Thursday, 12 July 2012

Brit Wrestler PAC joins WWE

PAC gains WWE contract

WWE have gained a hiring buzz. After offering contracts to Buggy Nova and Sara Del Rey, the company have offered a contract to independent Brit worker PAC.

Unrelated to X-Pac, the British high flying superstar is something you can only truly witness to understand. Check out some work against BUSHI at the BOTSJ event below.

Some of his finest work came at the Best of Super Juniors tournament in Japan over the past month, in outstanding showings with another excellent wrestler, Prince Devitt. Devitt, like PAC was offered a contract by one of the US top leading companies. He turned it down. WWE have not been confirmed as the hand extending.
PAC has now accepted his place in WWE’s Universe. PAC received the offer on Sunday 8th July 2012.
PAC will be the next Brit star to join the fold among William Regal, Layla and Mason Ryan, to name a few.
WW made the suggestion that WWE should hire more Brit wrestlers, as stars like Wade Barrett, whom they were earmarking for title success, has passed his level of heavyweight ownership. His time has passed. We wrote at the No Way Out 2012 review -  When Wade Barrett returns, winning the Money in the Bank briefcase will be an irrelevant choice. Barrett will not become WWE’s new champion force. His time has passed. He lacks the full charisma to branch over that final hurdle.
“The man that gravity forgot” at 25 years of age, slots in very finely to WWE’s future. Triple H believes developmental is the future of WWE and has suggested initiating more developmental facilities becoming available to the infrastructure than just one. As a man understanding the need for female wrestling, perhaps H has got his WWE leadership qualities in order favourably.
For all the dumb marks already suggesting, PAC is a beefy built guy, just because he is excellent at flying doesn’t mean an instant dumb comment claiming he should be in the cruiserweight division. Plus, will his size allow him to be weight restricted? Goodness sake.
PAC had been a solid worker for Dragon Gate USA, capable of causing main competition to them, as noted in the  State of the Stars:Part 3, ROH, DGUSA & NJPW piece. Perhaps WWE pilfered its talent to remain on top?
We also noted here at WW that in the Wrestling Wonders end of year awards 2011 awards, PAC was frontrunner for the Kingfisher award, but narrowly missed out. 
The question, however is already raised. Will WWE strip PAC of his style that made him a household name and reason to be signed to begin with? It is one of many reasons why performers have caution joining WWE, having to go through its developmental system for the best part of two years, in order to prove themselves, to dismally remain there unused. Some, not all, are already able to jump to the main roster, after say a three month guidance in developmental, should this be considered to occur.
If PAC’s moves become too limited, and constrained, viewers will not be impressed and slightly defer. Allow some moves to remain, the most notable ones, and if some have to be ‘toned down’ then allow those minimally instead of maximum downplay. WWE have to protect the rest of its roster, granted, so that none of them are exposed. Though PAC must maintain some of his style known for and be allowed a hearty push, instead of losing a debut match to Big Show or Mark Henry which will not create his future career.
WWE have endless opportunities if they continue the new upstarts and keep developmental ticking over considerably. The test will be how many individual stars they allow onto their WWE rosters, instead of the corporate cloned aspect of 6”6’, bulky, muscled and toned entry level requirements, with no charisma nor aptitude for speaking (or wrestling) fluently.
I shan't message you on Twitter, because as you'll be read the riot act, all WWE staff and personnel are prohibited to make any contact with Max Waltham. WWE thought we didn't know... we have the memo noted. :) Congrats to you, Sir.
PAC was ranked 17th in the Wrestling Wonders Pro 50 of 2011 .
Here's another video of PAC's tremendous talent - 
Most feel now John Laurinaitis has been ousted and isn't making hiring decisions by looking through a swimwear catalogue (how Kelly Kelly got hired) additions to the roster look strong, credible, competent and enjoyable for a future in sight. Small steps, build a bigger platform.
© Max Waltham 12th July 2012

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