Thursday, 19 January 2012

Evan Bourne suspended from WWE for 60 Days

Evan Bourne suspended from WWE for 60 Days
(and An Apology to Stephanie McMahon 
and Triple H)

Wrestling Wonders would like to formerly apologise to Steph and Tripper  for the previous article – Evan Bourne Divides Supreme Team  

Although it is not too far from certain practises, the majority of it was written for one sole purpose. After writing the article, as predicted, the internet, all elaborated, and stole parts of the piece.

It was all over the obvious sites and just proved the point once again how lame and foolish people truly are. All your information wasn’t correct and looked completely daft, pathetic and incoherent. So congrats for writing shabby pieces.

No stranger herself to ratting out leaks, we hope Mrs.Helmsley will understand.

Though Wrestling Wonders won’t apologize for being unconvential.

For it was actually Evan Bourne who committed cardinal sin of approaching Triple H about the matter personally backstage.

Though Bourne should not have attempted to challenge a power player who would not be willing to listen to little ol’ Ev, we commend him for being man enough to go and talk to people.

More of WWE’s performers are scared to do so, as it always ends abruptly, in which higher scaled employees believe it a cheek to be asked, yet dictate their position on the card before telling them “creative have nothing for you”. At least some guys are trying. Though it was curtains for Bourne with his second violation.

WWE, however do need to listen and consider, rather than brush them off solely for asking. If they come with strong issues or angles to develop their characters to invigorate the product, surely this should be considered? The future is very bleak at the moment, and there is no stand out aura or spark in any performers. Back in the days there were many in all divisions/areas that had their own persona and personality with a liking or loathing that created the sole purpose - wrestling enthused with entertainment.

This is a vital necessity, and can only be gained through co-operation.

Evan Bourne, suspended the first time -  Evan Bourne Suspended from WWE , kept his Unified Tag Team Championship (With Kofi Kingston), over the duration of the first suspended. Before his official announcement on the second on 17th January 2012, Bourne, with Kingston, had no choice but to drop the titles.

They dropped them at a house show on Sunday 15th Jan, which should have seen new champions Epico and Primo win on Raw instead to create possibilities. Primo and Epico are now viewed as unworthy, regardless of holding the straps currently, as they didn't win on air, which could and should have propelled them further. Its also fair to say Rosa Mendes has found her niche in the group, as valet/manager.

Kingston could also have possible lines of feud, whether picked up with them or not... We all know what Kingston needs to re invigorate himself. Just do it already, instead of ego towards Max Waltham's 'suggestion'. Max Waltham talks logic above all else.


© Max Waltham 19th January 2012

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