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WWE's Tough Enough revival. Is it simply tough enough to stand the test of time?

WWE's Tough Enough revival

Is it simply tough enough to
stand the test of time?

WWE have re-launched it's much needed Tough Enough series to find the contrast of reality stars with new age wrestling personality. It is the perfect way to gauge personality while adding a level of realism to the star and its character definitions. However, with its additional make-up splashed all over, and the corporate gloss of WWE product, can it really stand as a long and new series of thrill? Or will it simply be something that could have been, marred by WWE's presentation of self?

Tough Enough has been off screens for a very long time and in the early 2000's was one of WWE's great, new ways of producing new talent and delve into their real personality among the persona's on television. At this point it found a strong and connective balance that made fans truly engaged in the developments and barely missed an episode. It had likeable and skilled people. 

Fast forward to the most recent era with the 2010's onward and WWE's old hat presentation was a new, cool product with a few extras added in. This soon became its downfall and the wannabee divas from a modelling agency and wrestling stars who had no charisma long term were awash with awkwardness.

He's a tad taller than you.
Matt Cross was the best option, hard working, skilled and decent mic skilled star among its batch. He made the finals with that Andy guy, the blonde, long-haired redneckish other. The judge was none other than the washed up, ignorant wife beater Stone Cold Steve Austin. WWE made the immortal mistake of giving Austin the choice to pick the winner. Oh dear. Austin, Naturally chose the redneck wannabe Andy, based on biased option of background than overall package WWE wanted, represented at that time in finalist Cross. Cross also, was quite small in size for WWE's standards and was a major concern. Yet he had all the transitional skills elsewhere. WWE snubbed all those for a cheap choice and hoped that Stone Cold's selection could manipulate the audience into favouring the hopeful named winner.

So what did Andy actually win? Well, he got called up to a promo spot on Raw, with none other than the almighty Vince McMahon and ignorant baldie Stone Cold. In this exchange, McMahon received a stunner in a heated exchange from the Tough Enough winner. The interaction was so poor and nondescript that McMahon was said to be livid after the skit. He ordered Andy get more training, which he did, in WWE's then developmental system away from main national television.

Andy was soon released within the year by WWE and did not appear for WWE on a regular basis. 

This year, in 2015, WWE have tried a different approach. After the ignorant baldie Stone Cold annoyed McMahon with his idiotic podcast questions (Yeah, Stone Cold is 'having a go' at all that Podcasting lark, 'cos everyone else is doing it to seem relevant) McMahon had him replaced rightly so.

Only McMahon's replacement call led WWE's idiotic booking committee to select a cluster of ignorance to the show. Ignorance in the stains of new host and any job for the money Chris Jericho took the lead. Ignorant, wasteful diva Paige also took up a main position. WWE decided to have numerous acts headline the programme. Ignorance now also includes the fall from grace and injured Daniel Bryan, as he has nothing to do now. Also joining the show is WWE legend Hulk Hogan. 

Lovely Legend Lita returns for judgement on WWE hopefuls.
Extraordinary, respected Women's wrestler and division definer Lita will also be a part of the judging process as will five time World Champion and everyone's favourite talker Booker T.  

Renee Young and Mr. Ass are also on hand to help out. 

So we know the basic's and the idea around it, but will it be the success WWE hope for. Apart from Lita, Booker and Renee the hosting of the show is as ignorant as it comes and adds no value to the style or stardom anyone can hope to have in WWE.

The choice to make it happen now, after other companies trying desperately to do some 'reality prize winning' shows looks rather juvenile and copycat. Since when did WWE need to resort to TNA standards? Re-launching is a good idea, but filling it with daft, fame hungry wannabes with no thrill to cast away each week with elimination isn't best applicable. The show, while could be used to gain some new, unknown talents capable of development, WWE are in danger of turning this good idea into a media farce and complete throwaway show. 

WWE have got nothing to do with lacking loser Ryback and somewhere on the horizon, The Miz. Both of Tough Enough fame, WWE will naturally use them to try and garner some interest in the show. Good luck with that. Both are fighting the Big Show at the next upcoming Pay Per View, Battleground for the cursed Intercontinental Championship. Ryback is currently the champion, only to plug the new Tough Enough series to try and get over. 

Keith Apicary's funny spoof audition of
backroom memorabilia surroundings.
Tough Enough will survive this new season as okay, to set up the next, but how WWE find some new stars, keep them interested and captivate fans with the prospect of a more current WWE remains to be seen. To them, this may just be another show. If WWE, however thought tougher on the series, it could really be a winner. This season however, with such ignorance, amateurish hopefuls and egotistical product values won't envisage a positive change for future and will become a letdown instead once the purple haze settles from its season's end.

The set looks a bit shabby, but the hype around it and the leading charge from the top down with McMahon adding it is "WWE's new baby" might give it feel and presence, but misses enough to fully commit to the acts on show.

It needs work. Ryback, ignorance or wannabe children won't save the WWE now, then or forever. 

Sadly, it does not look like this guy made it to the call ups. His name is Keith Apicary and his funny audition involves vintage 1990's SEGA arcade machines and cool pre-era Y-Fronts. Sadly it seems teaming up with John Morrison will do that for you. :o

You can check out his funny vid on our YouTube Channel, in Funny Vids section. Link here - Wrestling Wonders on YouTube

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