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wXw PPV: Live in Hamburg 2013

wXw Live in Hamburg 2013

Live from Hamburg, Germany wXw presented its event before a crowd of 575 attendees on Saturday 20th April 2013. Would it be a glorious show or a complete debacle of talent on the show?

Lethargic, substandard bore of Bones with his minimal involvement proved why the washed up tankard headed the PPV first. Bones pummelled Cash Money Erkan with a sidekick making a tedious battle and ruining the challenger.

Tag teamers Holding Keel (Keel Sasa & Michael Isotov) dropped the Wanderers (Jay Skillet & Jason Hendrix) with a shock with the ring bell added by Vijak from Keel to Skillet. There were dry moments from the ever lacklustre Skillet. Only Isotov and Hendrix proved to be headstrong wrestlers with beaming potential among two incapable talents.

Toby Blunt bested Robert Shield with a Swanton Bomb in one of the most interesting matches on the card despite being classed as inferior to other card hoggers.

Negligible, teensy, dreg Zack
Botching king Marty Scurll entered a dire level of exchanges against a mirrored non-entity in Tommy End, a rip off to PAC/Adrian Neville in what can only be described as an over-bearing stain of mistiming, inept transitions and blown spots in which both were absolutely devoid of any style. End defeated the obnoxious Scurll with a double foot stomp.

Zack Sabre Jr fought Kim Ray in the most pointless booking on the card which was a filler match no-one could gather interest in, highlighting an extreme level of infeasible dysfunction and boring battling that should have been omitted and cast into the trash can. It stank.

Talented Isotov (centre) with Dj Hyde and no-hoper Keel (right)
Six man tag followed with Hot and Spicy (Da Mack and Axel Dieter Jr) adding some colour and interest to the proceedings with Schenkenberg against the AUTsiders (Big Van Walter & Robert Dreissker) and Karsten Beck. Walter’s performance was the most notable in the match in which the lardy lummox bungled numerous chances and looked like a complete disaster marring the match for everyone else’s supportive attempts.

The unified world championship was conteseted in a two of three falls encounter from champion Axel Tischer beating Ivan Kiev proved to be bigger than a clucking disaster that proved Kiev was a complete liability as challenger and unequipped which ate into wXw’s credibility and mad a fool of Tischer again. Tischer won 2-1 with a Death Valley Bomb, Kiev retuned with a superplex and match finished with a rear naked choke drop.

wXw may just be one of the most defunct promotions in Germany. While they may claw on to natives fobbing them off with the option that Germany has a wrestling scene that houses a future for the fans, which is a derogatory illusion presented to dupe fans. Should you accept any promotion just because it is there, no matter how terrible it presents? wXw really let themselves down once again by making infeasible choices with obnoxious stars and sheer ‘looking glass’ idocy.

PPV Rating - 2/10

Men/Women of their matches – Michael Isotov, Toby Blunt, Tommy End, Kim Ray, Axel Tischer

Man/Woman of the PPV – Axel Tischer

©  Max Waltham 21st April 2013

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