Sunday, 20 May 2012

WWE Raw to the power of three?

WWE Raw going to be
three hour live show?

The weekly live episodes of Monday night Raw air weekly for two hours currently. Vince McMahon has proposed Raw will now be changed to a three hour show instead, beginning on July 23rd 2012.

While this may be a fair move to re-structure the show, sometimes drastic choices need to be made, the workload of staff and tapings/rehearsals and travel bears a tougher commitment than previously occuring.

With no new talent arisen and only the companies projections of CM Punk, Randy Orton, John Cena, Chris Jericho, Lord Tensai, Brock Lesnar, Triple H, and Big Show, WWE's 'new' talent wont be abe to breakout under tired and overbeared decisions. Injury rate could become at a heightened rate and alarmingly, stars could become burntout.

The problem, is not the two hour show. Most cannot get through a two hour broadcast, let alone three, which makes this decision short-sighted in part.

Many in WWE believe that the show will return to a two hour schedule towards the end of the year. Many are unhappy with the move, while others indicate the fabled WWE Network will take up an hourly slot when the three hours dissolves back to two.

Members of the WWE Universe want the programming to be interesting in a two hour capacity, so changing the landscape with people who can wrestler, give promos, and support the WWE eco-system fluently in all areas are what they wish to watch. It has nothing to do with time scale, or perhaps, because Triple H can't allow himself anything less than the twenty minute opening segment on Raw every week. In addition, those with commitments, families or jobs will struggle to keep up.

What Raw needs, mentioned once again, are stars that need to be pushed into spots to create a new standpoint for WWE. Without any new stars, WWE will have no future. Currently relying on the oldies and no newbies, Raw has already shown its plight in rating dilution. New stars must be made. None have come from a four year period, except for Daniel Bryan, though is still not fully there thanks to WWE's inside jokey portrayal.

Oldies can still be among the show, but need to create further stars to feud with, or there will be no-one capable to have matches with, akin to the Randy Orton-Triple H-John Cena overstench that drove everyone over their limits.

When there is no future to grasp, what do you think will happen? "The On-lllly Funk-a-sau-rus in cap-tiv-i-tyyyy!"

Once retrograde, the Sun will capture the WWE's Moon.

© Max Waltham 18th May 2012

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