superkick on Cena. It got a two. Cena dropped an amazing top corner jump swing DDT from afar to Owens,who kicked out cheaply again at two, failing to sell the action, with it. Usually that's Cena's job. Cena missed a leg drop up top as Owens simply moved out the way. How novel. Such a new star is a cheap coward who can't "fight?" WWE have lost it.

Owens moved Cena into the corner and missed the mass Moonsault. Cena slammed an AA but Owens no sold it again in a two fall kick out, so cheaply. Owens lay in the ring, sprawled out and bloated, waiting for another breather spot. Cena lifted Owens to the post but Owens wouldn't move to it and missed the area. Owens got another lucky moment after Cena set the scene to reverse a superplex into some random drop. It was no level awesome and just time filler. Though fans will say anything when they despise Cena enough. Yet Kevin Owens is being the new Cena. How fickle can you get? These are the decisions WWE cannot respect from the audience with such bias. The result? How is Zack Ryder doing these days?

Cena cleverly and fantastically reversed Owens with an amazing sit down flip . Owens got lucky again. Owens followed with another moment on a cheap move, set up for him, as Cena jumped the air to give height on a Powerbomb. Owens simply stood there and moved his hands in place at Cena's sides when nearby to look like he did something. It was a two only. Kevin Owens got smashed with a powerful AA from John Cena who covered the lardy liability to win the match and equal the waste of time to set up a pathetic, coming third battle. John Cena is scheduled to lost the United States title to Owens on the rubber match with Owens.

The pair had a sweet little handshake as Kevin Owens did the predictable kick in the gut. Owens managed to mess this up too and made it look pathetic. He screamed like a ninny and Powerbombed Cena on the outside with a gentle tap on the ring side to the ground. Even then, Owens flunked his position. As he left and held up both the NXT and U.S titles, he was viciously boo'ed. Holding the NXT title after, he was still disliked. Thrilling. All Owens could do was laugh hideously like an overblown Hyena, which sounded ridiculous. Cena did the hurt, referee assistance, walk out. Lovely Roddie held his dangling golden delight as the ref's helped Cena sell the beat down, which no-one could feasibly believe after the liability of a so called match just witnessed by Owens' immense failures of lacking performance.

For someone who was given favouritism for his so called experience on the independent circuit, it was pathetic.

Renee interviewed her real life boyfriend Dean Ambrose, who is still holding the WWE title. I guess that is as close to a legitimate title holding he'll ever get at this rate,

Dusty Rhodes Tribute

WWE gave a fitting and heartfelt tribute to one of its greatest stars. Rhodes' video package highlighted his skill, style and personality as one of wrestling's greatest performers, wrestlers, speakers and entertainers. When one legend falls, the Family, while sometimes disagreeable, always reflects on its greatest stars who made this future of wrestling possible. Those are never forgotten, no matter how disagreeable. The wrestling family unites for honour, love and talent. The man who made so many wrestling dreams possible. R.I.P. That star will never fade out. 

Rhodes sadly passed away after suffering a fall on Wednesday evening and died the following day in hospital. Rhodes was said to be dehydrated and suffering Kidney failure. 

Tag Team Championship
New Day, Big E (c) and Xavier Woods Vs The Prime Time Players

After the build up of a new tag team (as it should do) WWE added The Prime Time Players to the tag scene with The New Day. Antonio Cesaro and Tyson Kidd were given the night off. They've put in strong, credible and tense performances and should be given a rest. The comeback will offer them a powerful position and more legitimate competition in the tag setting.

Once again WWE forgot its own principals and allowed spare part Xavier Woods, who is not, and never won the title, as a defending star, to be stand in champion of the night. WWE are so deluded to their own world that it attempts to even distort its own champions. Therefore this makes and insane mockery of not only the titles but the stars and its match, let alone product. WWE really does have no clue when it comes to this. Woods never won the title and therefore the match defence is illegitimate and if they win or lose, should be stripped of the titles as WWE, have failed and have to accept their responsibility. Imbecilic. How you can expect anyone to respect this wayward choices really sets the bar for the business qualities of WWE and its lacking potential to succeed overall. Not to mention that once it finally builds some steam that New Day might be respected on, all is undone and simply ruined for them. New Day are now well and truly stuck with the "New Day Sucks!" momentum. Well played, WWE. All so Kofi could be in the MITB bank to dance on his hands a bit. How innovative.

Xavier Woods and Darren Young started well, until Big E entered and slammed Darren down. Woods missed the double team and it looked sloppy. Despite short time, it was early and this looked rushed. Young sold a painful body locktwist as Big E patted Young's side many thought might be his booty. Perks of the job. With the enthusiasm so low and a standard match wearing down, it looked obvious the New Day had no chance of losing.

The match was not bad and not too sloppy from Titus. Be careful on the elbow block though, but it was decent for now. Big E gave Young an outside spear s momentum heated up somewhat. Woods took a quick  roll up but failed to win three. A run into a Titus powerbomb drop down slam followed. Titus O' Neil covered for a shocking and much needed three fall to win the tag team titles. Darren Young joined his partner, thrilled to earn the championships from the New Day's Big E and Xavier Woods. Earlier they praised Kofi Kingston being robbed of his Money in the Bank opportunity.  Looks like Kofi Kingston will be off after this. No positive vibes here.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Seth Rollins (c) Vs Dean Ambrose

What is WWE on? Two of its greatest future producers should be really growing, having their main platform (as fans and critics alike wish for) and hope the situation is a great match up of sporting entertainment. So why has Triple H decided to taint it all for his own stamp on the product?

After his running around with the World title stolen (how sporting of a so called wrestling hero) akin to the IC title lunacy, Dean Ambrose tried his very hardest to not rely on the traditional moments of athletic counter silliness and be a respectable champion in waiting. With a cheap and win come no win at Elimination Chamber which should never have happened, Ambrose is not only irrespective and a jobber at best right now, but failed to really encapsulate the audience. They may like and cheer for him, but they too realise it is a work in progress. One that just might not give the hopeful result of future star they want. Making Ambrose  two minute bit part champ now would not benefit that character at all long term.

It was bound to have its 'spot' moment and with two amazing performers who  can not only carry that angle but drive skill, technique and high valued wrestling for fans, WWE had two of its best on show. Yet it failed both of them. Rollins is being booked as the 'lucky to have the title' guy who should be respected as one of WWE greatest new and modern champions overcoming tremendous feats. While the other, who mixes up the rules and plays in his own, unique world is in danger of transferring the same old WWE clone of predictability than fresh opportunities to surpass the ordinary.

Steph gave Seth an inspirational show of praise. Then, in true McMahon fashion, dropped the stern attitude of consequence should he fail to win and keep the WWE title in Authority selected hands. "The weight of this company is on your shoulders" she warned Rollins. Thanks Steph. If Dean Ambrose wins, she added, there would be "no one to blame but you." Encouraging. HHH gave his own moody inspiration with a speech. Zzzzz.... Triple Z from now on. "SHOW THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He continually barked at Rollins as he asked Seth to prove why WWE chose him and to help save Triple H's egotistical failings. In reality, HHH never chose him, Max Waltham did. Ha!

Ambrose did his quirky under the ladder tempting fate motions. Superstition it may be, but it holds truth. All careers don't win by doing this. Never walk under the ladder. Especially only for show.

Ambrose started strong with a submission and nose grip pull on Seth. The pair reached for a close and tender moment looking like a wannabee kiss mimicking clothesline. This was rapid, smooth, exciting and tantalising. He followed up with a running bulldog. Seth stopped Ambrose leading the charge with a jump up ladder return, Ambrose climbs from outside, Interesting interplay with the ladder as it was stacked diagonally outside leading a stairway for the pair. Good job. It was smashed into Rollins on a comeback. Ambrose sets the ladder centre stage now.

Rollins gets back in it as both are either side now. A stunning flip back suplex by Ambrose on a corner ladder. Elbow drop from the top by Dean. Clothesline sent Rollins trailing to the outside. Ambrose tries to climb again. Rollins swings a chair at the side of Ambrose and a second on the knee cap taking him off the ladder in pain. Rollins climbs. Ambrose stops as Seth wears down the leg and tips the ladder over.

Ladder jab into the knee Seth continues to work down Ambrose's knee. A hard Dragon Screw added more technicality between the two. The ladder was soon slammed down on Ambrose's leg. "Wooo!" The crowd cheer as Seth locks on an impressive figure four leg lock on the corner post by the stairs outside with Ambrose trapped between on the inside. The Figure Four was locked on in the ring now. Slaps in hold. Ambrose twisted the hold over and broke free in another impressive work around of pain and skill.

Ambrose sends Rollins and the ladder over. Kick to face by Seth brings his momentum back as the show works towards the outside. "We want tables" the crowd cheer. Well it's a Ladder Match!

Ambrose's knee was trapped in the ladder as Rollins uses a chair for extra measure. Ambrose has his comeback with a gripping chair throwing smash at Rollins at top turnbuckle climb. Rollins was painfully caught on the side rope by his precious danglyberries. Ouch. Ambrose smacked a jump up knockdown. Clothesline by Ambrose from the second turnbuckle rope was yet another stunning highlight from the two. Seth manages later to halt Ambrose once more. The pair were fighting down the entryway ramp at the bottom. Seth raced back to the ring as Ambrose looked like a comical wailing windy tree stumbling along to reach the ring again. It was funny and kept the selling. That's a positive yet again. Seth threw the ladder out to Ambrose but missed him as he came back with hard kicks and a reverse clothesline.

They took the action in the outside crowd making their way back to the ring around the arena. Seth sets the ladder as Ambrose charges over the SAP announce table to take down Rollins from nowhere. Yes, fans redeemed themselves. This bit was awesome.

Power bomb by Seth as Ambrose landed free and flipped Rollins over the rope which saw him land onto the ladder cracking in half, as well as Rollins back, no doubt. This was a tense moment and a thrilling perfected one too.

Ambrose looks to find and set a new ladder. Battling through the pain Ambrose steadies the tallest ladder available. He begins the climb. Rollins returns after a lengthy timeout to stop him. Ambrose reversed over. The pair were around the Spanish announce table once more. No day off this time. a hard clothesline over the SAP table followed.

Both make it on the table trying to get to the ring, exchanging fists. Rollins nails the Pedigree attempt only to be foiled by the Dirty Deeds on the table to Rollins! Greedy fans want it "one more time!"

Ambrose slithers to the ladder to scale the heights working his effective pain. Seth appears from the side from nowhere and batters Ambrose swiftly with a crushing TV monitor bash. Dean Ambrose and those TV screens, Eh?

Rollins climbs. Ambrose underneath grabs with a clutch around the leg but Seth kicks him off. Seth nails a Pedigree on the mat to Ambrose. Seth scrambles to the climb with a smirky smile at Ambrose lying on the ground, out of it. The title swings as Rollins tries to touch. Ambrose clutches Seth from behind again. Rollins tries to stop Ambrose who flips him outside. Rollins pulls Ambrose back out too and viciously throws Ambrose into the ladder side with a hard chink. Ambrose is then flung by a long running Powerbomb into the barricade beautifully. Rollins decides to add another for good measure on the other side as Ambrose gets battered again. Both were beautifully and professionally done.

Seth finds goodies from under the ring with a bundle of steel chairs. He lays them onto the ladder outside. Ambrose is launched for one more Powerbomb onto the devastating steel, crushing the challenger wonderfully.

Rollins pulls free the ladder and drops it on Ambrose, underneath. Rollins piles many more chairs atop to keep him down as Rollins tries once more to climb the ring ladder. Ambrose magically rises from the mess in a comical fashion which lost some of the magic created, to boost after Rollins. Ambrose gets a hand on the title as Rollins is in front of him. The title is unhooked as both are atop the ladder in a, now foreseeable, screwy finish. After both fall from the ladder with the title free, the announce team inform us that Seth Rollins was the one to successfully grip the title and remain the WWE World Heavyweight Champion over Dean Ambrose in yet another controversial finish that was meant to make a lone star of Rollins and a competent challenger in Ambrose. Oh dear. The match was stunning, the end, not so much.

Out comes Triple H to congratulate Seth. Can he never put his ego aside to be on television? On the replay, you could see Rollins successfully won the match and unhooked the gold over Ambrose, who was close. Though if WWE didn't have instant replay, as it claims to not ever use to make a decision, the show is awkward. How do you explain this one then? From the angle in the match, no-one but the announcer's view could see and even that part was not fully visible. Even if instant replay is used, it should be visible in the ending match decision, no?

Magical spritey announcer JoJo appeared at the Titantron to have a pointless, brief chat with Seth about his win. Seth said was the greatest champion of all time and no-one could hold a candle to him.

I remember one guy who said something similar when he was champ before Wrestlemania. I wonder if we will see any Beast's return soon?

PPV Rating - 2/10

Men/Women of their matches - Kofi Kingston, Nikki Bella, Big Show, John Cena, Darren Young, Seth Rollins

Man/Woman of the PPV - Sheamus

Could Triple H, a man who claims to be able to listen, learn and be mentored to wrestling knowledge to produce a product "Best for Business" keep his ego away from the show? No. Triple H decided to over-enhance the product once more with his damaging ego and failure to listen. Attempting to and continually enforcing ignorant choices on the Universe, with more to come from uploading pothole NXT, many are set to be underwhelming on the main stage.

Fans will have their little moment of thrill, at the hope of change, yet WWE uses the same technique which tries to manipulate simple fans. It needs them, but it mocks them, at the same time. Triple H's favourites and friends getting a call up, who are terrible workers and non-wrestlers based on weight look and being a lockeroom pal convolutes Triple H's supposed knowledge at making the product work. Even Vince McMahon had/has reservations of handing over the WWE Kingdom keys to Tripper. Triple H fails to listen.

For someone who is also meant to be a boss, their friendships go beyond the call of professional boss to worker relationship. An intimate bias and disgraced back room handshake deal undermines not only the business but its legitimacy as a future company hoping to create stronger, future foundations once Vince McMahon is no longer around. Hate Vince all you like, he knows what to do. Triple H currently looks like a one step above, wannabe Dixie Carter. How embarrassing. His TNA/Indie cast off's as the 'new best thing' are pitiful and juvenile at best.

This damages the product immensely. Triple H doesn't respond well to critics. He goes out on a rampage and wants to personally attack and hurt as an act of bitter revenge and will use the backdrop of the WWE empire to do so, at the same time ruining its credibility as a business. When Triple H was insanely pissed with CM Punk for talking the truth, HHH wanted to harm him on television. Well, imagine this, Triple H is upset with a negative critique on his own, lacking merits of business acumen. Yet what makes you think you are the only one and the one who is the be all and end all? Only when Triple H doesn't gt his own way he throws the toys out of the pram? Yet it was Triple H who went against the grain in the first pace despite warning signs of ignorance? To make the mistakes on purpose as a test and rebellious nature is not only childish, reckless and pathetic but mind-numbingly idiotic. You've already set yourself up for failure. These were your choices and you will face the scrutiny you have enforced. Why do you think your choices are able to surpass everyone else because you think that you are the one who controls the product because you simply 'married the bosses daughter' to get power? You need to watch yourself and tone down your ignorance. You were advised. You failed, Triple H is ultra jealous because even Max Waltham is a 'natural McMahon' when he wants to be. A surrogate that fits in perfectly where Triple H fails. Stephanie and Vince are on the money product wise. Triple H hates it but was given a empty pothole to run. Now he is so caught up in his own ego that he is going on a hiring spree of independent biased ignorant luvvies to turn into WWE stars. Ignorance will never create a star from the offset. Triple H has set WWE back another 5 years at least. That and his personal, upset ego with temper tantrum as a grown baby, is not best for business. Grow up. U Mad Bro? So you think your the only one who is allowed to be and get away with bias?

Seth Rollins proved he was the champ he needed to be, and the one WWE desperately need to be respected. The irony is that Seth had the universe's respect the entire time and that WWE's booking made him look less than impressive throughout. Minus John Cena and Randy Orton at the top of its WWE tree, WWE had Seth Rollins. Why it failed him so much is questionable. How they can make it up to him and the fans as a lengthier, compelling title run, is not only considerable but available.

Dean Ambrose gave his best yet as a credible challenger and superstar. Relying less on the comical, rope counter theatrics and skilled wrestling mixed with intrigue, Ambros excelled once more in the way fans still hold his candle of hope. His follow ups will be his struggling test, but if he rely's on less is more and delivers controlled lunatic performances than overdoing the fandom thrill, he could keep his place as a 'new contender on the sidelines to be earmarked at any opportunity' kind a guy. He must keep himself stable whilst building his repertoire in the mid card, while awaiting his heavyweight return. He's growing, as he should be.

What about Roman Reigns? The frontrunner to win and the traditional match that should send a shock decision, as mostly always pushed through, Reigns did not need this victory. Reigns needs to be built, and if he had won tonight, it would have been the end of his career for good. No-one would have respected the Royal Rumble re-start to boost a freebie to someone who fans feel has lost his deserving mark. So what's WWE's solution? Throw him to Bray Wyatt. Bray Wyatt is WWE's 'got no ideas at the moment' guy who is in a comfortable position. WWE have kept Wyatt as its man that when all superstars who should evolve fail, are sent to, in order to develop. WWE feel any interactions with Wyatt will boost the superstar in question failing to gain something, regardless of the outcome, even with a loss. Though WWE's manifestation of Max Waltham in Bray Wyatt has been distorted for their own mockery and not a true reflection of how to boost talent fully. WWE left Wyatt out of main PPV's and ideas for the last few months. It's hard being me.

So Reigns is bumped. His replacement? Randy Orton? Could do, but for now need a new mix. Fine. Dolph Zigger? HaHaHa! Sheamus? Some guy looking like he has genital herpes and has been completely under performing with no direction? Surely not. That leaves Neville and Kofi. Two little men booked to be high flyer spots only. Kane? He can play but been there, done that. Therefore, in this writers honest opinion, the best chance at a stable winner would be Randy Orton. Though the best overall winner of the night probably should have finally been Kofi Kingston. Yes, we're serious. Given the rest of the prize pool players, there was no-one else available. At least this would have given him his final chance and given a real opportunity to do something more than the joke in the corner jumping frog moment. Even if he lost the case further down the line, it would be win-win for Kofi. WWE, however, have no idea what to do with him. They've given up.

Nikki Bella really can't get a break. One minute she was leading lady, now she's second fiddle once again. Her programmes with Naomi months prior were fresh, breath taking and captivating viewing. Upon a Paige return, where Nikki must magically revert position again whilst losing all built up credibility, Nik looked foolish once more. Once again, she is simply a Bella Twin who is not respected for her growing chance at changing the record books with credible standing. She's now seen as a cheat, relying on sis Brie's interchanges and being Cena's squeeze. Paige's match quality has not improved and remains sloppy, inadequate and useless. The honeymoon period is over. She is Triple H's fandom choice, so she can get whatever she wants and dump Naomi and Nikki whenever she likes. 

Big Show proved to be the ever improving force working with a number of liabilities. Ryback was the tip of the iceberg tonight. The Goldberg, mechanically frustrated wannabe, with no qualities or future options was lost in the mix. His only opponent was Big Show. If this is all it takes, what hope is there for WWE? Big Show, however, must be careful not to fall back into sloppy standards and cheap motions with his fisting. However, we wouldn't blame him if he couldn't be bothered to work with Ryback after Big Show has really risen above to change his persona for the better as of late.

John Cena once again made himself become a changed man. While not exceptional, Cena has improved two PPV's in a row and forced to do something good with the liability that is Kevin Owens. Internet darling and Independent 'difference' to WWE's cookie chipper system Owens has proven to be the greatest embarrassment Triple H and WWE ever made. Everyone informed them of Owens' lacking credentials but HHH wouldn't listen. Now WWE looks as pathetic and weak as ever as a company. It also looks insanely clueless that is starting to make Dixie Carter's mess look approachable. Vince's WWE is truly going down the swanny, and never at a good rate. Owens had all the skills, everyone said, to transcend quality for the product. The result? He stands, waits for and calls instructions and cannot enact in good interactions. He is an utter mess and WWE will bear the consequence of Triple H's fandom manipulation favourability attempts with those who simply don't have it. Ignorant Owens has no place in WWE. Dump him asap and save company face. The longer it continues, the worse WWE will have for the next five year plan to recover from. 

WWE got something right, but the overshadowed event and idiotic booking in the first place did not heighten its title change assets. While Titus O'Neil and Darren Young deserve their chance and have earned it, WWE made it instantly forgettable. The booking of Xavier Woods as champion to defend even though Woods has no right to defend it (because it is not his) makes WWE look stupid. WWE rewrites its own rules, though forgets the basic of principals. Woods never won and is not, nor ever will be the champ. This ruins a star instead of helping them grow. For his own, Woods had been developing better in his New Day run. Again, WWE messed it up for him. Titus O'Neil is the dad of the Year and Darren Young is WWE's first ever celebrated gay WWE champion. Congrats to them. Now WWE needs to make them serious contenders than gimmick champions.

R-Truth is being left on the sidelines as jobbing filler. considering the options of the match two week's ago, Truth should have won the Intercontinental Championship. Disagree? Truth, while not the forefront of mega star in reputation, can be re-built, has colour, determination and skill to carry it. There has been more skill on show from him and others over WWE's proposed favourites like Barrett. He has shown us nothing, time in and time out. There was nothing good tonight except Truth. 

© Max Waltham 16th June 2015

All Rights Reserved 

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