Sunday, 14 July 2013

Randy Orton gets a divorce

WWE's star worker forfeit's wife

WWE superstar Randy Orton, 33, has divorced his former love Samantha Speno who filed papers claiming their marriage was “irretrievably broken.” Speno will retain custody of their four year old daughter Alanna. Randy will have access rights and pay $4,500 per month in child support.

Orton, who makes an estimated $291,666 per month, was able to keep his WWE rights on name ownership as well as vehicles and a house, while the other home goes to Speno and daughter. Both keep their jewellery. The pair had been together for six years.

Now ex-wife Speno
Many in the WWE Universe and beyond have however added their own questions of scrutiny.

Some fans sad for the pair, others running wild with conspiracy theory and rumour. However the biggest question remains as to whether Randy had an affair with a WWE employee or fan girls in the lobbies of hotels as rumoured with recent WWE divorcee and longtime pal John Cena.

With numerous enquiries over months and searches on Wrestling Wonders seeking answers one woman came up tops in the debate of affair. One Hoeski by the name of Eve Torres. Many believe the phrase “irretrievably broken” to describe a marriage or relationship ending as code of revelation as ‘there was another woman involved.’ Most believe Orton may have had an affair with a WWE diva, at least. Candidates are Eve and Layla, with Eve being the main suspicion. Others wonder if John Cena had cohabited with Eve. One answer is clear. This debate, it’s all about Eve. Maybe Renee would like to ask her multiple times.

Of course, these are allegations and not confirmed, but again thought to be highly likely. Orton’s marriage finally ended in March, before papers officiated the divorce in July 2013. Eve left WWE in February of the same year. Speno had often joined Orton on the road and at various house shows occasionally kissing him on live television in the crowd. The long schedule is one of the main reasons for their separation. However, this does not constitute as “irretrievably broken” for relationship status.

Rand and his gentle touch :)

We do hope Randy doesn't use this now as an excuse to grind anything that moves and become a free man whore on the road. If he did bang the Hoeski, our only consolation is hopefully he was thinking of me. :)

Despite the split, amicably achieved, Orton is now on the market and looks to be freelance for a while. This is the perfect time to find a freelance babe to support you to your fullest.

Though you may find it difficult to believe, but all those years ago, when everyone turned against sweet young Randall for dumping in an arrogant Diva’s bag, there was only one supporter who kept your character healthy with the online community. You know one doesn’t need to make things up.

Fans may be happy for Orton’s singledom, however, you won’t get with him. Let’s just pray he doesn't poke a Kelly Kelly clone. Be selective, genuine and clever. Don’t go for randoms.

WWE do however have options. Randy Orton could star in a new WWE Network produced programme. Randy Orton: The Bachelor. Better off making me your housekeeper.

You’re Welcome. 


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