Saturday, 21 January 2012

Zack Ryder no longer US Champion

Zack Ryder lost 
United States Championship

Evident Zack Ryder would be the first superstar of the three holding the gold at PPV, TLC (Punk, Bryan, Ryder) to drop, after Zack was attacked by the newly re-masked Kane, one week earlier.

First to fall...

The vast majority of the audience were surprised, perplexed and miffed. Max Waltham wasn't.

Though WW wrote previously that Ryder had more of a market as a champion than Henry and Big Show, whom were both in the World title farce, which was true (anyone can easily recognise that), Ryder, with heat backstage, as well as being classed as boring once the hype wears off, found himself fall to the new claimant of the US title.

Which is why WWE must propel newbies they make champion by giving them a powerful run. Not a gimmick run, as Ryder clearly had. That is the contrast. There are still the incoherents out there that believe that Santino Marella should be WWE/World champion. Inconceivable. 

No one could see it coming, which shows that WWE, even though their primary focus was to build Cena/Kane and show its power position to Ryder, may have rushed it, however subconsciously gave a chance to further talent. Once again, the audience feel duped and cheated out of their trust.

The new United States champion is currently the All American American (fitting, right?) Jack Swagger.

Swagger now has been given his chance, however is still seen as a chump due to the fact that he hasn't done anything for years since World title droppage. Max Waltham cannot support you anymore. A snub to Waltham you once did, is not the main focus for this. It is down to the primary fact, that the shelf life of Swagger has passed.

It is the likes of Swagger, Show and Henry whom should be propped up on Superstars, while some of the Supporting Superstars cast be reimbursed to Raw. (McGuillicutty and Riley mainly).

Need new tag teams even? Riley and Ryan, Kingston and Mc Guillicutty. Simple. Or just plain singles, which strengthens all positions overall for them. Throw in Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins and imagine the mix you have. Potentially exciting and explosive action for an audience to gain what they want.

Need some Ambos-ia?

Ryder lost his title whilst wearing the traditional 'bandages' as he was 'injured' thanks to Kane's assault (9th Jan 2012) one week before this one (16th Jan Raw). Eve, was in a car in the outside of the arena, screaming to Zack to repair the flat tyre so they could escape, once Kane's music and eerie lighting overshadowed the in ring arena once Eve was due to have a match. (Zack Ryder saved her and whisked her away, in haste).

Are You Serious?  'oe? 

Make sure you get Randy Orton in!

Kane later choke-slammed Ryder off a platform outside. (That's what happens when you run after Bimbo's).

Kane assaulted Ryder in his bid to get to John Cena. Cena, being credited as Zack Ryder's broski who helped him win the US title, in a program with Kane, has now cost Ryder his US title, in most minds. Damage control now needs its place. How? Present people with opportunities, surely I don't need to 'tell' the highest 'brain' of the wrestling entities everything, do I?

© Max Waltham 21st January 2012


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