Friday, 18 May 2012

Breaking News: TNA Wrestler Released!

TNA Wrestler Released!

TNA wrestler Antony Nese has asked for and been granted a release from Impact Wrestling, on Thursday.
Nese asked for permission from TNA to participate at the event, which they denied.

Putting his future first Nese stated on micro blogging site Twitter – “As a professional wrestler I have many goals and dreams that I work hard to achieve.”
After being used sporadically and with no intentions by his employing organisation, Nese wished to wrestle on the Pro Wrestling Syndicate's June 1 online pay-per-view event.

"I have recently been approached with an opportunity to step in the ring with The Great Muta, a wrestling legend, and one of All Japan Pro Wrestling's top wrestlers Kai. This is an opportunity that I feel with help me further my goals and career. This event will be provided via IPPV and unfortunately my TNA contract did not allow me to perform on such events. I requested that an exception would be granted given my lack of appearances but was denied. My next action was to request a release as I think it will be in my best interest.
Beautiful legs

The fact TNA missed a fundamental issue that the internet PPV would not be viewed as TV would, still wouldn’t have changed the reflection on TNA’s status. It would have gained more notoriety for Nese as a performer, assigned to the company allowing him to represent them.
With Nese’s powerful legs, high core strength when performing them in rope spots, and having outstanding finesse, Ness will be a sore loss TNA haven’t understood could have changed their outlook respectfully.
Tell me, this is not good?
TNA allowed itself to lose a credible and excellent choice as a candidate to provide to audience, learn and represent TNA gratefully and bring back to the company a further enhancement of reputation.

It is rather baffling that the same company allowed Ric Flair, a contracted TNA superstar to go and be on WWE TV at it’s biggest PPV ever, to enter the Hall of Fame (for a shocking second time!) yet not allow others the same courtesy which now exposes TNA’s favouritism in a negative light to its fanbase.
Was given permission to attend the big league promotion

Flair, with TWO HOF rings...

Nese appreciates and thanked TNA for their opportunity with them.
"I would like to thank TNA Wrestling for helping me achieve one of my goals as it is very few in this business that are able to say they have. I would also like to thank all the people that support me as this is just a small chapter coming to an end in my career and I have many more exciting opportunities in my future to come."

The Great Muta

Kai (dropkicking)

TNA instantly removed Nese from their website.
Absolutely Ludicrous.

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