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Bitter abuser Stone Cold blocks Roddy Piper's podcast

Washed up star Steve Austin gets Piper's 
'personal' podcast on him taken down

In the wrestling world, more often than not, some of its stars will naturally fall out. The most recent beef between two stars is that of WWE legend ‘Rowdy’ Roddy Piper and former attitude star Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The pair, who have starting doing the whole ‘podcasting thing’ (don’t get me started) now it is believed that Stone Cold has led to Roddy Piper’s stepping down from his podcasting duties. Piper, whose podcast’s were informative, light-hearted, witty and cool were snapped down by wife beating WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold after he could not laugh at a joke Piper made on one of his shows.

Hate spinner Austin, on the Triple H edition
 of his podcast, then for WWE
Austin was said to be so outrageously strung in his own ego that he demanded Piper remove the episode and lead to a strict reprimanding warning from his bosses, who host the podcast shows. Austin, who has upset WWE with his negative attitude and ignorant behaviour on the wrestling scene, decided to attack Piper’s successful shows. It should be noted that Stone Cold’s casts have often been mundane, boring and egotistical. Months ago he was replaced by another equally ignorant money seeker in Chris Jericho, now injured, for asking Triple H about inducting Chyna into the WWE Hall of Fame, and the domestic abuse accusations from her to Hunter. WWE were clearly not best pleased.

Austin, who went too far, knocked Piper who made a light-hearted joke about Austin, a public figure up for scrutiny with all other WWE stars, past and present, which involved his walkouts from WWE. Austin walked out on WWE and its fans twice after Wrestlemania and the night after, as revealed in a WWE documentary. 

Domestic abuser Austin could not take the joke, which was fairly light in context as fans note Austin really is 'jumped up' being unable to “take a joke” when it suits him, or not. Austin has also been heavily campaigning to wangle a WWE Wrestlemania 32 match, which is outdated, boring and has no value, just like when fans screamed for Sting. Look how that turned out. WWE are bigger than that. Ignorance has no value to WWE, only decline. They, like any other company, should deter from it and remove all communication or involvement with it, including a cleansing of NXT losers harbouring such distaste. Many believe Austin copied Piper to get some attention and keep his egotistical charcter going for a final match he constantly tries to mediate through the media to WWE. Get the message, WWE and the fans are not, truly, interested. There is no mileage in a washed up, quitting, domestic abuser. Walk on.

Austin said his reasoning for disliking the show was this –

"some business of a personal nature that I didn't care to have floating around there being downloaded in cyberspace, so I had it removed from rotation." 

Though in claims to get Piper fired, Austin, ever the politician, said –

“couldn't be farther from the truth."

After Austin caused Piper’s show to be pulled, after comedian Will Sasso impersonated Austin on Piper’s show after Wrestlemania in April, Piper revealed Sasso was threatened to be fired. Sasso also impersonated others, including Hulk Hogan and Randy Savage. Piper added Austin’s whole career was based on three words only, being the ever tedious “What?” phrase and “Hell Yeah!” which is true. Austin, whose ego burst through the roof, did not like facing the truth and chose to be bitter in something that was independently produced by a known comedian, as a level of entertainment show, which has been long associated with Piper’s excellent podcasts.

As with the case of Podcast One, the hosts, it shows biased favouritism for their fandom of Stone Cold to instantly threaten a sacking of its content producers. It also has no ground to sack them as there is no justification based on ‘didn’t like what you said’ when it is truthful, clearly stated as opinion and publicly well sourced as data. If anything, Podcast One is entirely negligent and should have its leading issuer of threatening behaviour sacked. 

As for Austin, the ever ignorant, money-grabbing, wife beating, quitter, not only does he need to grow up, he needs to shut up. A vile, disgraceful game player trying to boost his own reputation for another pay check, jealous of being a washed up past star, WWE has-been, with a foul mouth and attitude, has exposed himself for what he truly is. Vile. The venomous bile that seeps from Austin’s persona is not any one character based but actually proof of his own, distorted reality, to attack others for his own mistakes. That, in life, is what is known as a grade A failure. Grow up. Leave them alone, do your own thing and get lost. Simple.  

Whether you like what is out there or not is not up to you. A typical case of a man believing because they were once a ‘big’ star, they have the right to post only the good things they want. Austin, who continues to post all his own egotistical bits and bobs for his own loving, hopes to manipulate fans online with selective content. 

What wrestlers fail to forget in their own hype, is that they are public figures just as much as Hollywood, celebrities and entertainment people and therefore are up for public scrutiny. You cannot pick and choose what is up or not because you dislike the truth involved around an entertaining angle. Did time away working with Vince McMahon make you forget this? You were more than fine when Vince asked you to ‘push some envelopes’ were you not?

One of wrestling's greatest talkers, Roddy Piper
Double standards on the truth have no place in wrestling ego. Move with the times or simply remove yourself from the internet, to which Austin, has put himself firmly into, by his own choice, based on his previous work as a ex-WWE superstar and a current infestation with his podcasting content. 

After all the hubbub, Piper, having a conversation with Podcast One’s boss, who told Piper he was to be fired, but the boss changed his mind, while vetoing any content on Austin, led Piper to resign. Piper felt the show was being censored over mild portions of content which had a relevant place on the show and was over-heightened in hypocrisy. 

Piper will continue to podcast his shows elsewhere, to which the fans fully support for its creative content than bitter attitude of personal venom. The pair used the same Podcasting platform, which many believe Austin wanted full control over. Charming. 

Piper parted the podcast drama with this final, perfect, summing up comment addressing the issue.

“I didn't lie about anything, and my heart's in the right place in my life, and I've got my family on my side."

No egotistical star in wrestling, it seems, can ever, truly, accept the truth. It may be more comfortable to recede within the shell in which was created for the stars, who cannot take the heat in the kitchen. Juvenile. Don't like the truth? Not my problem, or anyone else's. These were your own actions, not anyone else's. Take responsibility and realise that content you created is out there by your actions. Fans have the right to address it and censoring anything you created but dislike is your mistake, not anyone else's. The fact this has to be explained to people is in itself tedious and pitiful. 

Only earlier today (15th July) Piper was given a letter to stop all podcasting duties due to stone Cold's 'feelings' being upset. Piper's recent tweet reads -

-Roddy Piper, Twitter

This displays that Podcast one are not only immoral but way over their heads in delusion. they cannot stop Piper doing Podcasts, as they are a public service which can be created at the decision of its producer, the content maker. If Podcast One actually believe they can stop people podcasting that is ludicrous and trying to hide behind the law as an excuse is pitiful. It cannot use that as a choice and is therefore also liable for using the law in the wrong conxtext's to threaten another. They cannot stop a public service being used. Only in their name as an associated brand. 

Talk about deluded, egotistical abuse for favouring vile fan favourites. Piper has done nothing wrong and is not in the wrong for doing such and should continue Podcasting elsewhere. Empty threats are also liable when misuse of legislation is incurred. Podcast One, trying to be clever, are pushing themselves deeper into a bottomless pit. They have no right to attempt to blackmail with abuse of their favouritism to a bitter ex-WWE superstar who won't take responsibility to their feelings. No company is allowed to serve any sort of notice to any employee because it 'upsets someone's feelings' who is un-associated with the product on offer. 

So much for the constituion of America which claims Censorship on Freedom of Expression is wrong. Someone is clearly trying to fiddle with America's laws through a podcast. Seriously. Obama might not be acceptable everywhere, but since when did a jumped up, ex thug of WWE and a Podcast set of fanboys think they ruled America? Shameful.

If anything, the Podcast fanboys should be reprimanded for trying to misuse the American legal system, turning it into a farce, and mistakenly using it as a tool of attack, than respect the democratic foundation it was set up to govern America stably. 

© Max Waltham 15th July 2015
All Rights Reserved

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