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Vince McMahon/Internet response, & RAW Roulette (27th June 2011)

We hear the same old talk everyday about how Vince McMahon doesn’t listen to the online ‘wrestling community’. And for good reason – the majority are as thick as ….! They can’t all be like me. Watching the product, then formulating ideas from your own thoughts via your brain and making constructive unbiased opinions.

This is why I have one and you don't..

I’m not, but if I ran a promotion I would listen to the buzz and decide my own way forward which embraces parts of the internet mouths. McMahon doesn’t necessarily do this. Point taken.

However, the majority of internet ‘speak’ is opinionated bull that they want to create in you favouring their favourite stars – like the ‘marks’ or ‘trolls’ of the net. John Cena is the best! Or John Morrison should be WWE champion. Can you blame him?

So, is Vince McMahon a MARK-IST then? J Or does he like to get trollied?

If the internet voice stopped writing the wrong things and cohesively focused on the right or necessary points to consider that benefits the characters, product output and commercial intake via consumption in a capitalist market, WWE would probably prick their ears up. (Hopefully this has been the case on Wrestling Wonders :p) One of the worst places is that god awful Bleacher Report – where any random person can blab a load of turd about nothing and be called a ‘writer’ – bloody disgrace!

You ruin the writer’s name, journalism and the wrestling biz. Stand up for yourselves before WWE, because your forming a load of tosh!

Stop moaning that WWE won’t consider your points because if you say an unrealistic man should be champion or someone is ‘epic’ due to that you like them and not based on their credentials, you yourself have nothing to speak of, and deserve to be placed in the trash can.

Ooh Hardcore!

I don’t have Vinnie’s back, but I don’t have his front either. He has done a lot to pee me off in recent months, those from WMania 27 have been strategically tough. Kelly Kelly defecating on the Women’s division, John Cena being John Cena, same old feuds gaining no new exposure – Kingston/Ziggler, Swagger/Bourne etc. And pairings of Big Show/Kane and unrealistic intentions to elevate new stars, though Alex Riley is the best thing they have pushed forward. Now you have to keep plugging it forward.
WooWooWoo - i'm not on it (well, I make the picture credits..)

Though last weeks RAW Roulette! Was the best RAW of the year. So thank you for that, it wasn’t just down to Punk and his ever incredible promo, (maybe he was gunna talk for me? Just as he mentioned the bullying campaign façade – he was cut off…) Evan Bourne – I have a good word to say for you sweetie!

I was very pleased and slightly, impressed. Slightly I said, because it wasn’t too fluid. Cara had a lot of moves and was good. Bourne had the stop start attitude and when both played it out it transpired as Cara being superb over Bourne – whom was meant to be his equal. Nevertheless, despite the slow gaps in between the match, it was regarded as one of the best on RAW for a while. And then we were spoiled. We had even more better matches. Kofi beating Dolph in a non title, Vickie banned from ringside match, Jack Swagger & The Miz losing to Alex Riley & Rey Mysterio – which then became the best stand out match from ALL 4 competitors! No one lost in this tornado tag match.
Ex-cuseeeeeeee me!! BANNED Guerrero!

Jack Swagger - lovely open shot, Thank You! and Riley got some thighs...

Del Rio played in a steel cage for the very first time – RAW roulette always produces a Cage match, which is great to see, but in PG WWE it is downplayed and therefore not very effective as it once used to be. Against Big Show of course, it was however, still very enjoyable, despite the horrible players involved. Mark Henry came along to cost Show the match and Del Rio scurried out of the cage door after Henry, the World’s strongest man, ripped the door off it’s hinges with his bare hands – which looked believable for 21st century WWE standards, and smashed Big Show through the Cage from INSIDE breaking a wall and Big Show out of it. (After Del Rio ran free).

Bit rough round the edges...

There was one bad point, as predicted, but alas it came. Nikki Bella, trying to do something well, was marred by her opponent Kelly Kelly. Apparently a champion, Kelly won this submission match – predicted and pointless, by using a walls of Jericho esq Boston Crab – standing, by the way, for a victory. This was her ONLY move she did in this ‘match’ A champion should not look weak from the start , let alone only win on the finishing move. This is my point – a complete mockery and disgrace to it all. She will never be able to become a great champion. Let alone A champion. She was weak from the offset and it simply isn’t believable – and no matter how much you try to make her, it wont happen. So ditch it from her and take things seriously, because no one else does. A championship should never be a toy or statistic. Money In The Bank 2011 – 2 options. 1) Drop the title to Brie or Nikki (and change it back to WOMEN’S as it still is) 2) Have Beth Phoenix come out and turn heel on Kelly to lose the title. The Bellas can feud with Phoenix should they win, or, Kelly can feud with Beth while Bella’s tackle Melina who could be turned or shock, Gail Kim even.

KK defecating on Women's division's everywhere..

Nikki gave it a go..

Punk had a match to begin with at the start of the show (with Kane), after he interrupted HBK. Michaels, gave the sweet chin music to everyone’s delight, to David Otunga, purposely sending Punk the message that it could have been him, but Shawn Michaels chose not to. After finishing promo, HBK sent one to Mr Perfect Jr, Mikey Mc gorgeous. Again, it could’ve been Punk but was now left nex-less. Later Punk ran in to R Truth and Cena’s Table match where Cena inadvertently was positioned by the table chasing Punk to which Truth speared him into.
Ryan - Injured, make mine a (Mikey) Mc Gorgeous

Punk then begins his verbal onslaught of his views towards WWE. Definitely belongs with me after this promo I tell ya! Under fire – McMahon himself, the “idiotic daughter” and husband in tow, Talent relations dept upholder Johnny Ace, bleeding the world dry for just money and not wrestling, Colt Cabana, and where the WWE title will be defended if not dumped in a trash can perhaps? The Rock as Dwayne got a notable mention and Paul Heyman too. Brock Lesnar added in, and a Cena – Hogan butt kissing for money only response. Moving on to the bullying campaign, RAW ended.
Returned to the Universe

Not forgetting that Shawn Michaels returned for the show as guest host, was an added incentive to watch, still honouring his retirement (for now). HBK also superkicked Drew McIntyre after informing us that he was the future WWE needed to embrace. Hopefully that tells us that McI is off for a while..

Could Vince McMahon give Punk “One more match” and become new WWE Champion to boot Punk out for good? Many possible scenarios were opened in this shoot angle, which is another welcome highlight as to this RAW’s epic success. That’s how RAW should be played out almost every week.

Well done to WWE for this edition of RAW! The best so far, I'm aware not every RAW is going to be outstanding, just maintain the implemented change of - for the better whatever the situation/developments.

© Max Waltham, 1st July 2011

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