Tuesday, 3 July 2012

No Love lost for TNA

Angelina Love gets the boot 
from Impact Wrestling

Angelina Love has been released from her contract as a TNA employee confirmed by Love via Twitter, on Sunday 1st July.

Love made headway in the earlier years as a part of the group “The Beautiful People” comprised of herself and Velvet Sky. Madison Rayne joined at a later date. Many believed WWE’s Laycool tandem of Michelle McCool and Layla were devised after the grouping made their Divas seem “second rate.”

Most Impact Wrestling fans feel the Hogan’s have an inkling in this decision, after Brooke Hogan recently joined the ranks of TNA as a consultant to the Knockouts division, given superiority over them all.

Hulk Hogan stated on his twitter account "it's not our decision, who works at TNA is a decision that comes from the TNA office in Nashville... Love leaving is not my decision. HH"

Sky also expressed her thoughts on the micro blogging site, "Such a damn shame!! So much left to do there! I know you're gonna move on to big things bud, good luck and as always I love u!!"

Love has been said to have had a terrible attitude backstage for a number of years before the Hogan’s joined TNA. Many still believe them to have helped in the decision, however.

Cutting Kharma/Kong's hair
"To all my wonderful fans, it was completely amicable parting of ways and I want to thank TNA and all of its employees for the wonderful journey I've had there over the years.” Love professed.

The Knockouts champion held the championship five times, whilst holding the TNA Knockouts Tag titles with Winter once. Being a part of WWE’s developmental system before her TNA call up, the Stamford based business doesn’t seem a likely option. Love is accepting bookings on the independent circuit.

As Brooke Hogan’s role as head of the Knockouts division was announced, Love sent a tweet some felt to be crawling up Brooke’s backside favourably acknowledging her new role. It did not save her job.

Brooke's debut in charge of the Knockouts.
Still hasn't spoke to Wrestling Wonders yet.
TNA felt "hurt" by
Steiner's online remarks
Brooke has also come under mass scrutiny from former Knockouts since departed from the company., including Daffney among others, with Scott Steiner also commenting negatively. TNA since launched a lawsuit on Steiner after he wrote comments on Twitter which TNA attempt to sue under as they felt “hurt” by the comments. Seriously.

Brooke, and no one from TNA has since accepted out "invitation" in regards someone contacting Wrestling Wonders under the name 'Brooke Hogan.' We still encourage some responsibility taken and still offer an invitation for TNA/Brooke to explain.

Love was once release in 2009, after visa complications.

Shelley has left TNA after contract expiration over one month ago.

It comes at worse a time for TNA. In the last month Matt Morgan, Ric Flair, Anthony Nese and Alex Shelley are four names that have quit, asked for releases or failed to renew contracts after expiration. Impact fans feel the company has lost its way even more than it usually did previously, undermining their credibility as a serious organisation.

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