Monday, 25 April 2016

Joanie 'Chyna' Laurer passes away

Joanie 'Chyna' Laurer 
passes away 

It is with sadness that the wrestling community learns the loss of one of the most iconic and pioneering female wrestlers of all time, in WWE's Chyna, Joanie Laurer.

Laurer, 45, who passed way last week, was said to have been found unconscious at her home after days of no contact. It is believed her manager found her unconscious in her sleep after an accidental overdose.

Her passing was announced on Wednesday last week, but was believed to have happened a day or two earlier. 

The former WWF powerhouse was mixing prescription medication with alcohol and became confused of the pills and inadvertently caused an overdose. 

Despite having a number of issues with the WWE over her time with the company and its very public fallout, Chyna was not believed to be suicidal. The woman was simply troubled from the abuse and hounding of WWE and her ex partner Paul Levesque (Triple H) who was said to always hold bitter grudges against her with company chairman Vince McMahon. Insiders add Chyna was close to a reconciliation and a potential WWE Hall of Fame induction, long overdue fans agree.

Her manager confirmed Laurer had been "a little emotionally strained" after her push and pulling showmanship from WWE bigwigs adamant to make her life as difficult as possible from her time almost twenty years ago in the company. 

Chyna began her career in 1997, becoming a standout figure of monster stable D-Generation X, alongside later partner and ex, Triple H. Her most memorable moments include being the first ever female wrestler to win the Intercontinental Championship in a male dominated sport. She would hold the title twice in her illustrious career. She has also been a magnificent Women's Champion to stabilise and enforce a healthy female wrestling division among today's standards in WWE. She was also the first woman to buck the trend entered into the all male dominate, thirty man, Royal Rumble event.

Stars paid tributes to Chyna, including female champion Trish Stratus and public love rival Stephanie McMahon in an hour of dignity, to put the McMahon-Laurer hatred behind them. 

Max Waltham respects her accomplishments like no other and wishes her all the peace, which will no doubt continue to shine brightly in her legacy beyond. She truly is the Ninth Wonder of the World. May she finally rest in peace.


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