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John Cena's affair exposed

Ken Doane breaks Cena silence

Could not Ken-done Cena's actions anymore

Ken Doane, best known for his time in WWE in the role of male cheerleader Kenny in the group The Spirit Squad, and Kenny Dykstra in solo action, has sensationally lifted the lid on backstage behaviour and devious dating in WWE’s tightened walls.

Doane, whilst in WWE had a relationship with then WWE Diva and Women’s champion, Mickie James, in 2007, who would later become his fiancĂ©e.

Fiance James and Doane at convention

Ken exclusively revealed that Mickie James embarked on an affair while the two were together. James had that affair with WWE’s most notable man, John Cena.

John Cena, with his child friendly, morally correct image and overall company presentation of a stand up guy teaching kids the ways in how to be as a role model of sort, was secretly cheating on another co-worker’s girlfriend, allegedly.

Doane claimed Cena was a “great guy” for his charity work, however was not such a great teammate.

Cena, is currently going through a divorce with his soon to be ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau. Liz, having hired successful lawyer  Raymond Rafool, who assisted Linda Bollea (Hogan), to a victorious settlement over former hubby Hulk (see here) – John Cena issues divorce to his wife 

Should Huberdeau be able to claim Cena was cheating on her with James, or any other feamles, as alleged, she may claim more than Cena realises. Cena, of course rakes in millions in advertising revenue for WWE. Reports surfaced that Cena had cohabitated with at least one other unnamed female, currently on today’s WWE roster.

James, according to Doane, sought a relationship with Cena, who declined. James was shortly shifted to the Smackdown brand away from the Raw champion. Wanting to be exclusive made her punishable by association. James, on Smackdown was placed into notorious segments viciously abused and legitimately shedding a tear, which WWE broadcasted on its edited show, where it can remove unacceptable footage for TV transmission. The culprits on screen, Michelle McCool and Layla of Laycool, felt utterly horrible, under instructions, to carry out the deeds of personal abuse.

James, as Women's champion

James was soon booted from WWE, where she now works at TNA Wrestling. James attitude and lateness for events was the disclosed reason for her departure. Doane feels their affair may have contributed to her time fading in WWE.

Cena kissing Maria

Cena, kissing Liz

Doane discovered the details once asking why she was Googling “John Cena and Mickie James dating” where James, exposed, came clean to Ken.

"He was messing with MJ so I got moved to Smackdown so they could further mess. I jobbed, got fired. When MJ got crazy because he wouldn't date her, she then got fired. Weird biz huh? She got title, on TV show while with him. Serves her well though. She wanted to date him, he said no, she flipped out backstage which led to her demise…When they were together she got the title, TV roles. When he dumped her she became Piggy James, then fired."

“She went crazy and eventually got fired…”

Mmmm Lollies

Mickie James, now in TNA, is currently dating Brit star Brutus Magnus.  Doane gave his sympathies. “I feel bad for Magnus. Nice guy dating a .... well u know.”

Cena apparently became upset with Doane, after caught out for cheating on him with his girl. "I made mention of him sleeping with MJ and he probably thought I wouldn't say anything. But I did and he is mad. I guess."

Hole in one!

Comparing the champ to WWE’s very own version of Tiger Woods, Doane discloses that Cena “Got 1 diva who is married to a guy outside of the business but she sleeps with Cena, then we got Cena who sleeps with rats (groupies, girls not in the biz, girls in the lobby waiting for an invite upstairs, in some countries mules because their fat) and this married diva, and now my girlfriend.”

Loyalty and Respect, and all that...
Doane also states that Cena nudged long-time pal Randy Orton out of becoming the top face of the company. Perhaps with Orton’s past situation, this was best in corporate WWE minds, however, at the time, was a power play notion by Cena, who has now caused ripples to the WWE image. That’s the problem when placing all eggs into one basket, without any backup. Everyone is reprehensible.

Since Orton’s recent second violation and suspension, Doane believes Cena is lobbying for Randall to be released. Cena had admitted to Doane that Orton should be fired in 2006 when his first violation occurred, he claims. One WWE source claimed at that time that Orton had called Cena out after John stated he “hated” Orton for the misdemeanour. Orton stood his ground with the double-standard champion.

Chomp Chomp. Biting the
hand that feeds?

John Cena having strategic pull over WWE should make the company realise just who should be in charge of this situation.

“Powerful men cannot be manipulated” – Eve (via Vince McMahon), WWE Raw, April 2nd 2012.

Hoeski Eve, non manipulative of powerful men, apparently.
Ironically, after her Cena skank promo, she moved to Smackdown more...

When news broke and one fan, aiming to support the lewd, detrimental behaviour by WWE’s frontman of the company, Doane was asked why he felt he had a right to disclose the details.

"What they do is their biz, but it's also mine when it affects my career and life."

If you liked it then you shudda, oh oh ohhhhh... :(

Doane, who had been cheated on and kept quiet for a number of years, has every right to respond seeing as he was the wronged man, regardless of stubborn fans siding with Cena over a disgraceful situation for which he is solely responsible in ruining. Cena only wanted a sexual relationship with James.

Did Cena sip some own skank juice?

Doane ended his revelations on this note. “I'm just being honest. If u ask me a question I’m gonna answer it truthfully. Not my fault he did dumb sh*t. #youcanthandlethetruth!”

The Spirit Squad, can you name them all?

Woo Woo Woo you know who was rockin' the headband first...

While Kenny was a firm fave, middle man Mitch was the glue who held the squad together. Mikey (Mike Mondo) was an exceptional talent, and tag champ alongside Kenny who had options. Triple H and Shawn Michaels stuffed them all in a production crate, enforced with sticker, shipped off to then developmental territory for WWE, Ohio Valley Wrestling, where Mondo works for, along with Ring of Honor. Dolph Ziggler is the only male cheerleader left in WWE.

Doane received a Smackdown dark match in late 2011 (November 15th).

© Max Waltham 09th July 2012

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