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Ethan Carter III is new TNA World Champion. Is it too late, though?

Ethan Carter III wins TNA world title, 
but is it too late for legitimate impact?

After the underwhelmingly taped Pay Per View, Slammiversary, making headlines for all the wrong reasons, only weeks ago, exposing TNA’s management and staff as abusive, Ethan Carter III made better notice for the struggling brand.

After being in a pathetic tag team where Carter was the only stand out force and holding as much for the pitiful bout of useless folk together, did the unthinkable and won the TNA World Heavyweight Championship on the following episode of Impact

Carter won the gold from a, once again, broken Kurt Angle. Ignorant Angle, with yet another injury, was being given considerable time off while holding the title by TNA, many noted as idiotic. TNA finally decided to act and have him lose it, to none other than Carter III. 

TNA, who had neglected Carter nee Bateman for over the past year on-going, they finally realised where their money might be at. After strong recommendations by Wrestling Wonders, and constantly dismissed naively, Dixie Carter and her struggling company finally realised. After mentioning it in our Slammiversary review, that TNA’s options for heavyweight success could rest comfortably on Carter III or Jessie Godderz’s shoulders, Dix and Co. finally conceded. 

Now, Carter III is champion. Though is it too late and lacking true momentum? Yes. TNA rushed Carter into the title win off Angle, on a weak episode of Impact rather than its grand PPV just past, and made a further embarrassment to itself and the star. Billed as the over the top jerk rather than a fine crafted dishonourable man, even when TNA gives its fans what it wants, it still cannot comprehend how to do it right or effectively. It was a throwaway win that achieved nothing. 

Carter III even used some unsavoury language in his title win and even spoke to WWE friend and company rival Seth Rollins on Twitter. What, exactly is going on here? WWE and TNA chatting yet the company pairs hate one another? Imbecilic and awkward of a champion in either company. Even the wrestlers need to learn a level of dignity and respect. You cannot be so complacent and public, especially if you are the front of house for your top company. 

Many fans, however believe that this decision from TNA was simply one of desperation. Angle, injured, needed to be dropped as champ. Carter was available and getting some good reviews so TNA swooped. The problem TNA have is that there is no class, skill or landscape involved in making it successful. TNA think it’s a game of ‘get in first’ and make it happen quick. Only fools rush in. It also exposes once again the juvenile side of TNA.

Fans suggest Carter III’s win, is simply in place because Dixie Carter is making a televised return to TNA. At a time when fans have such inane disdain for Dix to Ditzy Carter’s running of TNA as a failure in their minds, Dix is “comin’ back darlin’.” Oh dear. Let’s hope the viewing figures justify that. Dixie, herself, must be prepared for her mental breakdown at not being ‘liked’ with good praise. If you want good reviews, do something good. It’s very simple. Can Dixie Carter separate her ego from the self-destruction of TNA? Who knows? However it is up to Dixie to get smart, fix her company and put the attitude aside. If all else fails, I'm simply one email away. How much is your pride to your pitfall? Don’t leave it too late, at the point of no return, darlin’. TNA only recently after Slammiversary after Wednesday’s broadcast of Impact announced they had hired an ex-MTV producer to the product to help fix it. That man is classed by fans as “the man who ruined MTV” to its current day from what it used to be. So what will be the next plan? All the Jersey Shore style TV wannabe crap? Even fans have questioned his job role adding “Does he even know anything about wrestling?” 

After going from a cheap and stupid EC3 brand that screamed stupidity, which TNA still hope to be proud of (the Titantron looks pathetic of a three year old) TNA adopted the III than 3 from yours truly. So, for so much hate towards such clever experience, TNA may hate, but prove they desperately look towards, even though they hate and resent it. Be mature and you just might win. Though you can never win your goal if you dismiss the origins that will boost productivity. Think fast, get smart. Leave the ego at the door and grow up. Or throw away a company, desperately needing stable support than throwaway fandom. 

For Carter III he needs to regain finesse, stop the over jerkish caricature on-screen and value the title once more. It looked promising but will now be a level of joint work from backstage work and Carter on programming. Carter is sexy, skilled and young. All the reasons that fans want and should have to succeed in Wrestling's disastrously lacking new age in all companies today. Carter and Godderz are the best options available, but how much of TNA will ruin them? If all parties can truly think of how to better themselves than overdo the idiocy of a cheap idea thought up at the click of a fingers that is so ridiculous, then that could truly ruin Carter's future, TNA's potential to survive and the title becoming completely worthless as a result. It's now firmly resting on Dixie Carter's shoulders, rather than Ethan the Third. 

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