Thursday, 10 May 2012

CM Punk's Twitter tussell with homophobic fan

CM Punk's Twitter tussell
with homophobic fan

CM Punk was involved in a Twitter row, early this week, when one fan claimed that all homosexuals make him "sick." " Man was meant for woman, and even the thought of homo's make me sick" the Birmingham native wrote.  

Punk was unhappy with the comments and expressed his view on equality in all cultures.

After writing the disgraceful remarks, the fan chooses to backtrack and hide behind the political strategum of the Be A Star campaign, in which the fan does not support. "Telling someone to kill themselves? B A Star. how about creating a positive change instead of civil unrest? Ass.", in a complete contradiction that created civil un-rest in the fans agressive, dominant and dispraging remarks that create unrest between the two groupings.

Punk responded - "Hey moron, don't try to hide behind the be a star campaign. i am a star. i'm fighting bigots here. Zero Tolerance."

Punk's heartfelt emotion told the fan he should "kill himself." WWE's management enforced Punk to issue a public apology to the mindless fan, stating he wished he had just been better educated on certain subjects.

The fan in question, @ezeeKay comes from Walsall in Birmingham, UK.

While the soccer lout, who has no picture and only an avatar of a football player, while sending a small number of tweets, fails to understand his residency consists of the 3rd - 4th most largest area of homosexuals, Manchester, London and Brighton challenging all else, as well as the fact that Birmingham has the worst number after Manchester for Peadophiles and sexual offenders, who have been heterosexuals or migrants.

That his obnoxious attitude, unable to think for two minutes before mindlessly posting anything he feels is right should be a lesson to all before they decide to post any offensive or defamatory comments to any culture minority or group.

It is clear this fan is a troll that can only hide behind a computer and post negative thoughts to any subject because he has failed in his own life and cannot figure out how to do anything meaningful with his life, nor gain an education, in Social issues, not College/University etc, nor be a standing part of society in the real world. Those who post are no part of the outer world - going out to the shops, pub, socialising or chilling with friends.

He came to light on his previous first profile after, revealing @ezeekaY is his second Twitter account.

Theorist's often evaluate, many attack people because they are lonely and have nothing better to do. Stuck on the outside desperate to find a way to connect, they attack the least popular grouping in order to try to gain a clutch of power that they fail to realise makes them powerless and dispendable.

The WWE champion also expressed his view on Gay marriage, which WWE and its figureheads should be allowed to project if they support any homosexual issues. Homosexuals are they only category that have not had any change, and with US President Barack Obama finally supporting the movement, many others need to stand up for the gays. They are the most talented and caring indiviuals, yes, not people, INDIVIDUALS that aren't afraid to know who they are, where the rest of society conform to the norm and are shielded by their own insecurities and need confirmation or approval from society in how to live their lives. Its 2012, get with it.

We have had Black's, Asian's, White's, Chinese, Japanese, Orientals, Irish and even Ginger's break out. It's time WWE, and the rest of the wrestling world got with it and tackle the 'awkward issue' no one wishes to discuss and begin the charge.

If you want to erradicate bullying, you will need to start here, it's the biggest underlying issue that occurs and untackled, is allow to grow and children assume it is correct procedure to endorse that is acceptable. Then they grow up into the mindless 'human' being that is on Twitter and all of society on and offline who abuse.

While we are not "up the ass" of CM Punk, and we still keep our integrity on his performance, he can be commended for raising his beliefs, which the fan jumped into to attack first.

All of the WWE Universe and wrestling groups must understand that they are no bigger than any minority and have no right to deem themselves superior. If you don't like it, simply leave them alone to get on with their own "sh*t."

They ain't hurting you. Don't do to others what you wouldn't want done to you. Simple.

© Max Waltham 10th May 2012

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