Sunday, 17 November 2013

Gaudy gay diva boosts oppression

Flamboyant gay Mexican 
tranny causes community debauchery

She's the first transvestite grappler in the wrestling business, fighting alongside the boys in a man's world. Now, the homosex(ual)Mex(ican) Cassandro has proven to be a liability for the industry. Bringing shame onto the community and the profession.

The gold dress flaunting diva, who refuses to honour tradition and wear a mask in Mexico had made sterling success for the business with her strong style of lucha libre talent. Coupled with playing a he/she character, the forty three year old mascara toting freak  has shamed the industry alongside its gay community.

Turning the sport into a flaunting, predatory and obnoxious character leering over other men with connotations of disgust to represented gay men and fans of the business. Since then the sport has increased its levels of homophobia and Cassandro has also played into that fray with his/her promos, actions and recent interviews.

Contrasting men not the 'traditional gay man' have been often stigmatised as a result in light of these details. Fans and homosexual wrestlers themselves have seen this as a derogatory aspect and remain 'in the closet' and wont 'come out' for fear of isolation in the sport among bullying fans.   

The LGBT communities dislike being branded as perverted and predatory when the majority are nothing of the case. Many are not a "mincey poof" from the portrayal of effeminate wrestlers and Cassandro's behaviour will continue to influence such abuse on independent and national circuits as a result of a failed attempt to gain a character boost in a throwaway interview or appearance for media buzz, which means absolutely nothing to your repetoire. Many gay men still live in fear of speaking out as a result.

By trying to curb the levels of homophobia, with his/her portrayal of absurdity, Cassandro has now helped to increase levels of isolation farther and has not broadened horizons as they may have intentionally hooped to do so and is often for their own goal to receive a comfortable fan acceptance whilst gaining a level of understanding with fans to avoid any abuse. Instead this piles out into the mainstream and independent wrestling scenes, which heightens the ignorance on offer. For that, Cassandro should be ashamed, all to influence his/her own profile for a few more years and instead leading the way for torrents of build up to be billowed out at the new generation of wrestlers who may be gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans-sexual, trans-gender or playing a gay role. By joining those platforms that have proven to be homophobic for a vocal debate continue to drive abuses, all for using the platforms for own personal ideology to 'get over.'

As for his/her mat skills, Cassandro has never been on any level exceptional and merely average, reminiscent of a jobber in WWE, basically.

Sometimes, it really is best to just keep your mouth shut.

©  Max Waltham 17th November 2013

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