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Adrian Neville: Defying Gravity, soaring ambition

As a stronghold on the independent circuit and impressive to numerous viewers and industry experts with his innovative style, charisma and washboard abs, 26 year old Englishman, Benjamin Satterly, known as PAC, earned his accolades as “The Man That Gravity Forgot.” Swiftly signed by the Dragon Gate promotion in the United States from 2007, PAC instantly set the pace for wrestling’s new form of style and daring technique.
So unfair. Look at that thigh.
Before Dragon Gate pounced on the high flying aviator, PAC spent time from 2006 with Pro Wrestling Guerrilla battling the likes of AJ Styles, El Generico and Kevin Steen. While a fill in for Jack Evans in a tag team tournament with Roderick Strong after Evans had to pull out from Dragon Gate recalling him, Strong and PAC entered the PWG tournament over May 20th and 21st 2007 to win the tag titles in a career defining platform for the launching pad of PAC.

Both dropped those titles on July 29th in a 2 of 3 falls encounter with Steen and Generico in a pleasing portrayal that gave rise to all four stars, breezily facilitating PAC’s entry level to rising star for the business as a major player. PAC made brief appearances in 2011 and 2012 later on once more.

His big break came when he finally signed to WWE at its developmental territory NXT where Neville is honing his skills and WWE TV will be imminent within the next two years or less. Neville is scheduled to be called up within possible months or even a year's time due to his exceptional ability to mould instantly to the product and retain his zephyrl technique. Before signing, as PAC, Satterly finished up with a dazzling entry in the annual Best of Super Juniors tournament in New Japan Pro Wrestling proving his outstanding finesse and high flying attributes once more, also nabbing the Wrestling Wonders 2012 Kingfisher award.

Currently teaming with another Brit stud Oliver Grey, who has strong potential and appeal as a cutey and muscle bound hero of tag and midcard divisions, both received the NXT tag titles from a tournament in February 2013. They complement each other well.

Recently battling
Antonio Cesaro
 in NXT, 2013.
After battling everyone on the independents and with some of the best portrayals in wrestling adding a new dynamic to the spectrum, PAC had no need to remain on the Indy’s any longer. WWE finally remains to be Adrian Neville’s biggest challenge. It is one that should come naturally to Newcastle native who will be one of WWE’s highest flyers in every sense of the word up the card for a bright future in the business as its stronghold for tag, midcard and even upper echelons in time, so long as WWE present him strongly and keep him above contention levels instead of looking feeble in places. With a sheltered audience unknown to him, the possibilities to amaze are mind-blowing in unison with a meshed WWE format to present bulked muscle in accordance. 

With 0% body fat in unison this dazzling hunk, makes WWE's mainstream for the future an extremely interesting prospect in all areas. 

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