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6 foot 3 inch wonder riddle

Who is the six inch wonder?

After an interesting discussion from Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon leaking through to the internet with fans inaccurately debating the outcome of this discussion to be about Daniel Bryan.

The conversation between the two, highlighting Vince doesn’t see any money in a star who is “six foot three inches and two hundred and fifty pounds” in the WWE lockerroom caused the outrage online. Fans even went to belittle HBK on Twitter, who responded to think for yourself.
So then, when explaining it wasn’t Daniel Bryan, just who is the six inch wonder?

Below will be a list of candidates and legitimate landscaped reasoning to discover who based on the credentials and the internet fanbases’ assumptions for choice. Overall there are nine choices.

Damien Sandow

Ah, yes. Damien Sandow. With no repertoire of his own and adopting the Max Waltham genome to his entire essence built on Waltham with intelligence, skill, wit and knowledge Sandow has made no real character of his own. However, with WWE’s plagiarism central taking off incredibly it is unfathomable to honestly believe that Sandow is the one. Vince will always have something for Sandow because of Waltham point proving. We should be flattered, I suppose.

Plus Sandow sells merchandise, gathers attention and puts smile son people's faces as much as they disagree. Capable in ring work with others and a good worker also helps support the WWE landscape.

Alex Riley

After an injury sidelining him and WWE’s constant start/stop treatment, favouring other stars at the time of his rehabbing and a backstage argument with company golden boy John Cena, Alex Riley has propped up the bar.

Given no direction by WWE and their involvement with other stars headlining has made the company not bothered with others. Unable to think of situations for Riley, as with other rostered stars, WWE have stalled and forgotten. Now bored to push a power vacuum behind such stars, WWE feel it is easier to throw them on the scrapheap.

Though Riley has capable credentials Vince sees no options in the star who has a look but in Vin’s eyes is seen as body, legs, boots and vanilla. WWE used to understand anyone who fits their tights perfectly in the buttock region is worthy of future stardom. They have bypassed this now.

Riley is lead candidate.

Though this hasn't been included, Matt Striker revealed when leaving WWE he would like Riley to replace him on commentary and hinted WWE are going to put Riley in the role shortly. 

Dolph Ziggler

Seeing as he is praised backstage for his work ethic by the boys in the back and able to work decent (when given capable competition such as Randy Orton, Del Rio and Jericho) it is difficult to envisage WWE have this level of lacking faith in Ziggler. However, Dolph is rather boring and cannot really advance is character anymore so is a possible sideline, but with height above the requirements, it is doubtful he is the one in question.

Wade Barrett

Seeing as Barrett is height wise up there, we doubt this one. Though like Ziggler, Barrett’s options have or are running out and has no more to offer and cannot draw money but for now, WWE view him as mid-level talent able to work with The Miz. Doubtful.

Curtis Axel

Vanilla essence personified.
Given his recent push to mid-level status as a Triple H guy and no loses in technicalities (although they do count as illegitimate wins) Axel has been given a hard push, billed on his father and secured a title with a winning streak in his repackaging debut. It is probable but highly doubtful as a result. WWE like to push those who have heritage regardless of skill.


Dirty Curty done good, huh?

Another of the chosen elite on Vince McMahon’s own approval and success making principals, pet project Fandango may be height loitering but is nowhere near losing Vinnie’s adoration any time soon, especially with the Kelly Kelly clone by his side.

Antonio Cesaro

Hot and hairy too! 

An interesting notion if ever there was one. Height could be accurate. Weight is substantial. Given his recent lack of faith from Vince, the Swiss sensation, now thrust into a dire stable with Propaganda tool Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger as predicted highlights WWE are clueless and don’t see a valuable star as per the joining. Would John Cena join 3MB?

Unfortunately for him, Cesaro is a front runner.



Based on the WWE Universe’s lack of faith in a star who hasn’t won on PPV nor gotten over in a whole year despite WWE’s intensive push, fans believe Ryback to be an option based on his tiresome qualities. These claims have standing however, in WWE’s eyes, are irrelevant. Ryback has the requirements, muscle and height. Given his lacklustre but rampant progression on WWE programming, Ryback is not an option.

Drew McIntyre

Even McIntyre, a complete bore, the chosen one, was put into place. We doubt a chosen one of Vince’s ego, though complied with loss of standing, rightfully, has some favour for Drew. He may be a jobber, but every show needs them.

By logic alone of WWE booking infrastructure there are three leading candidates.
Damien Sandow, Alex Riley and Antonio Cesaro.

As mentioned above we would therefore eliminate Sandow leaving Riley and Cesaro. Regardless of who it is, WWE have dropped the ball on both and a number of others listed above and beyond. It needs to provide strong options and rethink ideas, but with no faith from the WWE Universe on star booking and wrong choices presented, WWE are going to struggle with any tars for a future at this rate. The state has been set based on protecting John Cena as company man, while only keeping two or three floats as contenders and champs in the interim.

Our selection would be Alex Riley. Will leave it at this, Riley, seen by Wrestling Wonders as a capable draw despite WWE’s inability to see why and have sustained faith should be given a push on certain factors. If Riley was homophobic or disrespectful to the Wonders and its worldwide audience who gave him a ball to run with and received punishment in the Cena brawl then you can release him. If, however, he has not and has praised the Wonder’s and been reprimanded for doing so, then WWE need to step back and give an opportunity. Riley, nor WWE have shown us any signs. Send one. Or continue to Wonder. Make it clear, though.

It is possible Cesaro comprises the top spot, but based on Money in the Bank booking and a second chance reprove in Vince’s American stable project, which has already failed, would slightly rule him out. It seems WWE cannot feasible figure out how to book anyone credibly for the new age devolving. If they can’t book it should lose its pride and find suitable placements to help. It’s a dangerous game waiting. Eventually, WWE will have no one to really call on to deliver a strong, unique and diverse product, let alone connect with fans or critics. Move it or lose it.

©  Max Waltham 05th July 2013

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