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Jeff Jarrett leaves TNA

Wrestling's Guitar Hero 
resigns from TNA

TNA founder Jeff Jarrett has sensationally resigned from Impact Wrestling on December 22nd 2013. The former NWA World Heavyweight and WWE Intercontinental champion, who launched the company with father Jerry Jarrett in 2002, confirmed the details via Twitter. "On December 22nd, 2013 I officially resigned from TNA Entertainment. Thanks to everyone involved for all the fantastic memories! #grateful."

No further details were added as to why the former creator of TNA chose to leave. Jarrett had been re-assigned to working for Ra Ka King, TNA's sister promotion in India. Jarrett was rehired for the shifted overseas role to help hapless Dixie Carter after engaging in a backstage relationship with Kurt Angle's recently separated wife Karen. The pair married in August 2010.
TNA President Dixie Carter spoke on December 23rd of Jarrett's resignation.

Controlling Carter.
"TNA Entertainment, LLC announced today that it has accepted Mr. Jeff Jarrett's resignation from the company effective January 6th 2014. Dixie Carter, President, comment 'On behalf of TNA, we would like to thank Jeff for his contributions to the Company. We wish him the very best and look forward to his continued participation as an investor in TNA Wrestling."

Jarrett may also have been upset with TNA's direction under clueless Carter, who publically denied considering selling off TNA, which leaked online. Key figures in the pro wrestling business expressed an interest in purchasing TNA ranging from Jake Roberts and Max Waltham. TNA have been accused of holding secret discussions with the lead singer of rock band the Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Corgan, who already owns an independent wrestling company.

Frontrunner for possible TNA purchase.
Carter is said to be very stubborn and neglectful in potential buyers she could eventually sell to, as well as booking product. Jarrett has reportedly been unhappy backstage with the current direction of his 'baby.' Fans feel this is the final straw which will break TNA's back and claim the company is finished as a national threat to the WWE. TNA re-re-branded its name to TNA Entertainment, something fans failed to recognise it as after earlier calling it Impact wrestling.

Carter and her executive Vice President of licensing, Andy Barton believed they had 'conquered' overseas television by amounting stable viewing figures compared to WWE in the United Kingdom, among others.

Barton added -

"Let me give you a global perspective; we at TNA play the long ball and this strategy relates to the entire world. If we look at the UK market - we have pushed ahead of WWE there and our show is watched more in comparison to WWE week in, week out. Ditto for Germany. In the US of course, it's going to be tough to carve a space when there is already such an old and established brand and the same is with India.

Such movements don't generally work for everyone, but if you take a look at our wrestlers compared to WWE, we are more on the road than them."

The above bragging statement has lead fans to believe TNA is just as much a mark as it presents itself on air with programming making such ludicrous comments.

WWE is broadcast on Sky Sports, a subscription package for Sky television, which makes a profit. TNA airs on free digital channel Challenge, a channel which repeats old TV gameshows, which has been in its troubled seventh rebrand since May 20th 2002, totalling 13 years.

TNA talk backstage is to the belief that "TNA is bigger than just one man" regarding Jarrett's departure as a blasé throwaway release, inside sources claim. Fans have rallied to the understanding TNA has a huge ego that is affecting the product, stars growth, career prospects and that of falling into a bottomless pit. Carter's delusion of doing an excellent job running TNA has left fans fuming at Carter and TNA executive's insane egotistical ideology.

As the integral cog in TNA's wheel to keep it functioning fluently, TNA fails to realise Jarrett is one of the strongest glues that binds TNA together. TNA is a crumbling mess that has no relevance and is simply a throwaway catastrophe that many wish to bail on or avoid signing with to protect their careers. Those remaining have nowhere else to go.  

Jarrett, now a free agent, was praised by numerous wrestlers including Velvet Sky, Angelina Love, Samoa Joe, Eric Young, Matt Morgan and Zema Ion.

There were plans to have Jarrett return to TNA television throughout January. A handful of conspiracy theorist fans have doubted the sincerity and are hoping the statement is not a work for publicity.

TNA's attempts to capture pockets of the internet for favourable publicity is proving TNA are simply clueless and aiming to grab anything that is relevant. Yet, they fail to realise the biggest availability is right in front of them. Running around for pointless parts of the online world is useless and irrelevant when the one who can make or help you is ignored through stubborn attitude to reach out. The end result is your product closes its doors, not mine. How long you take, and the action of who and how you press forward with, are what burn you from those that could save you. 

©  Max Waltham 29th December 2013

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