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GFW. The new age non-entity of wrestling promotion

Global Force Wrestling has launched. With it, the hopeful
prospect marred as a non-entity production 

After their announcement sometime over the last year, Jeff Jarrett’s new attempt at a wrestling federation was met by disengaged fans of the sport with promise. Now, one year on, after their very first show some two weeks ago, Jeff Jarrett’s promotional thing has slumped harder than TNA’s management directive. 

Over the year, Jarrett took a slow, steady and somewhat distilled approach to building his federation. That’s fine, something should not be rushed without severe thought as well as the fact a brand new company that delivers needs behind the scenes thought process. 

So Jarrett relied on his pals in the industry, ex-TNA stars and managerial friends, to give them a top job, unskilled, for their efforts. What was delivered was none other than a poorly stacked roster of handfuls of stars and a forgotten Pay Per View that screamed utter delusion. 

Mid-way through that year long process, Jarrett dropped everything after being offered a wasteful run in New Japan to battle ex-TNA top liner AJ Styles. Styles, who while on top with a World title to boot, has been more than underwhelming outside of TNA. While the offer may have been better at the time to dump TNA, Styles has not made any progress outside of the initial buzz as a free agent internationally.

After a tense year trying to build what Jarrett quietly promised would be a star studded roster with many in the industry keen to join him, he filled it with an ignorant ex-WWE steroid junkie, less than mid-card material, tag team jobbers and a paltry produced card that simply said below an ordinary show. He even secured the event in the backyard of a Baseball field, after a mjor game, to encourage productivity. Only a handful of people were scattered among the arena seats, worse than one of TNA’s PPV’s or House Shows and looked inanesly amateurish. It did not scream world wide or national contender as a new show, especially on its debut.

Many had already  mocked Jarrett’s ignorant promotion before it began. We didn’t. Though Jarrett began filling the show and its ‘affiliates’ as he began the final, hard push towards launching the event. Jarrett, who has stocked a few ‘all over the world’ national promotions he thinks are great as his friends to produce joint shows with free talent have been a somewhat ridiculous decision to  employ. 

Jarrett has already set his promotion as a nothing brand that has ‘anyone at any-point’ for a throwaway motion. Jarrett’s promotion simply is a non-entity.

Many fans have likened this to TNA version 2. They are wrong. This is TNA version 3. 

Since Jarrett left TNA on not so favourable terms being majoritaly bought out, he has simply picked up where he left off in TNA and has childishly attempted to relaunch a TNA on his own. The first TNA, when it did not have Dixie Carter involved as it has today, was not a roaring success either, it should be noted. This was under Jeff Jarrett’s managerial directive. TNA, to this very day, has not made a profit. It has been active for well over a decade. 

So why is this TNAv3? TNA is TNA. With the recent news that its broadcasting partner, Destination America secretly sidelined them with a safety option of hosting Ring of Honor too, Jarrett is TNAv3. While ROH is not under any level a TNA and desperately trying to seem like it can overtake TNA because of its idiotic slump as a promotion, Jarrett’s GFW is a pathetic third attempt wannabee.

Global Force Wrestling, whose logo looks like it was cheaply born in the 80’s and is not any level relevant today, looks to serve as a continuous embarrassment for years to come. Why waste so many efforts and fan hopes to produce this level of trash?

If fans wanted another TNA they would be watching the already losing attendance company. Fans are desperately looking for a wrestling alternative. One that is not TNA, or second rate promotion attempting. They want fresh, original options which also provide healthy competition to WWE. There is only one legitimate contender to which all companies snub, but think they can make it on their own ego. They fail to understand the direction needed and all make the same mistakes of pushing it forward. Hence there is nothing different about any of them and their insane ego’s convolute the product to which fans are not stupid enough to be manipulate on liking. Smark's they might be, but some fans are smart. Others are simply fans and even they are not cheaply encouraged to participate.

GFW is a public and ignorant embarrassment, scoring cheap people, old hat staff and terrible workers who should have been relevant 15 years ago. How is this current? It’s a joke. Though fans and industry experts are not laughing. At least not with you.

If Jarrett truly cared about the show and wanted to make it grow, hiring ex-UFC criminals and old hat TNA announcers with ex-WWE washed up ignorance, TNAv3 might have had a chance. Since now, Jarrett is producing a show from the point when he was let go by TNA and running the promotion as such. He is about four years behind already. He has also recently hired TNA’s terrible announcing loudmouth Don West. Yeah. That will make the company grow to new heights. 

For Jarrett, who is washed up with appearances and coming to the end of his professional career, is also ruining his respected insider knowledge as some guru or hero that knew what he is doing. He has exposed himself as yet another Dixie Carter and fans are realising that the pair of them where tarnishing TNA together. Jarrett needs to think, get in the game and remove all ignorance. If he thought about his hiring and promotional choices it could grow, yet Jarrett has set himself back a number of years. It is not capable of transmitting the image of a new, hopeful and outstanding wrestling production that has become flawed from the start. Some fans are already putting their own odds on how long it takes Jarrett to file for bankruptcy. Does Jarrett's company have a World title? Does it have adequate people to put it on? Would Jeff be the one to wear it? Does anyone truly care?

In short, the show is embarrassing, doomed and a pathetic non-entity born out of sheer idiocy.

Tonight, on Sunday 28th June, TNA produces its PPV Slammiversary. Jeff Jarrett has returned to the show, with an un-organised, free speech from TNA management as a 'surprise' entry. Also returning are the shabby likes of Vader and Matt Morgan. It does not scream now or never that TNA or GFW can grow beyond the point of self-defeat. As expected, the pair have colluded to pair up and use one another as talent exchange programs to do their own thing. Both fail to realise being unable to work together and separate with two new brands, both lacking on the TNA franchise old and new, make the pair a national and international laughing stock. It is again, a non-entity business. Jarrett, while bought out with majority stock, owns a fair proportion of TNA shares as an investor.

TNa decided to tape, yes tape its grand PPV. How embarrassing that they forget their own principals of what PPV is. Clueless. Then they leak the information almost a week beforre the show to get some interest from fans. Idiotic. This just exposed how sad TNA is to a) leak for attention and b) their lack of talent they think is going to encourage fans back, the one's who left because of this approach in the first place. You do not 'tape' PPV. Unprofessional.

Either way, the pair have entered new levels of embarrassment. Failure to work together to better the product, no matter how disagreeable the ideas, childish games of launching expensive companies like toy cash and failure to get the right people to help succeed their future, while relying on old, washed up names and company outlook with negativity cannot help the rocky road TNA, with its trailer hoisted pal GFW tagging along, travelling on. Where are the going and what is their goal? That's right, TNA don't know either. Hope for the best and see how long you can go before you run out of petrol. Good luck with that. 

Post Slammiversary

At time of writing, ignorant media blabbermouth Austin Aries' contract is set to expire past Slammiversary and won't be coming back to TNA. They have lost interest in the mini stuntman who has high levels of arrogance in the sport. He has issued plans to jump to GFW in a potential last chance opportunity to remain in the spotlight. He has failed to repent. Fans, too, are bored.

Ignorant ballbag Magnus is also planning to jump to GFW. If Jeff Jarrett had any sense he would dump losers that threaten his entire company growth. Dixie Carter should have dropped him to begin with, but failed. Look at her now. 

Oh, and TNA are inducting someone into its pathetic attempt at an 'Hall of Fame' wanabee thing. The inductee? Can you guess? It's Jeff Jarrett! Never saw that one coming.

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