Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Miz named pelagic hero in The Marine 3

Middy Miz may need to eat his
spinach and rum!
Toot Toot!

WWE have issue their official statement in a press release that The Miz will be the latest superstar to represent WWE Studios in its latest project for the company's films division.

The Miz will feature in the third instalment of WWE's ill fated The Marine series.

Other stars in The Marine films are John Cena and Ted DiBiase (Jr), in numbers one and two, respectively.

While most in the WWE Universe are thrilled for the Canadian superstar, The Miz may be WWE's last opportunity to strike big with the film franchise.

Most have often been straight to DVD or flops at theatres outings for the filming side of WWE, which McMahon a month or so ago claimed it was the last chance saloon for the studios to standout.

WWE Studio's makes a loss, which could see funds utilised differently to nurture talent, other company stars' acquisition, or re-brand other forms of entertainment for its viewing public.

The Miz has been given more time to film the role, as his current WWE placement, along with the 'big' returning oldies given new feuds among established same old perfomers has pushed him aside.

The move came at the right time. McMahon initially favoured CM Punk for the role, though didn't wish for his time as champion to conflict with his already packed schedule.

The news leaked online early this week, and McMahon had no other choice to announce the plans for The Marine 3.

Is The Miz the correct option? Considering the former stars had a lacking stage presence somewhat, The Miz has the best chance to create something, though could already be marred by the foundations laid out before him.

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