Thursday, 26 July 2012

Alex Riley's backstage heat revealed

John Cena scuppers 
Alex Riley's success

Alex Riley had received less air time and a demotion to the Superstars programme, where he was jobbed out to the likes of Brodus Clay and Lord Tensai on his debut episode on Raw, early this year. Riley also battled Ryback, who almost awkwardly injured Riley in March 2012, through incompetence.

Reasons for Riley’s punishment have become a little clearer, as revelations that last year Alex Riley was involved in an altercation backstage with company favourite, John Cena.

Cena apparently mocked Riley with comments where Riley was said to have reacted in an “unprofessional manner” and has since been dropped from TV.

Squash job to clueless charisma

It was around this time that Wrestling Wonders outlined how worthy Riley could have been to the lacking amount of talent on WWE’s roster. Perhaps Cena was worried a young, capable, fresh and competent worker could have become main event worthy and a challenge to the corporate game player keeping his place for merchandise sales. Or maybe, just maybe, it was down to goading Riley on being expressed positively by WW as a force to encourage WWE's new era to add more dimension and stars to its thin roster.

Buff body Riley

This revelation comes off the back off Cena settling his divorcee with ex-wife Liz Huberderbeau with a quietened pay off, and an affair with Mickie James behind a co-workers back, with one other unnamed diva, allegedly, and seeming to sell angles with the Big Show, yet never working for any other talented individual on the roster.


Is a fan of John Cena

He has also come under speculation of blindsiding and aiming to remove Randy Orton as the top WWE star.

Cena taunted Riley in front of other wrestlers, to which once losing attitude, others felt Riley had “broken locker-room code.”

Cena cheated on Ken Doane, (Kenny Dykstra) with his real life girlfriend whilst both were on the roster together around the lockerooms. Further details here - John Cena's affair exposed

Fans believe one day Cena will get “knocked out” in an extremely bad way one day, and feel Cena had clearly stoked up a chance to put someone else down to protect his position while goading others, knowing full well WWE management would protect the wealthy ‘wrestler.’ Be A Star!

So, WWE Universe, what are your thoughts?

One thing it does show, is that WWE’s way in its operation of holding stars down for someone who plays the lockeroom in all senses and causes mass reasons as to why many are distant from the WWE product, needs to be considered. Why John Cena has pull to change WWe's direction of who goes over or not, is also a mass disconcern to deal with. Does John Cena run WWE as well as control it on screen?

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