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WWE Over The Limit 2012

WWE Over The Limit 2012

After a PPV just two weeks ago, WWE presented it's Over the Limit PPV, at the PNC Arena in Raleigh, North Carolina, on Sunday 20th May 2012. Was this PPV, with a minimal amount of matches forming the card and others to be announced on or nearer the date, be the event  able to salvage the company's reputation while creating new opportunities it seemingly presented with a mix up of title contenders in different match scenarios?

20 Man Battle Royal, #1 contendership to the US or IC Championship
Alex Riley, The Miz, Michael McGuillicutty, Ezekiel Jackson, Curt Hawkins, Tyler Reks, The Great Khali, Christian, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, David Otunga, JTG, William Regal, Heath Slater, Darren Young, Titus O'Neil, Jinder Mahal, Drew McIntyre, Yoshi Tatsu, Tyson Kidd,  

Scheduled first on the card as a late addition, confusing all of its Universe as to whether this was part of the pre-show was the standard practice of match, allowing all superstars of WWE’s non importance to leave instantly and eventually rather pitifully to initiate a warm up for the PPV.
Darren 'I did drugs' Young & Titus 'no hoper' O'Neill

As a warm up this was sustainable, though it was booked so diresomely as per usual that it did not excite anyone for the PPV as a ‘get going’ initiative.

Part of the design, one participant returned to action. That man was former two time world champion, Christian. Fans approved of the return.

The match saw many leave, until the final three stood across the ring. The Miz, Christian and David Otunga. Were all ready to duke it out for the number one conters spot to a mid level title. Christian and The Miz were the last left to fight for the rights to the title of their choice.

Santino Marella and Cody Rhodes, the United States and Intercontinental Champions respectively, sat anxiously anticipating at ringside.

One Raw and Smackdown superstar (Miz and Christian) equalled the brand opportunities on offer to them.

After the continual throw Christian over the ropes and turn your back not realising they have hung on to the ropes on the apron, Miz turned around to be clocked by Captain Charisma. It didn’t result in instant dismissal, though a second spot after eliminated The Miz from the battle, allowing Christian the victory as number one contender.

Without even informing anyone, Jerry Lawler gave us the information out of nowhere that Christian was challenging for a future United States championship.

Excuse Me? Lawler made another gaff? No. He explained the correct information relayed to him. However it was WWE’s blunder that caused a Smackdown superstar to challenge for a Raw title.

Once again, even with the WWE supershows, allowing talent to appear and compete on both brands, the walls of title challenges and prestige remain in tact. No Smackdown star is allowed to challenge for a Raw title and no Raw superstar can compete for an exclusive Smackdown one. The ‘King of branding’ Vince McMahon should know this more than anyone.

Casting away their own principals proved disastrous and gathers low respect. To avoid, WWE need to push and develop younger, fluent talent instead of wasting time to enthuse them on screen. The longer they are off it, wallowing into discontention causes disconnection to all of WWE’s universal output.

Tag Team Championship

Dolph Ziggler & Jack Swagger w/ Vickie Guerrero Vs R-Truth & Kofi Kingston (c)

ZigSwag now had another tag title opportunity, after Ziggler may have been destined for greater things which WWE downplayed, ruined and then caused its Universe to lose faith in the superstar as a heavyweight title prospect. He should have won at Royal Rumble. Regardless, Ziggler, in his stable was propping up Jack Swagger. Ziggler’s flawed attire from WWE’s humorous intent with Wrestling Wonders proved less than funny and more ridiculous as Ziggs was wrapped in some shiny silver bacofoil wrap reminiscent of a turkey. (WWE are now thinking of a future Gobbly de gooker match).

As for the match itself, it was a competent showing for all involved, though a predictable outcome to the newly crowned tag champs Truth and Kingston from a few weeks ago, which put them both into a position of stereotypical boredom. Both have the chance to re-define the tag division though both are downplayed and seen as two guys who get the titles because WWE can’t think of any further options for them that they can be bothered with. Kingston desperately needs that heel turn.

ZigSwag can add to the tag division and re-form this, among themselves also, to enhance the teaming division, the competition, their stable’s strength and the overall outlook of different areas that have competency and interest, seeing as both are not going anywhere in WWE fast.

One fan even though Vickie’s yells at ringside, reminded them of the piercing screams of “Finish Him!” from the Mortal Kombat gaming series. You go Shera!

Another match musing saw Jack Swagger outside ringside verbally yell “Ow” next to the camera shot in a humorous giggle-fest.

After the same old back and forth routine for tag principals, Kofi Kingston nailed a shot on a superstar to pin them for a three fall to retain the unified tag championships. (Which have been branded to allow all superstars from every brand to challenge for.)

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth retain the titles.

The superstar pinned was Dolph Ziggler. Imbecilic. This match should have protected Ziggler to once again build his reputation steadily.

Next we saw Hoeksi Eve, now an executive, akin to the Dawn Marie character. She was supported from job squad extraordinaires Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins, who had promised to scout the arena for any signs and confiscate any that mocked John Laurinaitis in any manner.

Eve would also look to her right, seeking David Otunga’s legal advice, fresh from a battle royal showing of his body in trunks and his hip flask, which is getting tiresome. Otunga gave the go ahead as acceptable to remove signs disagreed with.

WWE Unified Women’s Championship

Layla (c) Vs Beth Phoenix
Recently crowned champion in a surprising return, acknowledged by commentary to explain the Bella’s removal from WWE, Layla, the newest champion fought Beth Phoenix, whose storyline injury had been discontinued in realisation it was detrimental.

Now the replacement to the dire Kelly Kelly debacle, Layla, who is more talented with in-ring skills and continually learns and respects her position, needs to be allowed and needs to learn further skills than just basic tiny holds that allow her to look good for a fraction of a second or two. Out there for a lengthy or even short showing exposes her inept aptitude against Phoenix. Even with someone else is awkward. Layla can learn on the job, and is not the worst thing to watch, but will not be fully respected in the role outside of another piece of meat for ogling eyes with dripping dog tongues sticking out.

After a fair but disjointed in places match, Phoenix, after some submission/ground holds selling for Layla’s protrusion proved Phoenix’s pertinent level of work.

After five seemingly long minutes for the audience, beginning to chant “We Want Kharma” , the match shortly finished with Layla nailing Beth to cover her for a three fall leaving her sprawled out in the ring lying down as if completely out of it, when the move was not that impactful thus making her deemed further weak.

The problem with this outcome is that Phoenix, after an enormously enhancing reign, will now lose all her prowess earned by losing after having sheer dominance over the division.

What WWE now needs to follow through with, is to allow one or two changes and refreshment to the Diva’s division before allowing Phoenix to cut promos in her time outside of Diva play to re-affirm her position alongside gal pal Natalya. WWE must draft Natalya to Raw in its annual draft which should be initiated shortly. (Perhaps after Summerslam will be ideal now that it has been numerous months of idle.)

Natalya must then become Women’s champion, in order to gain the same standing and lengthy reign as a power force alike Beth Phoenix to prove both Women can shape the division and add legitimacy to the ailing walls while preparing their own inevitable clash for the future. (This should be a year and a half to two years of build.)
WWE also need to hire women who can wrestle. They need to find independent women, offer them a contract, and allow them to be called up instantly instead of going to developmental to “learn” when they are already capable to captivate audience, because its dire state cripples the audience and its deliverance. Once called up, those stars can learn not to do an ‘Alicia Fox’ and nail someone in the mouche causing injury to the only few Women WWE have at their behest.

There are more than enough competent that have expressed interest as well as fans asking for them to be among the promotion’s division. SHIMMER also have a lot of ladies to choose from, as with other Indy promotions. Then there are the cases of Mercedes Martinez and Madison Eagles.

World Heavyweight Championship

Fatal 4 Way

Alberto Del Rio Vs Sheamus (c) Vs Randy Orton Vs Chris Jericho

Hmm. Where do we begin.

Originally scheduled as ADR verses Sheamus then changed on Raw to add further weight was a valid choice. Though it was inaccurate to begin with.

Del Rio has been ‘moved’ to the Smackdown brand. Del Rio recently moved after re-appearing on Raw weeks ago. No matter how much WWE insists the move is tangible it is indistinguishable due to the fact Del Rio had no story for his move and was simply announced as a Smackdown star. WWE must undo this immediately and have the WWE Board of Directors/Triple H re-iterate that Johnny Ace ‘messed up’ and that Del Rio (and Rodriguez) are still Raw superstars. Even telling Del Rio he cannot have title ops as a result of the bungled attempt, then earning them credibly will add further heat on – Triple H, ’the board, John Laurinaitis and Del Rio. You can draft Del Rio afterward when it eventually comes around.

*Huff* Now we move onto Chris Jericho.

Jericho is also not allowed to contend for a Smackdown title, being a Raw superstar. Also fresh out of a CM Punk nothing feud and propelled into a world title match with no conceptual design makes Y2J more fodder than everyone realises. It is harmful than helpful.

The only legal candidates are Sheamus and Randy Orton.

Perhaps because WWE is so low on talent and needs to “Shake things up again” causes illogical booking. You can shrug, but it costs you the audience, respect and wrestling dignity. Real fans will not applaud these entanglements. Most are already bored with Sheamus and Orton.

Alas, let us continue.

WWE forgot that Chris Jericho was written off TV last year, by Randy Orton, on a stretcher after a serious punt to the head.

After getting into it shortly, Michael Cole alerted us of “danger” when the traditional rope pull down spot occurred by Y2J tripping Sheamus to the outside.

Traditional Fatal 4 Way or multiple man matches allow for the champion, with the odds highly stacked against them, to be removed from the match, so that they can pick up the scraps, which pinpoints the inaccuracies to a ‘heart of a champion.’ Sheamus continues to look a fluke champion.

“Wooooooooooo” the crowd cheered, in a bored and ‘amuse themselves’ moment.

Jericho soon launched a Lionsault onto Del Rio, then causing a swift backbreaker from Randy Orton, seeing Del Rio brake up an attempt to win, who then caught an Irish Curse backbreaker from Sheamus, who returned to action.

Sheamus disappeared from action again.

Rio then went for Jericho. The “Ayatollah of Rock n Rolla” flipped ‘Bertie into a painstaking Walls of Jericho. Hell on Heel! How ‘interesting.’

Sheamus returned to stop the potential submission!

Y2J then grabbed the Celtic Warrior and forced him into a Walls instead. Coming off as strong, Orton then halted Jericho, going for a pinfall where Alberto tried to stomp on Orton who instantly moved off where Del Rio stomped on Jericho, allowing Orton to stop Alby. Sheamus and Orton faced off, where Rand took a boot to the face from a Brogue Kick.   

Sheamus then battled Jericho soon lifting him up for some “White Noise” (how appropriate) before distorting Jericho’s vision to become champion by slamming down and pinning Chris 1-2-3. Sheamus retained the World Heavyweight championship in another shielded victory.

Was this mish mash addition to set up the coming Randy Orton/Alberto Del Rio feud that Orton claimed at the beginning of the year he wanted?

On cue the camera caught Orti huffin’ an' a puffin’. Mmmm, tantalising.

Cody Rhodes was backstage with Hoeski Eve, getting around once more.

Remember the title match contendership from the Battle Royal opener that Christian won? Christian claimed he changed his mind (which shouldn’t have been initiated in the first place) and wished to fight for the Intercontinental Championship instead. This was the right title to challenge for, though was stupid to try to swerve in a no pointer US convolution earlier.

Rhodes was annoyed and wanted Big Johnny. He wasn’t around. Eve would be message bearer.

Oh Yeah!

Before the next match The Miz came out with some choice words. Unannounced until in haste nearer the PPV collision, The Miz was Piz-zed.

Bright blue eyes with that shiny
complexion, tuft of hair
and dainty open awe
After mentioning his distaste for the WWE Universe being “enamoured” (Waltham, M:2012) (oooh), Miz came to tell us he was a better dancer than that Funkysaurus, Brodus Clay. Everyone was ready… WW's mentioning in the past that Miz would make an excellent dance aerobics instructor Survivor Series 2011 and a wonderful go-go dancer, Miz came to thrill us.

Miz and Vickie could form a dance troupe, or a dance show for the WWE Network. (Waltham wants a class!)

Miz would perform a Thriller/Smooth Criminal-esq Michael Jackson dance, complete with his long and supportive in context trenchcoat and MJ style hat. (See end of post for the video) 

Routine completed, Brodus Clay got his glitterball out! The now re-branded Funkadactyls Cameron and Naomi, chaperoned “Mr. Brodus Clay!” WWE’s new version of the Bella Twins, clad in orange attire as was Clay. (Orange, if you didn’t know, is the colour scheme of Wrestling Wonders.) Ooooh, Semiotics! 

Jerry Lawler for no reason whatsoever, mentioned “Big Macs” to claim a detrimental joke, to the ‘fat’ Brodus Clay. (Be A Star.) Realising a gaff was about to come, Lawler instantly stopped and his broadcast colleagues picked up the momentum. Lawler wasn’t too bad tonight. He just needs to think before he opens his gob. At least he though after, though it should enter his mind to begin with. On Raw earlier, he criticised Miz’s mother leading up to Mother’s Day that she must be embarrassed of her son, who has held numerous titles, for lengthy periods, including the WWE championship and WWE’s continued preference as PR and multimedia representative.
Here's WWE, driving thier audience further AWAY

Lawler, with his last year, should have understood more than anyone. If scripted, Lawler could easily have chosen to refuse the line.

Moving on, the end was near, in this very short match, seeing, yes, wait for it, The Miz losing to Brodus Clay in a squash match for no justifiable reason. Yes, The Miz is going to be the new star of WWE Films latest project – The Marine 3 , though he should have been protected or omitted from the irrelevance.

The job squad were seen among the crowd confiscating signs that WWE planted for Reks and Hawkins. Just because they trended on Twitter does not mean they have any interest. While Reks may have some line of something if he gets a level of magnitude, backstory and wrestling enhancement, seeing as he has the body WWE may favour, being the only call up. Though he is of mass disinterest.

Intercontinental Championship

Cody Rhodes (c) Vs Christian

Rather short-sighted, lacking any relevance or design and formed on the night, (Which sometimes is actually sufficient, though this time fans wanted something in advance to sink their teeth into) Rhodes and Christian had an augmented, yet rounded outing.

With a fair suplex from Christian, an orgasm face, and “Transylvania” a beautiful double missile dropkick on each other came. The ring post was used sparingly tonight, though came into play now, where Rhodes delivered a quick and excellent Moonsault onto Christian. Though it wasn’t long before the Capt’n scored the Killswitch (which should be re-named in WWE’s PG era, if it isn’t encouraging double-standards that have still transpired) to enable the ginger haired warrior to cover Rhodes for a three fall to return and win the Intercontinental championship. The IC title looks perfectly accustomed to Christian (as well as Rhodes.) Of course Rhodes, in WWE’s eyes, who caused sterling work for raising that very title prestige, was expendable.

One notch above the Big Show booking blunder, Rhodes had a chance to reduce his harmed reputation, though had no chance. WWE and Rhodes complied that it was too crippling to continue with.
Looks very good with said title upon shoulder...

Rhodes may be taking time off, though those buffons assuming Rhodes is taking time off because he stated it on Twitter as “time off” proves the inaccuracies elsewhere around the net. Time off in WWE land can amount anything from 4 hours to 3 days. In WWE’s packed schedule, that is a lot of time considering their heavy workload. Get the facts, not just a statement, fracking noobs!
Everyone in WWE owes Rhodes for making that title
relevance and prestigeous again

Josh “I’m just trying to do my job” Mathews interviewed WWE champion CM Punk.

WWE Championship

CM Punk (c) Vs Daniel Bryan

Where do start? De ja vu. Daniel Bryan, fresh off a World title loss and rematch for that title as part of the Samckdown roster, which he still remains, is now flung instantly into a WWE Championship from the Raw brand challenging its champion CM Punk.

While this is the dream match, given ample and intense time to become the hidden gem WWE has been crying out for, the draft should have occurred earlier to correct its condescending measures to title booking.

You won’t gain new fans by abandoning morals or what everyone supposedly stands for. That creates rebel forces who will join you for a PPV when they feel they get a match they like, then rip into you when you implement a structured design of feud building which can’t be backed up because their preferences must dip in order to make certain principals work.

Draft. Draft. Draft.

This match had mixed situations on all levels. The John Cena kids that chant “CM Punk” the exact same way that John Cena has proven that it isn’t just the John Cena concept, it is WWE’s irrelevant similar booking initiatives to create stars with high value that cause the exact same conventions to prove a distressing level of involvement that allows the swallowing in the system to sickening plights of consumerism that defragments the whole design of the “WWE Experience” for all aiming to get involved instead of the pointless kids who understand nothing and are not getting an actual experience the way grown up audience members are watching for. The minor fans cheering for fan favourites by default, overstench the male (and female) grown up audience watchers hoping to witness a quality, and money worthwhile investment of social capital among their paying experience that gets robbed to please the kids who go home, sleep and never think of the situation again therefore allowing the match to become “filler.”

No. You cannot use the “that’s the business model” as the excuse for failing to understand how to connect with all target audiences.

The return of the unnamed, yet gorgeous referee was in place, among Bryan and Punk. We had some crotch wars going on too, from both grapplers.

Soon enough the Mexican Surfboard submission from Daniel Bryan, expertly applied and with such core strength many ignore, to lift and hold Punk in place, was yet another delight in wrestling, and added to both’s Open Legs WW awards nominations.

Many felt the enourmity of this intense passion burner should have had an Ironman or Ultimate Submission stipulation, which would have added to it, yes, though this was a beauty to allow itself time without any gimmicks or stips.
This was a pure wrestling match with WWE’s two most skilled entities in competitive action and fully cultivating the “dream match” concept, and possible match of the year candidate.

This also increased the level of the PPV named concept, in recognition.

Bryan flew over the rope at one point perfectly, with grace, fluidity and style.

Punk too followed through the ropes almost as perfectly as Bryan, though DBry just tipped him on it, however both did so in such a fundamental way to pleasing their audience. Most were only there for them.

Both superstars gave their all and proved to WWE and all in the business as well as the audience watching live and at home that these are the two guys atop the WWE (along Orton) who have sheer wrestling talent, communication and respect in how they wrestle while maintaining their interest. Both have superior levels above the rest of the roster which WWE is slowly recognising must take priority.
The technical and expert match outplayed everything in the year since, and was classed by watchers as "how wrestling should be."

To save face, and protect both of WWE’s technical, aerial and compacted hotties who can wrestle and draw audience that WWE crucially needs, this match ended in a shocking and upsetting end.

Fans, though on the fence with both, wanted a pure wrestling match that respected wrestling to the full by having a finish to the concept of a wrestling principality.

The match ended on a technicality, ironically. Daniel Bryan AND CM Punk went to a double finish.

Due to the complexity of the double disaster, CM Punk automatically retained the championship. If a double finish occurs, a few years ago, WWE decided to strip the title and hold it as vacant.

Do they continually change the rules or just forget their own processes?

Technically, the title should be vacated.

Plus CM Punk is in danger zone by holding it way too long and not seeming to be a champion that is sparking any more interest, and should have been a strengthened challenger.
WWE did even contemplate changing the title to Daniel Bryan on the night. While Bryan would have been a fine choice, and it would have restored faith in WWE, winning the title does not bypass or allow a free pass to the Raw brand. Bryan would not be allowed to win, because he is a Smackdown superstar. You cannot ignore the branding of the situation, nor the title honour.

Hoeski Eve, getting around the arena again, with David Otunga, saw Teddy Long standing in the doorway with a big ol' smirk. After trading quips back and forth with Teddy insinuating that if Johnny Ace lost, being fired in the process, could encourage the ‘Board of Directors’ to rehire Ted and he could fire Eve and Otunga.

Impromptu Match
Camacho w/Hunico Vs Ryback

Camacho and Hunico came out to harp on about something. Who would be their opponent, if it wasn’t completely obvious?

Squasher extraordinaire Goldberg/RVD clone Ryback came forward. Oh dear. Those two jobbers have no chance, was the WWE Universe’s first musing.

Last PPV appearance, Ryback squashed two random unemployed jobbers, which WW spoke of. WWE now believe that jobbing out two it does employ will get Ryback over.

*Sigh* Employed – yes. Though this concept duly failed. Ryback is boring, uneventful and has no star quality to his roar and sheer beefcake/powermonger stance.

Crushing two randoms is necessary when the crusher gets something from it. The Crushee’s were victimised in a pointless portrayal that titillated no one.

Ryback remains further backward than WWE would like, and the concept is done (already). Ryback will not get over no matter what WWE plans to do in defiance. The question is, how many other stars will WWE bury before it removes the Ryback failing and cripples its further talent that no one can progress in the future? Cue WW ‘favourite’ Alex Riley to job…

John Cena Vs John Laurinaitis
  • If John Laurinaitis loses, he will be fired.

Oooh Monkey mouth strikes!

Always cast at this time of year into yielding stipulations or continual firing angles with no weight behind them, John Cena strikes again.

Billed as the “one and only” time Johnny Ace would partake in match activities, and the mention of his Japanese wrestling history (only when Tensai and Ace are involved, yet no mention of anyone else with those skills, huh?,) saw Little Johnny (how poignant), fight Big Johnny. Everything was on the line for the Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and General Manager of Raw and Smackdown. John Cena had nothing, as always.

Ace tried to run, then got caught, attacked and pummelled with a boot. Jerry Lawler chose to laugh at Johnny Ace’s unfortunate inaccuracy in the ring.

Isn’t it encouraging for the bullying campaign, Be A Star to witness WWE’s lead babyface commentator abusing and bullying numerous members of the WWE roster without any reasoning? Is Jerry Lawler the new JBL?

The Hulk Hogan elbow. Cheap or what...

Cena, also chose to smirk in degradory fashion at Mr. Laurinaitis on a personal issue. Not professional, once again. Laurinaitis took instant pastings from the get go by Cena and then flung over to the commentary table, the Spanish one, of course, unveiled at the start of the show, which always signifies the usage at the end of PPV in one fashion or another.

Since when is John Cena allowed to vehemently slap Johnny Ace across the face whilst being a child role model with such bitterness?

Cena launched and smacked him over it, then seated Big Johnny into the seat, placed the Madonna, call centre headset onto him, and beginning mocking a broadcast of Michael Cole and Booker T. Dazed and slumped back into the chair, Johnny Ace added to the lunacy by answering in commentary text whilst head titled back and mindlessly elsewhere.

It was an absolutely diresome angle that WWE backstage find amusing. It created a bit of fun for a second, sure, but it was the main event and an idiotic, flawed hypothesis.  

So the question was, how is Cena going to win, yet John Laurinaitis keeps his job?

Hmm. Most people clearly saw the concoction coming.

After doing some engulfing of the fire extinguisher onto Johnny Ace, making him the abominable snowman, a monstrosity lurking in the shadows would add a greater weight for destruction to the mix.

Its the Abominal Snowman!

The Big Show chose to return and get involved in the match, as predicted and assaulted John Cena, costing him the match! Big Show sided with the double branded General Manager, to enable him a victory should he fail to best Cena on a level of cogency. Show alligned himself with John Laurinaitis.

Big Show was fired on the pre-Over the Limit Raw, on May 14th for belittling Mr. Laurinaitis and failing to publicly apologize with heartfelt meaning.

As the main event, this closed your show.

PPV Rating - 6/10

Men/Women of their matches – Christian, Dolph Ziggler, Beth Phoenix, Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, Cody Rhodes, Daniel Bryan, Camacho, John Laurinaitis.  

Man/Woman of the PPV – Daniel Bryan

Just because Layla is British and I am, who has also re-formatted the division doesn’t mean I shall instantly cheer for her, as with others, Brits will cheer based on wrestling levels. While she is a fair fit for the division at its current state, and with babyface Divas, Layla must work on vocals, the projection in them, and the wrestling work, especially ground, in order to be able to keep her title with a respected honour based on wrestling talent. It doesn’t matter if you hold it for a whole year, the respect you earn WHEN you hold the title, is what either is received or detracted.

Camacho and Hunico have been jobbed impractically to someone who will never materialise and the spot should be used by someone who can have an opportunity to deliver. McGuillicutty, FCW call ups or Mason Ryan could have benefitted from the spots or time structure to develop further.

Cody Rhodes and Christian both proved delightful and can assist the company when called upon. It’s is WWE’s behaviour that causes it to be too late and gain little impact in it’s downplay and delay.

Sheamus is a categorical bore, and as champion, is completely lost in the shuffle, isn’t quality projection as a title bearer and cannot understand how to work on his own, therefore continually seen as a flunky champion only successful for getting up Triple H’s butt crack.

Many wanted Jericho to win, as he is fresh, vibrant and adds a new level of something fans are asking for. Coming from a feud with Punk which saw Jericho lose every match involved and add nothing to his repertoire in order to protect Punk, who is dragging his heels as champion for too long, and with McMahon considering to draft Jericho in April to Smackdown, would have then allowed Jericho to earn the rights to the title, possibly. Touring aside, Jericho, if he does or does not win, needs to have an idea in place by WWE on where to go. Y2J currently adds a fresh, further and new outlook. Propped alongside Del Rio and Orton, is vital to deliver more.

As for Rand and ‘Bertie they have the time to develop a romper stomper over the summer to the end of year and shouldn’t be rushed and should feature stipulation matches each time on at least three continual PPV’s and never be downplayed on the cards, booked to the same level of magnitude to Cena/Laurinaitis and Punk/Jericho, Punk/Bryan. This will further establish worth to both performers. They also need it tremendously.
The Fatal 4 Way PPV, as fans debate, wasn't a bad concept, it was just awful how WWE chose to book it. They only knew their way in how to book a number of 4 way's the exact same way, causing the disaster. Fatal 4 Way matches can be extremely lucrative in the pay off if the design is correct, which only certain eyes can visually see in their mindset.
We shall have an article on Randy Orton’s heel turn debate soon. (Don’t turn him yet, you’ll want to hear it.)
John Vs John was a right crapper. Copying the fire extinguisher by Punk and Jericho at Extreme Rules on April 30th was pathetic. Going on the card as the main event was disgraceful. Cena had nothing on the line and blasély walked around the ring as he always does, in his little playground, though of course, with a double finish, WWE realised it could not place Punk/Bryan last.

The biggest upset of the night had to be…The Miz being dropped in a pointless showcase, especially after his Bad moves (Hee Hee, Owwwwwwwwwwwwww!) (RIP MJ.)

The shrill of the piercing scream from Vickie Guerrero and her ferociously exemplified the quality she brings to a match that has lost everyone in it. Ziggler needs to be a strong bookend if in the tag division. If going up a notch back to heavyweight contention, WWE have got to stop the gimmicks with WW and put Dolph Ziggler up there. Alongside Vickie, as a champ, both could put the title honour over immensely, and have a lengthy and dirty reign. His tights were perfect, and he looked a generic wrestler. Dye his hair back to brunette, lose the ass cape, baco foil, and utilise his core skills. Turn Kofi heel after the R-Truth run nears its end. Release Jack Swagger.

The battle royal was a fine thing for PPV, but its stereotypical building in repetitive fashion is costly to all in it, even the winner. Remember when battle royals were the best matches on cards, because it was unique, had the possibility of anyone winning, and, above all else, didn’t drop “jobbers” out the first second or two to ‘clear’ the ring. Leave them in their for long periods to wrestle and all that, and occasional eliminations here and there will be further meaningful and possibly set up additional storylines. Plus commentary have enough time to comment on it.

Oh, and Kane destroyed Zack Ryder on the pre-show in a match of no importance.

With The Miz dance routine, Punk/Bryan's outstanding match, the hype of the Fatal 4 Way and three of those participants, with Beth Phoenix and Layla's slight but peaking match, the rating does increase slightly, though the lack of card layout and direction wasn't best utilised.
Below is the Thriller/Smooth Criminal video of The Miz.

© Max Waltham 24th May 2012

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