Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Breaking News: Ric Flair Quits TNA!

Breaking News: Ric Flair Quits TNA!

TNA have revealed that Ric Flair has quit TNA Wrestling.

Both have had strained relationships over the past week and months building to it. Flair will now be freely granted back to WWE to head up the WWE Network project as part of the Legend/Hall of Fame stalwart.

It couldn't come at worse a time for TNA.

Granted HOF attendance,
April 2012
TNA allowed exceptional talent
to slip through their fingers
Last week on Thursday, TNA released Anthony Nese for asking permission to appear on an independant card with The Great Muta. (Click link here) - Breaking News: TNA release wrestler

Flair appeared and entered into the Hall of Fame, with his employing organisation's (TNA) consent.

Tensions are strained backstage between her father, Ric and TNA. Flair, also advertised as a judge in a Gut-Check Challenge for the May 15th tapings of Impact, alonsgide a further showing at the PPV, Sacrifice the previous Sunday, was the clear indication that both are on shaky ground.

Further details have emerged that Ric would leave TNA staff to pick up bar tabs, most recently on TNA's European tour, including that of Craig Jenkins, as well as being served for failing to repay a grant from ROH years ago when he realised they wouldn't use his son Reid on the show and stuck to WWE's 'no rival company appearance' rule.

Flair also has other lines of money making ventures including a lottery endorsement and energy drink. Flair still owes tons of dollars paying out his ex-wives, as well as tax evasion over the years.

Did Flair jump before he was pushed? Or did he secretly have other jobs lined up beforehand?

As Wrestling Wonders previously wrote here -  Battle of the daughters Brooke Hogan V Ashley Flair 

"In March, it was revealed that Vince McMahon was interested in re-signing Ric Flair to lead the WWE Network project, as McMahon felt Flair, in his late sixties, is over with the audience and would establish worth to the new project, which is in turbulent waters already. In other words, Vinnie is waiting for Flair to be free to offer him a contract. Flair is waiting for that day. Flair's main draw is a "Woooooooooooooooo!" only."

WWE's first network show promises to house Legends
akin to the Big Brother format

Flair decided to quit hours ago, as of writing.

Rumour also has it that Alex Shelley has quit TNA too. This is still in early stages, and we shall keep updated on this also. WWE's Network are interested in him for its Cruiserwight show, which is about time they snap him up.

Overall, this decision among the firing of Nese earlier, and the hiring of Brooke Hogan makes TNA's wide spectrum of organisation dysfunctional and many view as delusional that they would freely remove certain talent rather than work out situations. Hey, all is not lost, TNA still have Hogan and Bischoff and all their offspring, so it can't be in a bad state, can it?

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