Thursday, 12 July 2012

WWE signs brand new Diva, Sara Del Rey

WWE signs brand new Diva, 
Sara Del Rey

WWE has sensationally created shockwaves with a positive atmosphere, now signing another new female to its bulstering division of talented females.

Sara Del Rey has made no shortcomings about seeking the job with WWE. It is her last landmark goal to achieve in her mind.

Now a part of the WWE universe and its Diva’s division, Del Rey, who is an expert female grappler, will be able to guid, nurture and destroy all females on the roster, giving a brand new feel to the company and its outreach.

Del Rey was ranked 5th in the annual Wrestling Wonders Women Pro 25 of 2011 and we can’t help but feel giving the nudge for Del Rey’s acceptance. Rey had been seeking the role for years.  We also wrote – “WWE could easily use her advantageously. As one of her main goals to achieve, now wouldn't be a bad time to add healthy competition.” As well as stating in Randy Orton suspended for 60 days last month “Also, hire more Women that can wrestle” in accordance to secure re-structuring with fan levels interacting willingly.

Perhaps the summary at the end of No Way Out’s PPV review - No Way Out 2012 tipped the scales? We have been tirelessly reforming the Women’s division since Kelly Kelly/Beth Phoenix began. WWE listened, implemented and toyed with the division, because only Wrestling Wonders knew fully how to move forward with it, for which we are grateful and slightly, but calmly disappointed with when used as a mechanism to use as a playground.

Though this isn’t fully about us, we are more than pleased for Rey. Perhaps WWE should hire one last person to shape the divish? You know it makes sense.

Regardless, Rey has power, technique and quality which will support and, once again, keep her place as a strong female in contention to shake WWE to its core.

With the new additional signing earlier of Buggy Nova, WWE are seen to be caring about its division fruitfully.

There is still a long way to go, but signs are looking promising thus far.

Rey has worked for SHIMMER, ROH and numerous independent promotions expertly. She also joined a tandem with the Kings of Wrestling, now in WWE also (Chris Hero and Antonio Cesaro.) Rey has superb in ring psychology. It is belived she will begin in developmental, as every performer must do to become accustomed to the WWE way of working.

© Max Waltham 12th July 2012

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