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Why Curtis Axel is Wrestling Royalty fit for crowning at Royal Rumble

Why Curtis Axel is Wrestling Royalty fit for
crowning at Royal Rumble

Curtis Axel's approval ratings drastically improved after the shock mismanagement of the 2015 Royal Rumble match, not even making it to the themed battle royal as one of thirty men viewing for the top prize as WWE Championship challenger at Wrestlemania.

Axel was never given his chance, though in reality WWE never considered him. So loose was the booking choice as is often the case in WWE today, Axel's non-elimination was treated with further neglect. With an outpour of fans, critics and Axel working the angle to a believable course WWE would naturally take if it was someone like John Cena, WWE cheaply tossed Axel over the top rope on the following Raw episode with pure distaste. WWE felt this was a clear message to all those harping on about Axel's injustice.

WWE felt they dealt with it and it was over with. In reality, fans still fail to respect the choice and it has contributed to the last years drastic downturn in ratings. Fans know WWE is not going to improve and its creative team and management style have now failed them with personal choices that fail to gain the WWE Universe's imagination or to simply make wrestling competitive or entertaining. Too much egotistical pride is on the line and WWE audiences see it more than WWE themselves can. It has literally turned fans off knowing every week the hope Stephanie McMahon belittled them for on television is true. Nothing will change in their wasted Monday night lives. Classy was the choice for WWE to turn on its fans once more. Fans are disrespected and will certainly continue to bail on WWE. When there are no ratings necessities, no good programming and bosses who believe the fans are worthless, what incentive is there to stay?

Looking good as then IC champ.
With such a red hot angle, all its main stars out of action and no adequate incoming superstars to hire from overseas, WWE has only one option left. Wrestling royalty personified, Curtis Axel, in his element, deserves to be crowned at Royal Rumble. The landscape for WWE would change, launch a new star who is more than capable in many workable respects and can turn an angle into entertainment for the crowds. He just needs strong and consistent booking faith.

WWE will likely go with Roman Reigns or Brock Lesnar. Both are tired, outdated and green. Both have limited moves and terrible on the microphone at promos. Neither are an adequate fit for WWE but WWE need to enlighten themselves with its own misguided faith that big looking muscle men will be the future of WWE. In theory, sometimes, but in essence a mix stabilise the scene more so. It is time for fans who want someone like Curtis Axel to rise the ranks when his time is red hot right now. Please, however, avoid all hats and bandana's/beanies. They look stupid when WWE does it and ruins his potential.In moderation, perhaps, with creative direction, not mismanaged lunacy. 

Should WWE fail this once more, fans will likely part was either in ratings or hope. They will not stick around forever to be dismissed, disrespected and told their lives are meaningless for tuning in every week. Fans are finding new alternatives, even outside of wrestling.

Curtis Axel is the only, real bankable choice. This is his moment, has two entries that should guarantee him a victory and dethrone the boring, obvious choices with a fresh, new and developing take on 2016 that encapsulates fans. Though WWE don't do things for the fans. Wrestling royalty would finally be cemented and maintain a main event level playing field in a new, achieving alternative WWE and its fans are desperately looking for. Axel is the only real choice. Isn't it such a shame that these issues never even cross WWE's mind, let alone that they are too stubborn to envisage a future because Max Waltham can always deliver the goods they so painfully loathe? That's not best for business. Mail me.

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