Tuesday, 29 May 2012

NXT Rebranded

NXT Re-deemes itself

NXT has finally found a new way to differenciate itself from the ongoing NXT:Redemption format that had no level of consistency.

Now, NXT are currently filming a sixth series, with talent from FCW, at Full Sail University's stomping ground, in Winter Park, Florida.

'JR' Jim Ross has been granted the announcing duties. He also wrote on his blog at JR'sBarBq - “The rebranding of NXT at Full Sail University on Thursday night was exciting. It’s great to be provided the opportunity to help with any new, WWE venture especially one that will help facilitate young talents the opportunity to move to the main WWE roster perhaps a little faster."

William Regal, who has been announcing on NXT:Redemption, rather well, joins Ross.

The pairing are correct, given WWE's level of broadcasting candidates and pairings. These two bounce of one another, and that is the key to any broadcast success.

WWE plan to film shows, and their rehearsals, back to back instantly, then space out the broadcasting.

It is encouraging to see WWE take an interest in educational aspects, but, is it all for show? With Ashley Flair gaining a contract while having a B.A Degree (she isn't the only one) and The Wrestling Observer Newsletter gaining the wrong information on FCW closing as a result of the NXT rebranding - click here -  Inaccurate 'Journalists' Reporting Demise of FCW , will WWE actually make progress with the new concept. The designing of branding seems steadfast, though we will have to wait and see if the show truly delivers.

Dusty Rhodes is expected to be the General Manager of the show.

What makes it a success, will be that WWE dont value the show as lowly, when the likes of Ambrose and Rollins need to be made from this, with the key aspects on commentary also (Regal and JR can only do so much to get people across well.)

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