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WWE RAW's 3 hour power to the people Review

WWE’s latest and interesting offerings from the 3 hour Power To the - rip off John Lennon - People, were, text your answers in so we can make money off of it – more fool you.

Cyber Monday was a rather interesting revelation. CM held Raw to ransom by making snow angles in the ring until he was heard in regards to his wrestling future. Mocking and repeating Cole’s scripted shortcomings – to which a massive piece of paper to read from was displayed, had the Anonymous GM reveal Punks spot for the show later tonight.

You can lie on the floor next to me and make snow angels. The CM Punk snow angles fitness DVD, coming to all retail outlets near you soon! CM – Charlie’s (Punks) angel is Max Waltham?  J

Oh dear... It started so credible…

It’s only right that Max Waltham express his view that will make him go NUCLEAR! And you know exactly what’s going to light the touch paper.

Kelly Kelly! WWE or him as its known placed the Divas/Women’s Title on Bimbo Bimbo for the very first time. WWE officially announced that all of it’s Women & Divas were rendered obsolete and shouldn’t have a care in the world about the title because it is now officially worthless. Vince McMahon just shat right on Fabulous Moolah from the greatest height. You are a disgrace! And I will tell you because no one else will. It was the wrong decision. No one can aspire to the title now, as Kelly, who had groundbreaking matches with Layla on ECW (the rebirth) to which she was in tears of her own disgraceful ‘performance’, cannot even claim the title on reputation. She did barely nothing, never even touches the Rikishi/Torrie Wilson stinkface on her opponent – utterly shambolic, and bungles every move. Even Lou Thesz would not be impressed by this disgust. Women’s Wrestling can be one of the biggest draws WWE has to offer. However, it will not offer anything constructive when some tart holds the title who cannot wrestle in skimpy outfits or even ‘entertain’ neither. To save this at the ‘crisis point’ you need to take the title off of Kelly asap and not give it back to her
until she is credible – which will be never. most likely. Failure to do so out of foolish pride will cost everything around it.

As Kelly Kelly won the title, (Michael Cole inadvertently informed us she would win, or was it Michael Cole? Hmmm) therefore writing the history books as – Brie Bella – the last ever Women’s Champion in WWE history.

The Women’s division is officially dead.

Here is Kelly's Best Match -

Was selected to smash Bourne
Evan Boring was up next. His choices for a match opponent – Jack Swagger, whom he has constantly defeated in a nothing come of it match numerous times over the last month or so and the same monthly period LAST YEAR. Can this feud – it’s going nowhere for either ‘competitor’. Mason Ryan and Sin Cara were the other choices to which Ryan was selected. Yes WWE, the audience told you that it wanted to see Evan Bourne squashed. You need to listen to the audience. Once it tells you it wants someone you wish to excel squashed, there is a problem in booking procedure (and the future for that star – be it jobber or endeavours)

Mark Henry came out to rip off R-Truth’s gimmick. Wow. So creative. On a different brand just pinch the same idea from the other and ‘no one will notice’. Henry fought Kane and then had a Big Show run in – whom looked like that pokemon with gloves on! They had a arm wrestling bout which didn’t work out well.

Shades of Zach Gowan.

R Truth, Christian and then The Miz formed the WWE Women Institute (if only, I’d be in charge I tell ya!) and moaned about their downtrodden receptions the previous night at Capitol Punishment PPV. All 3 lost the previous night and the match was set for a 6 man against, Jimmy Randy Riley??? Mmmm sounds interestingly hot as a tongue twister :p

Vickie Guerrero, WWE’s Best Heel (she is the only one who has the most immense heat for years), came out and showed off her new figure. Good for her. She looks amazing, now maybe WWE will cut the weight management jokes. With her new US Champ in tow, Dolph Ziggler fought Kofi Kingston in a 2 out of three falls obviously placed choice match.

Ziggler won the first fall in an ad break. That’s right, when the commercials were on. Ludicrous. Donald Trump – Bring back commercial free! Kofi won the second and Ziggler snatched the third to end a good match type that was washed adrift by time constraints. Save it for PPV or if on RAW – which some matches should be, devote proper time to it. A DQ involved for Ziggles wasn’t helping either.

Alberto Del Rio had a feature in a #1 contenders match for the WWE Title at Money In The Bank 2011 – the next grand PPV.

He lost it to CM Punk whom also beat Rey Mysterio in this triple threat challenge. All 3 wrestled very well – but that doesn’t seem to count these days…

Daniel Bryan fought Cody Rhodes whom, after failing to get voted a paper bag match, distributed them to the audience anyway. After another wonderful wrestling match following on from the previous delight, Rhodes ended with bagging Bryan (now that’s a match I’d like to be a part of) If you liked it then you shouldda put a bag on it!
Very appealing! And BIG!

Ted DiBiase also held up the victim whom Rhodes placed over. It was also voted a no count out match btw.

The Paper Bag Massive! If you liked it then you should'da put a bag on it!

Vickie Guerrero came back to have a dance contest with an announcer. It wasn’t presenter, and still employed somehow, Matt ‘Bumbling’ Striker, whom I had immense respect for until he threw his creative juices away to “stick to the script”, and those photos… (Bout time we saw the guys in contrast to the ‘girls’).

Did I tempt fate? Vickie danced to Michael Cole. Cole got his funky chicken moves on, and then the vote was decided by the WWE Universe in attendance. Vickie was cheered mostly, Cole was jeered. The winner? Michael Cole, based on, wait for it, the loudest boo’s? Ermm, you win a contest based on popularity as WWE always rigs. If you are boo’ed you LOSE! WWE should be boo’ing themselves! Cole even did the Worm (Scotty2Hotty's former manoeuvre).

Cole is the next go-go dancer perhaps?

After a painstaking long night, the 6 man tag Cena, Orton, Riley was voted for an Elimination match. I knew this match should not have happened, because it was solely obvious whom WWE would drop first! :@

First to go :(
An option for Alex Riley to have a guaranteed 20 minute match was scrapped for an elimination match, which lasted much longer than 20 and required A-Rod to be the first eliminated. WHAT?? The newest star to rise and be nurtured from the recently hatched WWE egg of stardom, and they, eliminate him, first? 

With Riley gone it wasn’t long before his feuding partner was predicted to drop next. Miz/Riley is the only feud WWE has going for it now. It’s fresh, vibrant and fluid. Both are garnering so much together and developing and one is already a ‘top guy’. Favouring Cena/Orton for money purposes will not gain new stars. WWE makes enough money, so stop the greed and think. Instead of seeing the extra dollar signs you could make in a second with a Cena title run, forget making the pocket money and start investing in Alex Riley and the rest to follow. With no new stars developed now, WWE, once it cannot rely on Favoured or legendary stars like Cena, Orton, Triple H, Undertaker, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Stone Cold and The Rock (whom deserves his comeback), you wont have ANY stars, and hence, no grand money making superstars. By this time your audience will have left in their thousands. Do remember that when the children of the attitude era grow up, and become distant from the product for what they grew up with to its uturn today, they will take their children with them AWAY from WWE. Therefore the children will not be WWE’s future…

Christian took the lead on RAW

Riley was dropped first (by Miz), then (Cena) removed The Miz. R Truth got the RKO from (Randy Orton), whom then was sent to the showers by (Christian). John Cena ended him off with the STF.

CM Punk revealed at the end that he gets in trouble for speaking his mind on truth and wrestling values. Does anyone know anyone else similar to this? Answers on a postcard please!

A Postcard from Paradise? There's a space on that hammock :)

Punk finally revealed that he was ready to leave the WWE on July 17th when his contract expires. It’s no surprise Punk wants to leave is it? He hasn’t won on a PPV for 9 consecutive times. If CM wants to go, make sure you stop by and pick me up! Bonnie & Clyde 2011 :P When he does leave he vows to take the WWE Championship with him after becoming number 1 contender on RAW’s power to the people edition.

Talk of the town is, Is Punk REALLY leaving? Or is it a work? Seeing as WWE has pulled its previous Cena fired for 4 weeks, 2 of which were right there in the audience when he lied on air that he would visit his brother and baby niece blah blah and returned 2 weeks later to employment. WWE also dropped Dolph Ziggler from Smackdown when ‘fired’ to resurface on RAW months later, rehired as a RAW superstar, no less. WWE chose to drop Ziggler after he won the World Heavyweight Championship to add. What a way to cripple a ‘star’ they wanted to make big.

These 2 examples were works that everyone understood. The sadness is, that Michelle McCool actually DID retire in her loser leaves WWE match to Layla. The irony is no one believed it was true (and probably still don’t till now).

Has indeed retired

So devise your own logic. Can Punk win the title and then be ‘bought’ or ‘legally contracted’ to stay? It would be a dream scenario, but the WWE Title cannot move outside of WWE’s walls. But, who would want that revolving centrepiece that devalues and stands for nothing when someone wears it, as it will forever be the John Cena/Entertainment title?

RAW’s power to the people disgraced many viewers and damaged its own opinion (and no it’s not ‘my biased opinion’, to excuse yourselves from responsibility). If you want people to respect, value and tune in and support the product, you must support the audience with what they want to see to a degree. The majority weren’t as mad as I was, but at least 90 – 94% did not want Kelly Kelly as champion. They wanted to be able to vote online, and have matches that weren’t biased or pre determined in such a derisory way that one obvious outcome would suffice. In other words, WWE messed up or dropped the ball BIG time. You really do need damage control.

Who excelled on RAW? Kelly Kelly didn’t gain anything, Ziggler coverage was commercially blinded (he scored a ½ pinfalls in the ad break), Cena was sole survivor after benching everyone else who had chances to sell new superstars elevating, an absence of Zack Ryder, and Evan Bourne once again failing to set the world alight by being ‘Ultra Green’.

Who or what was the success story to talk about of P2P? No one. Punk caused the talking point. But a 3 hour RAW. All those matches. And not one person or newbie excelled. Maybe you really should start to throw those dollars at me and shove them down my gob to shut me up and fix the product. The change needs to begin. WWE has become the same old feuds in the same old spots on the same old PPV in the same space of the year, every year. Eventually, they will all go elsewhere…

But, hey, what do I know?

And by the way, no discredit to the man himself, and I am not here for the appreciation or credit, but it’s very fair to say that if I didn’t harp on about Alex Riley and explain his potential WWE would never have pushed him forward. A little something of acknowledgement wouldn’t go a miss… I don’t want it abused on every RAW but why not drop a few – Rileylicious! ‘es? Or place MW on the back of Riley’s tights? Or go all out and have Punk confess his ‘love’ for Max Waltham? J Or Vince McMahon could come out and tell me to stick it!

I do not do bitter or nasty, but I deal in honest truths and focus to change – that’s the real power to the people.

© Max Waltham, 24th June 2011

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