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Money in the Bank 2013

Money in the Bank 2013
Live on Sunday 14th July 2013 from the Wells Fargo center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania would WWE's Money in the Bank concept create opportunities for two new stars and re-enhance the WWE product? Could WWE choose to make a decision that would benefit them longterm or fill in blanks over monthly periods? 
Money in the Bank
World Heavyweight Championship #1 contendership
Fandango w/ Summer Rae Vs Antonio Cesaro w/ Zeb Colter Vs Jack Swagger w/ Zeb Colter Vs Damien Sandow Vs Cody Rhodes Vs Wade Barrett Vs Dean Ambrose
Fandango and Dean Ambrose were the first two to enter. Zeb Colter strode out with his two boys to blabber on before us with his propaganda hypocrisy. Scholar Damien Sandow entered with Cody Rhodes where Sandow was cheered by Philly. Sandow wasn't impressed by the half hearted cheer and branded them "slackjaw mouthbreeders." Sandow went on and slated Philadelphia's symbolic hero, "ignoramus" Rocky Balboa. That one worked. Fans fell for it and some turned quickly to boos. The boredom that is Wade Barrett entered to a nationalistic “God save our queen” theme. It doesn't work. Gothic sounds and national heritage cannot save him now in any right. 
After some colourful entrants, the action began. Fandango strutted his prominence before being smashed to the ground. Then both Scholars vs Team America fought each other with a ladder smash melee.
Cody Rhodes was flipped over on the ladder by Antonio Cesaro. Sandow was then tossed by Swagger. Both "Real Americans" which sounds similar to the Un-Americans, circa 2002. Then comprising Lance Storm and Christian, both Zeb's boys saluted. Duck by Cody as double attack from Swagger and Cesaro. Swaggz soon changed momentum and sets the ladder for an advantage. Dean Ambrose returned to pull him off the climb.
Missed ladder smash, run into Jack Swagger. Hurl him outside. Sets up to cheers. Wade Borrett enters. Rugged Wade hauled Ambrose under the ladder to assault him. Wade jabs Fandango who caught him on the apron's left side onto his leg. 
Fannydango flew a leg drop over and onto a lying Barrett in a mild exchange as escort Summer Rae walks around ring. Wearing long silk sleeve gloves, Rae looked like a backstreet call girl. Liability Rhodes was powerfully shoved over by Ambrose. Barrett yanked Dean's feet from outside to hinder his steed. 
Soon after, Fandango met with Sandow. they traded blows before 'dango was shoved into a ladder as Sandow superplexed the dancing delight handsomely.
Stricken Fandango's mouth was as wide as a tunnel with pain. Barrett soon returned as structure would have it and acquired miniature pieces of a ladder, smacking Sandow to the ground.
Attempting a ladder surge, the Brit blunder was met by Dean Ambrose who aborted Wade's ascent.
Perfectly timed, both Swagger and Cesaro joined simultaneously to gang up on Ambrose. What would follow was excellent technique from Ambrose. Ambrose countered with a high ladder DDT, fell by Cesaro after a climb and into an impressive sleeper hold atop the ladder, held by Stronghold Cesaro as Dean dangled off the ladder in sleeper by Antonio. This proved both men's value to the company and match principals. Both protected one another supportively. 
Cody then stopped Cesaro as Rhodes dropped him backwards onto a ladder. It was Wade Barrett's countless time to return. Shortly following were Swagger and Sandow where the intellectual was flapjacked into a pertrouding ladder. Rhodes revealed a ladder from outside as Barrett climbs. Swagger stopped him. As he fell to the ground, on his feet, Barrett stirred his bull hammer elbow and charged it at Swagger. Leering Fandango dealt Wade a blow and climbed the steel triangle. Cohort Rae at ringside yelped for his ascension. 
Ambrose clouted Fandango off the top with a well handled DDT. Ambrose rose quickly as Cesaro returned and closed the ladder just as Swagger arrived to help. How novel. Both at either side of the closed ladder with Ambrose on top the pair had painful plans in mind. Ambrose fell once the pair lifted the ladder horizontally and swung it around with Ambrose able to hold on inside one of the rungs as his head spun around inside. Turn the spin cycle up to 11! Quick witted Ambrose returned from his windmill washer who flipped out from underneath to swivel over atop the ladder as Cesaro and Swagger held both sides. Walking the plank, Ambrose tried to reach the case with a platform aiding him. It was an excellent portrayal once again. Naturally, both ladder holders soon dropped their rival. The stupidity angle came next, however Cesaro made it work. Swagger raised Cesaro on his shoulders to gain the case instead of a ladder. Perhaps this confirms Cesaro is not the six inch wonder. Rhodes launched a missile dropkick at Swagger's legs to tumble the pair down. Rhodes threw Jack out. Fandango rushed in instead, quickly sent packing. Rhodes was nailed by Barrett, once more. 
Cost himself at the final hurdle
Rhodes climbed, Ambrose rushed and bought fought. Head in ladder syndrome confined as Rhodes headed upward. Short lived glory, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns charged in and bashed unassuming Rhodes off. He made a huge mistake crossing certain lines. Injustice served Barrett and Rollins kicked off with feet blows. Fandango came in and got speared. The Uso's joined the drama seeking retribution from their earlier tag loss to Shielder's Rollins and Reigns on the pre-show for the tag titles. Rhodes titled the ladder over taking them all out to end his mass distraction. 
You're Welcome!
Seeing an opportunity to make a name or himself unjust fully, Cody Rhodes clambered up the top to reach the case. Ungracious ethics in Rhodes demeanour was about to cost him. String bean Rhodes clasped is hands on the blue dangling delight until his best friend Damien Sandow saw the betrayal and flung Rhodes sideways into the trash outside of the ring. Indecent Rhodes paid for his sins. Damien Sandow blissfully climbed the heights in Philadelphia to unhook the briefcase and retrieve a contract for the World Heavyweight Championship within one year. "You're Welcome!" 
"Good game Cody, good game." 
Recently fired on the pre MITB Raw, former Managing Supervisor Vickie Guerrero was given a place on the pre show. This was an act of good will from new General Manager of Raw, Brad Maddox, named on the same pre MITB Raw by Chairman Vince McMahon.
Team Brickie has hit the skids. 
Brad told Vick she "put the E into Entertainment" which is interesting since WWE re-branded itself to stand for letters as an abbreviation and not an explanation of meaning. Vickie was given a sterling send off video package. Of course this featured the usual WWE mockery of snorting, insults, snogging Big Show and Hornswoggle and weight jibes. Charming. Brad asked for a standing ovation for Vickie. Philly gave it to her. Then The Miz interrupted with his entrance.
Intercontinental Championship
The Miz Vs Curtis Axel (c) w/ Paul Heyman
Curtis I am such a boredom, Axel joined our TV screens. Without any growing qualities it would make sense to send the IC title back to a flagging Miz. this would also restructure him if WWE really pushed hard behind him. 
Puny Axel dominated the first five minutes until he ran into difficulties lifting The Miz. Miz returned a turnbuckle fury charge with his overhanging, side parted curtains and interesting face, Miz preyed on Axel for a submission leg lock, reversed into the turn post by Curtis. Miz kicked out at two with a tender opening minimally upon release. Miz can always be counted in to deliver those goods. 
Miz swiftly locked in the figure four as Axel frantically squeals. Miz extended height on his submission to apply further pressure in a seductive stance as well.

With Paul Heyman lurking, Miz gave chase around the ring. Heyman was soon ejected to the back. He served his purpose. Miz was unaware as slimy Axel chin attacked the challenger by a foot from the rope exchange. This was a cheap and mild three fall from nowhere underlined with sad and tacky all over the finish. Curtis Axel remains the Intercontinental champion. This is no way to create a new star which should question if it can actually be done for Axel.

Unified Women's championship 
AJ w/ Big E. Langston Vs Kaitlyn w/ Layla

Hidden among the guise of the Divas title the girls shimmered to the ring to have a provocative battle.
Me smells a Layla bad babe turn coming. Kaitlyn was allowed her friend at ringside. Anyone remember last years booking? Kelly Kelly used to have Eve as a chaperone.  Eve switched on Kel. Lay was meant to turn t months ago until the online world ruined the rumour with a leak. It is inevitable, no matter how long WWE put it off. Only then will it be completely meaningless are waiting too long. 
AJ slammed Kaitlyn into the ring post. Arm into post attack. Concerns by Layla. Ground work minimal by AJ in ring. "Ahhh" from Klyn. AJ bridge pressure. Seductive wear downs of Kaitlyn. Chants of boring heard in Philly. Kaitlyn rises up and rams backward into corner as AJ hangs on until flung round into a disorderly back breaker.

Kaitlyn staged a comeback charging off the ropes with a shoulder block takedown. Inverted DDT by Kait. Both take ground time breather spots. Slap by AJ follows clothesline by Kaitlyn. Two fall only.
Reversal by AJ. "Impressing with her technical ability" Jerry Lawler says, as AJ gives us a tiny foot stomp. Gone are the days of rolling around on the floor with actual grounding manoeuvres.

Big E catches AJ falling outside and puts her back inside after Kaitlyn confronts Big E. on the outside. Kaitlyn ahold have been slammed with AJ's upper hand but alas, she countered AJ back in the ring, only to hurt her arm on a spear. Kaitlyn made two mistakes. One, she did not offer her opponent a strong opportunity in match principals and two, once again no sold any vulnerability for the angle built for her on such emotion. Therefore, this suggests Kaitlyn should be dumped from the setting if she cannot or is unwilling to deliver necessary match opportunity. 
AJ swiftly clasped on the Black Widow after, however, as bungled Diva matches are presented. Driven to the mat, Kaitlyn tapped again. She had no other choice. With the end result being a tap out, two PPVs in a row, Kaitlyn should have been a vulnerable character in this saga. She has failed dismally. Her spot cannot be contained any longer. 

Basic and slow match, but passable considering the divas were relegated to no TV time at all. Once total Divas ends, WWE may offer new opportunities. Who knows, maybe not.
A quick break with the football chat show debate of PPV in the skybox gave us some expert analysis so far. Year of experience in entertainment Vickie spoke of. Big Show also told us of Curtis Axel being "Injected." An interesting array of words and we were still none the wiser about any expert tips of the sporting extravaganza. is their any point to this football panel show? Does it have a place on a wrestling show, either?
Chris Jericho Vs Ryback
Another leotard. Brought his own Ambulance though.
Can the almighty worker Chris Jericho, given to liability Ryback really give the hunger monster any credibility? Bore back was sporting a new grey leotard. How many has he gone through?
Goldberg chants continues. It seemed like Y2J vs. Goldberg part 3.
Ryback soon walks off after a non eventful start. He spent numerous time outside. This only proves Ryback cannot gather any star quality at all. There is no reaction for him other than based on Goldberg genetics also. The man has ad a year and a half, at the top spot, to get his act together. He hasn't. This is a danger sign WWE need to deal with. Scrap and demote instantly. It can only harm the stow here on out.
Y2J soon loses his steam as Ryback drops Jericho with a shoulder counter and foot stomps. Jericho works the legs of moany Ryback, who previously fled from leg pain on Raw and Smackdown prior to MITB. Ryback takes an unfair moment to return the upper hand with an arm lock on Y2J’s head. Ryback slams Jericho down. Drops second rope slam.
Further proof this is that Ryback truly has nothing to offer. Slams and foot stomps. Yeah...
Ryback lobs Jericho onto the table outside. Hits a leg and arm club. Walks around ring holding foot over Jericho with no pressure or enthusiasm. Chucks Jericho over ring. Groundbreaking.
Reverse arm lock to head again. Jericho runs to hit Ryback who cant be moved. Gets a suplex then roll up into Walls chance. Ryback simply pushes his legs feebly stopping Jericho. Turnbuckle jump by Y2J caught by Ryabck. 
Another boring, laboured and unenthusiastic ‘attack’ on CJ. Shell shock countered for a codebreaker as Ryback simply pushes it off. Does a powerbomb on Jericho for two fall only. Another club and running attack on the leg. Jericho smashes an enziguri. Mild modification codebreaker on Ryback, sent him to the outside. Bored the audience count along to nine. Tons of boos continue. Jericho flies a cross body from the top corner. Two fall. Caught into body lift press for shell shock, countered by DDT, only sufficing two.
Shove down, “Come on baby” stirring cheers as Jeri flips a Lionsault only to be countered as Ryback grabs a roll up and achieves a victorious three fall.
World Heavyweight Championship 
Alberto Del Rio ( c ) Vs Dolph Ziggler w/ AJ and Big E.Langston

Ziggs entered in yet another statement to certain beings he fails to impress. Showing off, and not content on quality, Ziggler, clad in an orange, sweaty vest and pink tights was sour. He entered the fray alone despite the graphic showing AJ and Big E. Langston. The colour combi doesn’t work. Ziggler looks like an overtanned paint chart gone acidic.
Technical mat whizz Rio, who entered alone after Ricardo Rodriguez is away for thirty days for violating the wellness policy, Rio dominated Ziggler from the beginning, whilst stiriring the crowd. Once again fans only chanted for Ziggler based on hope of change, not talent. Others joined in to feel they belonged. Ziggler's high spot was a jump up elbow drop. Rio enzigurion Ziggler to outside with slam into barricade followed. Down in the ring, Ziggler, loudly whining “Ahhh" gets mat worked down by Bertie everywhere. Hard kick smacks on Ziggler with beat downs further drove Del Rio’s strength.

Caught up in ropes showing off his groin when beating beat down was a tacky grovel to yours truly and just sad for desperate Dolph.
Rio soon missed a charge and flung himself to the outside as Dolph dodged a running slide to the ropes.
Jump bronco buster from top rope as Rio climbed it by Ziggler for a two fall. Dolph beats charging fists then sidestepped from turnbuckle counter sending Rio into the corner post. Both were down as Ziggy covers a two on an exhausted Alberto.

German suplex counter by Rio for two. Jump up ropes enziguri on Dolph countered by Fame Asser, for another near miss with a two fall.
Spinning whirl backbreaker silenced Ziggy’s momentum against the defending champion.
Up top missed by Ziggler ground dropkick. AJ’s music blares as AJ struts down the ramp to support her “Ziggy.” Ziggler told his “babe” to leave and get lost. Ziggler was undistracted and DDT’ed Rio. “I love you AJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” fan chants as Ziggler says “GO!” Rio plants Ziggler on the top turnbuckle backwards to deliver a beautiful reverse face suplex to the mat. Ziggler kicked out on two. Ziggs countered a charge. 

Rio flung Ziggler up in the air to fall down to the groud covering for a two fall. Mindless fans began chanting “USA” in favour of Ziggler to Mexican champ Rio, who had preiviously battled immigration racists Swagger and Colter with fan support of "USA!" paronage. The fickle fans turned again after AJ clobbered Del Rio with her title. Crazy AJ, however was caught and caused a disqualification in Alberto Del Rio’s favour as Dolph Ziggler was dismayed. Fans booed for AJ as Dolph couldn’t win the big one again. WWE made it seem as Ziggler lost due to others to protect his mileage running on empty.

USA chants were given rightfully when troops were given an appreciative shout out following the match.
WWE Championship
Mark Henry Vs John Cena (c)
Henry was heavily cheered. Why? Because he flattened the diatribe that is John Cena. Wrestling fas know Henry is not capable and usualy it doesn’t work like Ryback. However WWE fans support Henry only because WWE won’t put anyone else in line. If it did, fans would not cheer Henry to best Cena. WWE know this and fans play their mark role well. Should all fans accept anyone in the hope of change that will never come? Clever fans a hme, however, will not buckle to social group pressures as part of the WWE experience in the arena to feel they have a place in the business. Cena was heavily booed and gave not one care about it, to insult fans further.
Cena, on introduction smirked and winked, further disgracing the business and himself, and yet, for all his lies, sold home proof he really doesn’t care about the business or its paying audience. 
Superhero Cena ran into a kick. Cena was floored. Henry controls the match. Henry controls he match on a stationary kick. Henry charges into the corner on Cena who falls like a stone giving no offence in the match to begin. Cena cradles around Henry trying to lift himself up as Henry, standing there, simply taps Cena who falls outside.
Henry dropped Cena stomach first on steel steps outside. Inside cover for two.
Nostalgia rang out for “Sexual Chocolate” which added nothing. Another two fall for minimal mover Henry.
Whirl slamming. 
Cena forearms launched to huge boos until Henry smashed a punch at Cena to a happy crowd.
Henry picked up Cena and hurled him around in a giant swing for one and a half turns. Henry lifted him outside into the barricade for a whirl for half a turn again, careful not to disorientate himself. What a fascinating move. 
Cena got a mid-leg kick then adding “ooh! Ooh! Ooh!” when hit by Henry. Cena turned the match around in one move to drop the five knuckle s**t fall. Lifting Henry as he did post Raw, Cena’s ego to lift Henry resulted in the same predicament. Henry fell on top of Cena. A weak Cena swing DDT counter on shoulders followed. Cena lifted the Attitude Adjustment. Henry kicked out of the two fall.
Cena was caught by Henry from the turnbuckle. World’s Strongest Slam. Two fall. 
Mark Henry added chairs to the catastrophe as Cena got up so easily as th referee removes the foreign objects. Henry exposes the ring pad as Cena counters Henry into it and locks on another Attitude Adjustment. Henry was one of the elite few by WWE booking standards to be allowed to reach the rope break. Henry smashes Cena with a “low blow” as Michael Cole informed us which wasn’t low and went to the body which Jerry Lawler quickly corrected after. Henry took two only. It may have been a kick to the chin Jerry responds, covering the botch by everyone on broadcast and in ring.
Cena drags Henry back to the centre of the ring for the STF where John Cena taps out Mark Henry to hold the WWE championship.
Money In The Bank
WWE Championship #1 contender
Randy Orton Vs Rob Van Dam Vs Daniel Bryan Vs Sheamus Vs Christian Vs CM Punk Vs Kane
Ring of fire
Kane was viciously assaulted by the Wyatt family in the run up to MITB PPV. While a credible worker, Kane, who wasn't going to win, was well placed to be cost a title opportunity. Set for a new feud and backstory for revenge should he take it, this boosted Kane's profile instead of participating. 
Might need Anger Management again. 
This MITB ladder match was billed as the All Stars MITB. No one paid attention to that. If it doesn't need branding, don't add it. 
The anticipation for over six years built, out walked Rob Van Dam to no momentum or style. He simply walked down the ramp. Has TNA marred him, or has he simply lost his passion? We shall see.
Daniel Bryan joined the ring. He won it last year, can he win two in a row? 
There are lots of honourable men in this match and only one bad boy in the tweener phase. (Bryan) Hmmm....
Punk, Bryan and Orton had the crowd. Those three are not favourites in WWE’s eyes to win but he crowd were mad for them, all in different aspects. all three provide unique qualities wrestling requires. WWE need o spec it's roster to add them healthy competition in future.
Heavy RVD chants bellowed. Everyone in the match focused on Van Dam and charges a beatdown. Van Dam now on the outside.
RVD and Sheamus returned soon after as RVD cleared house. 
Running charge of ladder into Sheamus. Caught behind by Christian. Dropped onto ladder and stops incoming Daniel Bryan with a  Rolling Thunder onto a laid down ladder. Orton enters as he hurls RVD over, unaware is then hit by leg. Top rope as RKO on ladder, Christian smashes the ladder on RVD's back knocking froggy Van Dam off his lilypad.
Courtesy or hurtesy? 
Christian was humourously (by WWE standards) allowed the mini Hornswoggle ladder. He made the best of it. Smashing into Orton's back, to the outside then hurled the mini ladder out prompting a big one to be set. Sheamus comes in as Christian touches the blaring red case. Sheamus shoulder charges Christian into the corner as “You suck Sheamus!!!” echoed from a far away fan.
Shea tried to drop the Unprettier on Christian off the ladder. Christi slaps him as Sheamus throws a ladder into the face, protected by WWE mindlessly again at the expense of another.
Mayhem! Gravity compels you!
Shemaus climbs as RVD slides in and shoves ladder over from under the open middle. Sheamus turns action around again. Backbreaker delivered then rolls RVD onto ladder lying down. Outside, he smashed Bryan's head into the Spanish announce table and barricade too. Stacks longer ladder from table to ring. Powerbombing Bryan onto the bridge was countered on turnbuckle top as Sheamus was hurled and flew over the ladder which was meant to hit him. Quick thinking Bryan stopped the botch with a running knee off the apron.
Punk sets a ladder as Christian and Orton re-enter while Bryan sets ladder alongside. Christian and Bryan lock horns. Orton climbs. Sheamus up . Punk's ass lifts and joins as RVD adds to the mix. Everyone is up there with each other. Briefcase swings fruitfully as everyone falls to a suplex gone wrong as Rnady Orton then holds his knee in pain and immediately rolls outside. This may be a legit casualty. Oh no. 
Atomic mess?
Haze clears as Sheamus carries Christian around touching back of ladder in corner to follow White Noise on mat. Sheamus re-opens a ladder as Van Dam scouts but smashed into head with a Brogue Kick halt. Agile Bryan charges to stop Sheamus. Yes/No punches traded in favour of Bryan, Sheamus bleakly clubs Bryan atop ladder. With this as his only momentum, Sheamus is absolutely dire. Punk quickly sops Sheamus who swing holds on the briefcase to a tense scene.
Chops and punches from Punk and Sehamus respectively. Fans did not believe Sheamus’ feeble exchanges. Punk behind Sheamus on turnbuckle drops ladder onto Sheamus squashing him underneath. Orton returns to club down Punk. Headbutts and fists as Orton hooks Punk’s leg with cheek awareness as swiftly turning him round and hoisting Punk onto a corner ladder in a beautiful and fluid transition from both. Orton fiercely plants the drape rope DDT. Stubbly Orton gets nailed by a spear from Christian, who also takes out Daniel Bryan, charging in.
Van Dam slithers in to grab a ladder and jab Christian from behind. Van Dam gave an instruction to Christian as Captain Charisma delayed RVD's climb. Both exchanged blows. RVD got a touch of case. Ladder soon falls as Christian goes with it, but RVD jumps to nearby ladder. Perfect time for RVD to land the five star frog splash on Christian in the centre of the ring under the case high above. This was a perfect moment from both adding to the match. Sheamus now rejoined RVD. Sheamus tipped the ladder as Van Dam awkwardly smashed his face onto the rope. Careless liability Sheamus may have struck again. 
Bryan behind slams kicks on Shea and RVD one after other. Orton in. Bryan scouts and rams ladder into him. Traps Rand behind to charge into it. Pocket rocket Bryan then hurls outside on to Punk into ladders below in  rapid succession. Sheamus and RVD quickly jump up from being down on mat to take position of double leg drop from above as Bryan ran to the corner. 
Sheamus, claiming the top right turnbuckle, quickly gets shoved off the top corner by a ladder charging Bryan onto the long bridge outside Sheamus set earlier. This is Sheamus' traditional spot in all MITB PPV's. Remember Sin Cara and previous after that? If you set your ladder you will take your own fall. Such is wrestling custom.
Mmmm. It's Asses Anonymous. 
Curtis Axel enters to slam a chair on Daniel Bryan. Eh? Curtis Axel?! Axel did a finishing move no one knows by name to Bryan outside. Bryan may just be the new Intercontinental Champion. 
Axel’s involvement was unexplained as righteous CM Punk gives a GTS before he can leave.
Aghast, Paul Heyman arrives telling Punk to get the case, whilst yelling at laid out Axel for crossing paths with “my best friend” Heyman adds. Is Heyman going to leave Axel? 
Punk climbs to top as Heyman favourably yells him to go up. Heyman then batters Punk with the ladder from behind, twice as they stare down. Punk was flabbergasted. Heyman was visibly dismayed. Oh dear. An impasse has surfaced. Unwilling but necessary to continue, Heyman launches the crucial third ladder slam to Punk’s bewildered face. Their partnership is over, but Punks ass was in prime position. That was a silver lining, but Punk became red faced. Heyman hit his former adversary hardway.
Action soon changed after the comedown. Orton stopped RVD climbing with a crushing RKO from ladder to mat. 
Randy Orton soon climbed. Taking a scenic view from above checking everyone's staus Orton seemed free for a homerun. Seeing no competition in his path, Orton reached for the briefcase and began to unhook the contract holding item. Orton as able to prise the case and become the WWE Championship Money In The Bank title holder within a twelve month period. Fans were happy and now have numerous options to consider on his pathway to potential WWE title holdings. WWE akllowed Orton to take the case when nowone assumed he would. Dependable and unexpected, Randy can always deliver. Heowver,critics debated his personal life recently supported his victory. When you get a WWE divorce, you win MITB. Ask John Cena circa 2012. 
Orton cradles his dangling delight.
For WWE, this was a safe bet and is a good safeguard for business reasons in case problems occur. Short on skilled staff, WWE need Orton more than ever, and he still holds all the cards as alluded to here -   Randy Orton holds all the cards
Randall, Mr. Sexypants in the Bank!
Orton and Sandow are now the men everyone in WWE must watch closely and fear at the same time. the two hottest properties in the business and able to reform landscape in ways audience cannot see coming, but crucial for business and fan principals, these two options are finally being presented with real possibilities. How WWE maintains this, without stripping their entire mantra to evolve, will be a tense question to unfold on WWE TV. 
PPV Rating - 6/10
Men/Women of their matches - Dean Ambrose, The Miz, AJ, Chris Jericho, Alberto Del Rio, Mark Henry, Daniel Bryan
Man/Woman of the PPV - Damien Sandow
Mark Henry and John Cena let the side down once again. Unable to mask either's flaws and booked on a loyalty program for Henry's service to WWE without ever capturing the WWE crown was an embarrassment to wrestling. Champions are respected, as WWE knows, on merit of in-ring, promos and an all round package of skill than years on the books. Neither have any outstanding qualities but Henry did all the work. Granted it wasn't barely anywork except stand and occasional move. Cena attempted to sell for someone who would never test his credentials as a household name. During their animated, lackluster outing, Cena's constant talking to Henry and undersells were a colossal waste of time. 
Bromance is officially over.
Unseen by many, how could you not see Damien Sandow grabbing the case? There was no one else viable. Ambrose put in excellent display of more flexible workrate and has proven he listened to previous PPV reviews. We feel he should be a slow progresser, though slipped in tender skills on his journey. He did this here as the scale of match required. He proved once again he has options on his path and needs no rushing.  Cesaro was again impressive with what he was given, but needs full backing from WWE to be pushed strongly outside of the Colter tandem. It will harm him overall. If WWE feel this is no big deal, it should. The longevity of the company and its challengers will become tainted and lost. Without them, WWE may have a handful of household names, but none to feasibly challenge with for a future.
CM Punk entered another great display and was better suited in the mass match up scenario after strong previous clashes with Undertaker and Jericho. Bryan proved WWE's star force alongside Randy Orton. All three are dependable and talented. Fans and WWE acknowledge this in unison. However, WWE are going to need challengers for them. Van Dam is settling back in firmly, however Daniel Bryan's accidental nudge of ladder when both were down in the match hurt. By pushing the side ladder, a ladder atop Dam collapsed onto his groin. Ouch!
Ryback is a mass liability and cannot grow. Even working with one of the best could not help him. This should be a red light signal WWE have to do something to reform or scrap the character.
AJ's battle with Kaitlyn has traditionally been milked by WWE. It has lost it's depth already. It never really had any and with limited skills WWE must push new challenges forward. Naomi, Natalya, Tamina and Layla should be presented. However, Layla is not ready yet unless she begins delivering skills than sloppy booty shakes. WWE have a tendency to push the boundary to do it anyway for fun. It makes all involved look infeasible.
Has something going for her. That glitter belt. 
Curtis Axel has to be the lamest prospect to emerge after given a huge opportunity. Based on favourtism and not professionalism  Axel is slipping, even with the almighty Paul Heyman at his side. The Miz should be given a strong program to re invigorate his character. Miz wore grey tights. When his green one's are in the wash, these are okay. Any other colours with not benefit Miz at this time. The power is in the pants. 
Alberto Del Rio won by DQ. The result of DQ's has been mentioned before. Again, this one was acceptable because it was rare, unforeseen and wasn't the same old booking after the pair have been having strained matches together. Rio can work but is lacking interest. Half the problem is opponent, the other the same booking tirelessly in the same context. Ziggler, as noted numerous times prior, has reached his peak.
With numerous injuries with Rob Van Dam, CM Punk and others, their commitments are valued, however Money in the Bank 2013 was a half and half PPV. The MITB matches themselves were joyous. The singles were extremely poor. Only Miz and Rio held standing but one was undervalued and the other boring. It's time to really start booking comprehensively if these characters are going to break their limitations. If they cannot, the product will continue in stalemate. Fans will eventually leave again after understanding they have been duped once more in believing change was there and never truly existed to begin with.
©  Max Waltham 18th July 2013

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