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Should Rey Mysterio retire?

Would Rey Mysterio benefit 
from stepping down?

In early March 2013 the possibility of retirement was advised by WWE officials to Rey Mysterio over concerns of his health and injury issues.

With numerous runs for the star having the start/stop treatment, injury prone Mysterio may well have to consider the frustrating 'R' word any committed wrestler dreads hearing. He underwent knee surgery in 2006, and 2011, while maintaining a concussion in August 2012.

Sustaining so many injuries and his body at a possible breaking point with wear and tear, Mysterio, in Wrestling Wonders professional opinion, should take that valid advice to step away from the in-ring spotlight. There is no reason Mysterio cannot still be highly involved with the company in other areas either backstage, booking, training or PR excursions. WWE had always wanted to maintain Mysterio’s mask selling power and merchandise figures.

2013’s Wrestlemania had hoped for the smaller sized agile luchador to battle Sin Cara in a match to set a Guinness World record for the company by having fans in attendance wear the most masks in the arena whilst the match was carried out, which was shelved, as Mysterio and Cara suffered injuries in the build-up to the battle months prior. Rey won his second world title at TLC 2010. 

Mysterio has given all that he possibly can to the company in his 11 years of service come July. After winning the World title shortly after the untimely death of close friend Eddie Guerrero, due for another championship run, with minor respect for his title warranted only as scraps to a memory under a long level of company exploitation, Mysterio later followed up a second world title run at TLC 2010. 

WWE championship confusion

In 2011, Mysterio would participate in the farce of the WWE title confusion when CM Punk, as per storyline, left WWE with the title (still under contract) prompting Triple H as the C.O.O of WWE to introduce a second WWE championship whilst Punk still held the real WWE title. During the finals of a tournament The Miz Vs Rey was booked where Mysterio won the WWE title, until Mr.McMahon announced it wasn't legit in order to spearhead a John Cena victory and had him defend against Cena who predictably won to set up an 'undisputed' title match of the already undisputed WWE championship since unified by Chris Jericho in 2001. Technically, CM Punk was still WWE champion meaning Rey's title run doesn't count even though WWE will pencil this into their history books. 

Mysterio won’t be champion again at heavyweight standards and could have one last run as a tag or mid-level champion, though his stance would be limited and could bow out in a tag team reign which the division is crying for competition in. Perhaps Mysterio should take time out until November to recuperate and make minimal appearances in his upcoming return to boost his options and run until Wrestlemania and bow out gracefully.  

Mysterio made monumental contributions for WWE most synonymous with the Smackdown brand and putting Mexican wrestling on the map in the grand national promotion. Mysterio however became limited, typecast and lost relevance with the same routine from 2006 onwards which partly eats into his credibility and ability to maintain his momentum today despite his best efforts.

With a bruised and battered body from wrestling, would a life of pain and disinterest be any better? We would agree Rey should consider retirement within the next year or so should he wish to go out strongly and have a shining career to embody that choice. 

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