Saturday, 12 July 2014

Santino Marella officially retires

WWE funnyman retires after third neck injury

WWE superstar Santino Marella announced his official retirement on July 6th at a house show in Ontario after suffering a third neck injury.

Marella, real name Anthony Carelli, 35, was well known for being WWE’s comedy superstar involving a glove puppet as a Cobra snake.

The Canadian superstar first joined WWE in April 2007 and swiftly won the Intercontinental title as his Italian comedy star.

Carelli has since opened a training centre in Toronto in July 2013 specialising in wrestling and mixed martial arts. He is said to be likely to be in demand from WWE for potential new call ups as well as a potential trainer to WWE. Marella is keen to remain for WWE in a non-physical role. He has also been a regular with online videos and anti-bullying campaigns on behalf of the company.

He has also teased a future General Manager role, which would clearly require Marella to be serious instead of comedic to interest the audience.

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