Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Kurt Angle's WWE Return and TNA's problems with old hat hires

Kurt Angle will return to 
WWE in September

Former WWE reject and current TNA superstar Kurt Angle made shockwaves over the last month by announcing he is returning to WWE soon.

Ex love interest Stephanie McMahon mentioned that it was not implausible. 

After being fired from WWE years ago due to being a mass liability, compulsive liar and untrustworthy worker due to his ailing body breaking down, Angle was released for health reasons. 

Defiant egotist Angle was distraught and sought solace in TNA, an inferior promotion trying to grow as competition to the WWE. For Dixie Carter and Co. this was a perfect time. Content with signing almost every reject WWE let go from that point on and making them TNA's heavyweight champions, Angle was overjoyed to remain relevant in wrestling. 

His mark on the company diminished shortly after. Two years alter Angle was becoming tired and boring to the public. Re-launching him numerous times, TNA kept Angle around for name worth only. Angle entered some decent matches and gave younger talent a chance to rise, but then TNA stopped all youth ascension. TNA became an old biddy's playground with old names like Sting, Kevin Nash, Ric Flair and others to dominate the product. Fans, wanting a new alternative to WWE that was just finding its footing, was placed back by another 4 - 5 years as a result. 

Unwilling to learn from their mistakes to this current day, TNA is now trying to focus a little on new stars, simply because, the old one's have left. TNA is starting from scratch and has no-one left to be its headline stars. With no headline names nor homegrown talent, the company is exhausted. Excavating its core minerals and leaving them to fizzle out on the surface has lost all their refined material. Now focused on money troubles and using its own heavyweight title and other gold as PR drives, the company devalues everything with its heritage. 

Constrained by the inefficient Dixie Carter, protected by her parents and father's energetic donations to keep her in the position of President, the Carter family political play is tarnishing everything they own. 

In 2013 Angle was named as the second Hall of Fame entry in TNA, a pathetic attempt at copying WWE and everyone else. The fan club of selected fandom by Dixie alone is seen as a ridiculous group which has no subjectivity. 

Angle first refused entry over late 2013 and then joined on the UK tour in early 2014 instead. He received a watch from Carter.

Angle, who is currently filming a movie role in Sharknando 2, believes he can make a WWE return. He also believes he is still a mega star at the top of the pecking order as well as with acting credits. Angle has been under watch of WWE since his joining of TNA. WWE rejected offers extended for Angle after constant media attention and criminal records with drink driving, lying in public about his health and law enforcement troubles and public break ups with females, including Rhaka Khan, whom claimed domestic violence from Angle, for beating her also. To this day the last statement was unproven but believed alleged steroid abuse was apparent.

Shamefully Angle even publicly butt smooched WWE in interviews and media outlets that he wanted to re-join WWE, another massive insult to Dixie Carter for giving him everything at the height of his failures. Though no-one can feel any level of remorse for Dix, who can't fight her way out of a paper bag. 

The big question here is, could WWE honestly re-hire Angle, an ageing performer unequipped to the likes of Hogan and Flair to WWE again?

As a compulsive liar, full of ego and obsessed with dangerous determination to prove he isn't getting old body wise is a catastrophe waiting to occur. How much will WWE suffer when Angle's broken body really 'pings' in the ring? For WWE, it should steer clear of the Bamboo Thicket bother. Does WWE really need Angle, of all people, to re-boost its attention? The answer is no. Fans are bored and have lost interest with him. They also can't seem to like him anymore. Therefore, nothing is available for Angle, the mass liability in every which way, who simply put, has had his day. Retirement is the only option Angle has. He should attempt to do it gracefully, too. 

©  Max Waltham 22nd April 2014

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