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Money In The Bank 2012

WWE Money in the Bank 2012

Coming live from the US Airways Centre in Phoenix, Arizona, WWE released its ladder once more hoping to find two new stars to provide for the future on July 15th 2012. With numerous talent in WWE’s walls, could it select two employees to reconnect its audience with values, talent and technique?

Smackdown Money in the Bank Ladder match

Sin Cara V Dolph Ziggler V Cody Rhodes V Damien Sandow V Christian V Tyson Kidd V Santino Marella V Tensai

Now thats good...
Unlike the WWE Raw match later on, participants had to qualify for this match, as the champions on both rosters is sparsely thin.

Tyson Kidd, everyone’s favourite underachiever, pleased to see get a spot of recognition and grow in a heartier role, was jobbed out by Tensai.

Kidd and Christian soon double teamed with a ladder on Tensai to silence him in the match. Christian then took it to Kidd attempting to destabilise one another to gain the upper hand.

Soon enough a three way ladder climb saw Santino and Christian involved with one another in shaky scenes, where Sandow took charge and eventually made a climb for the case, being on top.

Ziggler quickly halted his advances. Rhodes then sparred with Ziggler afterward.

Sin Cara and Cody Rhodes had some attack, before Kidd re-joined Cara with a ladder to the ground and a flip over, where Cara attempted a pinfall, in one of many major pitfalls of botchisms. There were to be no pinfalls in this ladder match.

Cara swiftly Moonsaulted Kidd where Christian then tipped Cara off the platinum scales, seeing Tyson return once more. Rhodes charged in to Christian, where Kidd ducked from Damien Sandow, causing avoiding a fall, the opponent had to take.

Sin Cara proved to be a liability once again.

Tensai stopped the ascension of Tyson Kidd once more, most felt Tensai’s role was inadequate and deserved omission from competition.

Sandow repressed Cara’s climb, delivering a foot stomp onto his adversary before attempting his opportunity for the case.

Christian would climb over to restrain the enthusiastic philanthropist who retaliated by sending Christian down with an exquisite powerbomb whilst both were perched on the ladder. Christian took the fall expertly.

Soon, however, Christian recovered. He would attempted a spear manoeuvre followed by kicks and knees to heads, where, strangely enough, WWE’s commentators told us Christian was performing “Edge’s Spear” which was continually mentioned.

Why on Earth would anyone devalue the move and the performer when no one was thinking of Edge at all, a man who had retired from the sport, and the move had been adopted by Christian, the most likely to make it noteworthy for the next number of years? 1000th Raw, perhaps?

WWE had given the move to Big Show and Batista previously, though never mentioned Edge at all. Do WWE enjoying destroying all the wrestlers that have pull with the audience and encourage their attendance? How can anyone get over when the majority are crushed by one choice of word? You wonder why no future is evolving? No, this isn’t a “Christian moment,” it is common sense.

Shortly, Santino became ‘injured’ where Tensai would continue his rampage until Sin Cara, headbutted off the former Lord. Would it have not made logical sense for Kidd to be the little man to topple a “giant” if he were going down? That’s how rivalries are done, right?

Marella and Christian returned to double ladder Tensai. Marella hoisted Cara over. Then connecting a running headbutt on Ziggler, who returned from nowhere.

‘Tino jabbed a cobra over Ziggler. Marella then climbed, but caught R-Truth’s box of spiders. Suffering from acrophobia, slightly scared of the height he found himself up upon, Marella was frozen with fear. The WWE Universe were dismayed he was booked to add a daft comedy angle which tainted the very match importance. All to book one comedy angle that may have been amusing for two seconds, but then, as always with WWE’s version of strained comedy, cost the audience and forced them to scream obscenities at the company for booking this “sh*t!!!!” We did mention previously on the former PPV review of the intense unrest growing toward WWE with its very universe intensely frustrated and abusive to the product as it is to them.

Marella would also try to strike the case with the cobra to try to pull it off, though was too short down the ladder to reach, unless he took another rung up. Sandow impeded Santino, who received a cobra strike which should not have happened to the promising upstart.

Rhodes sent a dropkick where Marella toppled off and onto another ladder down below. Not one person cared for the angle.

Cody Rhodes, all alone, was met by Vickie Guerrero. After a hesitant stall and diversion between the two, Ziggler, with immaculate timing to return once Vickie had magically appeared in the ring, knocked off Rhodes. He then proceeded to climb himself.

Kidd sprung onto the third ladder nearby whilst Christian and Ziggler traded punches over the central point to success.

Goin' over...

Kidd was knocked down with Ziggs. Sandow and Christian went at it again. Sandow was smashed with a ladder into the face by his sparring partner, with a clothesline over the ropes.

Tensai, residing outside, had interaction with Rhodes, attacking, as Tensai’s deshi Sukmycoko (Sakamoto) unpacked the table by announcers. Cara was caught by Japan’s former warrior, where Cara was given a powerbomb onto a ladder aligned sideways between the ring and tables outside. It was the exact same angle Sheamus delivered to Cara at last year’s Money in the Bank match, for the Smackdown brand.

Tensai was then knocked, who took an awful ‘tumble’ by simply bending over onto the ladder after realising he was hit after the hit had happened causing stalling in alertness.

Rhodes and Kidd had an exchange. Rhodes had a perfect shot from behind. Perfect.

Rhodes would then be speared off the ladder top from Edge, apparently. (Edge did not enter the match.)

Mr.Zigglesworth clambered over Tensai from outside, to race over the ladder like a rat, looking pitiful, though could have been a consistent book, if he was less animated in doing so.

Marella and Christian climbed. (Yes, I know what you’re thinking. When will this bloody end…)

Marella was caught out and slid down the ladder with both legs on either side. Oops.

Ziggler charged over once again, further a weakling, where he would run up and knock Christian off the top. What a weak ending. Dolph Ziggler unhooked the case and become the most inconsistent Money in the Bank winner ever. He won the match in an awful mash up of dysfunction everywhere and didn’t attain any star quality in his win. Don’t expect great things for Ziggler.

Vickie is elated!

Sheamus had a quick interview with Josh Mathews. Sheamus claimed his World title was an “ornament.” What a way to devalue the title further. Just call it a toy or ‘thing’ next time.

World Heavyweight Championship

Alberto Del Rio w/ Ricardo Rodriguez V Sheamus (c)

Last year, Sheamus, who did virtually nothing in the match, was this year defending champion. In this match, he did virtually nothing. Guided by Del Rio expertly, while maintaining that Sheamus is a great champion, (if you disagree with these comments and say Sheamus is great, which the majority will, then Del Rio did his job perfectly.)

After Del Rio did all the sterling work once again, Rio entered in new gold and black trimmed tights and boots which looked fantastic. Del Rio looked like a star once again. His wrestling in the match continually backed that up.

WWE needed some life injected into its failing bloodstream. Rio gave that tenfold, further recognised by the audience also, with chants of “Ce Ce Ce” the Mexican version of “Yes Yes Yes!”

Rio went to work with an arm lock on the defending champion, showing a strong start as challenger, Sheamus soon responded with a shove to the outside. A shove.

All Sheamus could do in this match was puny moves as a brick powerhouse monger that held no dominance, which is what WWE’s intended “powerhouse” model is supposed to have, in their mind. Sheamus lacks the charisma, technicality and poise to carry those moves, as well as no star projection, nor supporting his partner in the match when the scenario plays out, and only plays to the crowd for acceptance ruining the ongoing match. Imagine pressing the pause button, then fast forwarding. You miss the inbetween, don’t you? Without structured inbetween bonds to hold up the match, it falls apart.

Sheamus took a two fall pin on Del Rio. The technical master, working for the categorical bore that is Sheamus, as champion, saw immense talent from the technician who had in ring psychology and poise to present Sheamus as slightly worthy to the marks. For that alone, Del Rio proved he is far greater and should have possibly snared the title.

After many ground and techy spots from Del Rio, Sheamus delivered a Brogue Kick to finish Del Rio off with a three fall to remain champion.

What exactly did Sheamus do in this match? Three or four powerhouse moves and a Brogue Kick. It was an utter disgrace to everyone watching and paying their hard earned cash for this tosh.

They were not amused. Nor were we.

Ricardo Rodriguez then launched on top of Sheamus allowing Del Rio to gain kicks and pound the victorious champion. Only after can you beat them down for a three fall, which can only highlight WWE’s failings at booking to the audience which is why unrest is apparent. If they can book Del Rio to win after the match, and made him carry the entire situation, surely he should and could have won? This is what drives audience further away.

Hold on! Typical booking saw muppet Dolph Ziggler instantly charge out to the ring, briefcase in hand. He would then nail Rio with the case, before giving the ref the case and instructing him to cash in the case.

Sheamus instantly got up and brogue kicked Ziggler, then covering him one – two – three. Cole told us that the bell never rang, so the match did not count. Though the referee counted a three fall. What an utter mess.

As predicted WWE have, and will continue to do the same angle of cash-in the only way it knows how, to copy the same old formula. The match is not the problem. It is how WWE books it everytime. They don’t know how to make new scenarios and should hire someone who does. Until it disregards its stubborn pride, and puts the future first, will be what increases viewers and more so, creates new characters to invest in, making the roster packed with “characters” in all divisions that have unique selling points that prop up all walls of company setting. False cash-ins make WWE look inferior. It also makes those cashing in a flunky. Technically Ziggler should have lost his MITB.

Daniel Bryan now took an interview. He discussed his “future wife” with Josh Mathews. I think the word is – “fiancée.”

Tag Team

Primo and Epico w/ Rosa Mendes V Darren Young and Titus O’ Neil w/ Abraham Washington

Speaking of injections in WWE, steroid injector Darren Young came out with Titus ‘no-hoper’ O’Neil and their grotesque manager Abraham Washington.

After his speaking with no relevant point, Primo, Epico and Rosa Mendes entered the arena to complete silence.

It would be an inadequate match that was riddled with extreme levels of abuse and detriment. BeAStar!

Abe told his guys to “get up fella’s” while having a microphone on him live throughout the match giving his own commentary, which didn’t support the match nor interest the audience, even in heel mannerisms.

Washington, of course, is the rip off character of Max Waltham, altered for a WWE angle, with obscene qualities and highly dissimilar in taste. I have quality, professionalism and taste. Washington has lacking qualities that cannot get over and can’t maintain any charisma.

Titus O’Neil would deliver another botch of the evening, as the meathead that he is, with the turnbuckle ringpost, run in, miss botch. Does it matter which one?

A.W asked his no hopers to “tighten it up” in reference to his dismal performance. A knee drop followed which had no power dropped on to it and was seen clearly on camera as barely tapping and pathetic.

What would come next should encourage Be A Star to get involved. The campaign has targeted fat, black and minority individual children to stamp out bullying notions.

Abraham Washington, a black man, in WWE, chose to verbally conduct quips of racism live on PPV, in a full on microphone.

Primo ran the ropes and flew through the ropes missing the head connect on the ropes spot in a laughable disgrace on druggie Darren Young.

It would be an utter shambles of pure catastrophe which everyone including Epico and Primo could not escape.

Washington would choose to be racist once again, to Kofi Kingston, who was on commentary with partner R-Truth, asking “What you looking at dreadlocks?!!”  (Among other obscenities.) Anyone else would not have gotten away with that line. Even black men to one another can be racist though Abe earlier sent it to almost everyone who mattered.

The tag champ responded by tossing a drink of water over Washington. “Oh hell no!” he screamed, before being held back by his tag team no hopers.

This match was racist and botch central. It was an utter shambles. That WWE allowed this on TV was irreprehensible. Action needs to be taken on this disgrace ensued. Fire them all while you’re at it. Among all the confusion, Epico and Primo won, and then disappeared to nowhere.

Many WWE Universer’s were disgusted. Others were simply bored.

WWE Championship, Special Referee

CM Punk (c) V Daniel Bryan 

Special RefereeAJ

The barrier came into play early on, where CenaPunk was seen by the audience watching, use it in such a way that spoke volumes of the similarity in sell out, they claimed.

After a short while, as referee, AJ took another bump that she is synonymously booked into almost everytime.

With “an experienced referee, that would never happen!” Booker T bellowed. Yes. Because ref bumps never happen.

The referee was excused, to the back, where many fans watching claimed the PPV had just died.

Others felt it was infeasible to centre the PPV and this match around AJ.

Daniel Bryan soon ran on the outside ring apron to launch over onto CM Punk on the outside. He would slightly overestimate the jump and land over zealously on Punk. It was a minor mishap considering, but even the greatest was susceptible to what had occurred on the card prior, and would transpire after this match.

Punk retaliated later on with a flip to the barricade launching Punk over to the audience pit area.
Bryan then became hurt by the goolies by Punk, who then jumped up and middle launched Bryan.

“Let it all hang out” Booker T chirped in. The crowd had enough of the mild action, proclaiming “We Want Tables” to which Punk pulled out from underneath the ring to comply their request.

It wouldn’t happen though. A slam down by opponent changed momentum. The crowd were split. Bryan had as much, if not slightly more favour than Punk. Both were on equal standing. This was needed. The match, however, required more.

Bryan countered a table request by introducing a Kendo Stick, slapping it over Punk with force, seeing jumps and counters with hard Kendo slams. Booker T wanted them to “lay it down thick.” It’s all about the hard girth.

The crowd were infused.

Lawler asked it to “keep coming.”

Bryan would expertly apply the Mexican surfboard on Punk. Open galore. Punk sticked the Kendo to Bryan again. He took a pin at two only.

Bryan then gave a superplex to Bryan adorned with applause from the audience.

Remember that ref that went away? AJ returned to the action after her unfortunate accident earlier. Replaced by another official, AJ had no place in the match as sole referee. It was technically a double referee match, which you could also debate as to whether AJ relinquished her rights as official.

Forgetting all this, as WWE intend, AJ gained a wolf whistle from someone in attendance. AJ’s return caused confusion allowing Punk to be nailed by Bryan with a steel chair for a 2 fall.

Punk returned with flying clotheslines from the corner on a running Bryan, on the attack.

Punk used the chair to smack his opponent. When did the rules state a special referee match allows a chair involved? WWE disregarded and missed the biggest principal of all! They simply forgot the rules again. Unforgivable. AJ saw numerous chair shots as referee. She made no disqualifications.

Standing in the corner, chair wedged in, saw AJ block the way smiling at Punk who thought of flinging Bryan there. Bryan would soon deliver a beautiful dropkick on Punk into the chair. It was a good spot considering.

One Cena fan in the audience showed complete disrespect shouting “You B*tch” to AJ, while another said “You Suck AJ!” These are the highlighted problems of young Cena created supporters that abandon morals and cause bullying abuse. John Cena’s cloned Cenation fans are meant to be moral citizens, not bullies themselves. Be A Star might want to drop the Cena notion on their campaign. WWE have no excuse for creating it and taking no action to stamp it out, when they create it. We mentioned this happening before, and sure enough, it has happened, despite falling on deaf ears.

No one has the right to hurl abusive language at any WWE performer, even if they are irreprehensible, when they are doing their job and making entertainment. AJ, Punk and Bryan honour that process. Others don’t, and are the ones who create it, yet are shielded from the onslaught of obscenities.

Creating bullies in our youth is not the way forward on any social level. Why you believe it is acceptable to allow kids and young teens to become abusive is a) unfathomable b) they believe they can treat anyone disrespectfully and get away with it and c) likely to cause more crime. It is also d) bad parenting.

Bryan would soon be on his knees, crawling toward AJ for forgiveness and favouritism, seeing Punk swiftly swing a kick to Bryan’s head. Punk would pin Bryan on the chair after a scoop slam. Bryan showed an ‘opening’ :O

Punk would launch from the top rope to elbow Bryan, though Danny Boy rolled off and Punk pummelled his elbow into the steel.

The YES! Lock came, clasped on by Bryan with the Kendo stick in Punk’s mouth as extra excruciating leverage to destabilise the champ.

As before, Punk broke by using the stick to his opponent’s legs, then allowing a smoothly executed GTS on Bryan for a two fall only.

Punk placed Bryan on the table in the centre of the ring, now set up, where Punk, atop the turnbuckle saw Bryan quickly charge up with him and drop him on the ropes, smashing now his goolies from earlier as retaliation.

After some jabs, all was reversed so quickly as often happens in WWE land, and now saw Punk atop the turbnbuckle with Bryan in front facing outward to the audience, as CM smashed elbows into Bryan to wear down, before strengthedly lifting the challenger and perfectly timing the suplex into the table, unable to see from behind them, allowing CM Punk to lie over Bryan and claim the three fall to finish and remain WWE champion once more in a tense and caring effort.

2 on 1 Handicap Match

Ryback V Curt Hawkins and Tyler Reks

Does it get any better? WWE sent up two more of its own in house wrestlers for the squash job that is constantly boring and has no relevance to programming. You have to pay for this, and many don’t wish to see it, hence no payment for PPV, be it live or on TV from many WWE Universer’s. People will pay for quality. Ryback won.

Ryder and Hawkins were decimated. That hashtag is a waste of time. Hope you enjoyed it WWE Universe. They made TV, and held no scope for a future.

6 Woman Diva Tag match

Layla, Kaitlyn and Tamina V Beth Phoenix, Natalya and Eve

Despite original Diva disasters, WWE booked a match where it presented more than two females in its ranks.

Tamina and Natalya joined the fray once more. It was a pleasant and slightly refreshing sight. It would be a simple six Wo-man match which saw Natalya and Kaitlyn lock up early on, with a press, then a scramble with Kaitlyn then Tamina and Eve, before the match was over with Layla and Beth.

See summary below for in depth response, however, Beth Phoenix once again took the pinfall to Layla, who has transcended no star qualities as champion, and is in danger zone as the Bimbo Bimbo Kelly Kelly clone that deconstructs all females.

Why is it too difficult to place Phoenix, Natalya and Tamina in important feuds with the others floating around, to gain further experience?

We gotta have a look, and the Divas have that look, none more so that Kelly Kelly as signature, right? Layla is second in command to the tart-ism, no? Though, is it sustainable to dilute the whole division and everyone in it, just to present one glamour puss as front woman that doesn’t do any of the wrestling nor entertainment justice, and can drive people away? WWE believes Divas as candy draws tickets. It draws a few, sure, but the majority want female wrestling. In WWE’s zone, they understand this will be comprised of tarts in the mix of professional women, though they are prepared to have the likes of Layla fighting women IF both ends are done correctly than just an undeserving winner based on looking like a lap dancing, Hollywood-esq cover girl with zero talent. Layla picked up the pinfall with ease and no skill involved, with her teammates Tamina and Kaitlyn.

Natalya should have been presented at the start of the year strongly as Phoenix’s equal and partner, with a little distance in order to build them for future sparring. Tamina is more than capable of a heartier role also.

Women’s wrestling can be extremely lucrative.

Raw Money in the Bank

Chris Jericho V Big Show V John Cena V Kane V The Miz

The ladder match for the Raw brand’s WWE Championship began with Big Show, as always, dominating the match, due to his size alone. Typical booking.

Only former WWE champions can enter the match, and with no official, participants inserted themselves into it, without any rules made, therefore anyone as a WWE champ could technically enter themselves. How flawed was that concept, when unannounced by a governing official of sorts?

He would soon toss a ladder over the ring ropes to the outside onto Chris Jericho which was so lightly dropped with no effort by Show dropping on Y2J, whom it tapped, had to let out a ridiculous “ahhhhhh” to work the spot.

Kane then fought Big Show once more. The multi time friends and enemies did the standard ‘thing’ again.

After inserting himself into the match earlier this evening, as any previous WWE Champion can according to this match, The Miz was the only man to work the match competently, closely followed by Jericho. The Miz was brought back to make up the numbers, though should have been utilised better than fodder for a tiresome four man show leading to the event.

Miz was the only highlight in the match, which shines a light on the fact that if he wasn’t a late addition, would have crippled the match fully.

After being jobbed instantly once more, by Big Show, Jericho caught a codebreaker on Show, then allowing The Miz to return fire with a DDT on him also. Kane then came to clothesline Show out of the ring, after all acknowledged he was now the ‘competition’ in this game.

Cena, on the outside saw a toppling Show out on the ground with him. Upon this revelation Cena began dismantling the Spanish announce table which saw an Attitude Adjustment fly Show through the table.

Many felt on this early crushing, that Big Show as standard would either win or be the last man to make a recovery to bolt for the briefcase. For now, Big Show was buried under a mountain of ladders.

This exact angle occurred two years ago in Smackdown’s ladder match.

Kane and The Miz duked it out on the ladders outside.

Jericho set a ladder. Miz carried off Jericho on his shoulders from behind where Jericho reversed into a Walls of Jericho on the canvas in the ring. Miz grabbed the ring rope for a break, which was unavailable as a rule. It was here that Mizes crotch was highly lifted and displayed, allowing us to travel into an alternate universe taking us away from this awful display occurring in WWE’s land.

Jericho then followed with a suplex on Miz. While the two were playing in the ring, one on one, numerous “Cena” chants bellowed out from the kids in attendance, highlighting the mass disrespect to the two people in the ring, which is why the kid era is ruining the product, because they have no respect and chant for Cena when he isn’t even the focus of the match/es. Surely WWE need to recognise why the product is failing. Cena is the role of all that is successful financially and its unsuccessfulness, financially.

Also, people placing themselves into the match, surely this is a mass indication the match will fail? Every match needs a governing force or set of ‘rules’ in place. These rules are called principals. This highlights another flaw. There are no champions in WWE able to make the match. Only five were ‘capable.’

Kane nailed Miz off the summits reach once climbing again. Kane was caught worse for wear and became double suplexed in a reversal of fortune by Jericho and Miz.

Cena soon surfaced with a charge on Miz. Slamming a ladder to Jericho, then saw Cena deliver a “10 knuckle shuffle” running and launching his knucks down on Jericho and Miz, both laid on a ladder head to head. Only Cena could ruin both men to project himself.

Kane gave a chokeslam clasp to Cena who reversed the momentum, Jericho then slammed a ladder into Cena, seemingly silencing him. Y2J was briskly sent to the outside, hurled onto The Miz.

Big Show rose up out of the ladder graveyard to absolutely no effect whatsoever and just stood up, without feigning pain and sprinted for the first time in his life into the ring to halt an attempt of a climb by Jericho.

Miz tugged upside down by Y2J

Show would go onto break the ladder in typical fashion, shortly after dismantling everyone, throwing a ladder onto Kane on the outside, which Kane grabbed his head to sell the hit. Show then shoved a ladder onto Miz afterwards carelessly. Big Show proved a liability to Miz, Jericho and Kane in the hurling of ladders. He could have legitimately screwed them over. He needs to take some responsibility instead of having a lazy attitude to his behaviour of others, who are working to make him look good, when it should be his job to protect and support others, which is what his predominate role in the company always has been, to which he has always relinquished.

Big Show under the same graveyard as before

It came down to the showdown once again. Cena verses Big Show. A ladder over Cena and a charge occurred before the standard scenario played out again as a replay.

Show soon brought out his gold trimmed double ladder stacked, well, ladder. Cole had to pretend we had never sent this before, which we saw last year.

Show, “outta breath, just putting the ladder in” Michael Cole laughed, then claimed he attempted to climb to “immortality.”

Not much involvement

Kane then faced off with Big Show. Cena then faced off with Big Show. (Again.)

Y2J then used a steel chair on the spine of Show. Stuffing a head hit with ladder into him, before Big Show was down, Cena then faced off with Jericho. Y2J sent a sleeper onto Cena from behind whilst climbing the ladder.

After the awful partake of portrayal, Jericho would not be immune from the disaster, by giving Miz a punch which became just too sloppy and barely added contrast to the event, despite trying to make it successful on some level.

It was Jericho and Miz. Big Show Knockout punched Jericho out of contention like a sack of spuds. Miz was unceremoniously shoved off the mountain, (proverbially, once more.)

Cena got up and battled Show over the ladder one on one. Everyone knew this was the defining point of the match and that one of these god awful participants, who totally abused the match, would win. Neither result would be pleasing.

Kane was nowhere in contention this year.

What came next caused even more controversy.

Cena used the briefcase, attached to chain, to whack Show in the head, Cena aggressively pulled the case to smash over Show, which then broke the chain, as John Cena shockingly and always with the goof reaction, couldn’t believe his luck when clasping the case, unhooked, making him the winner of the match.  He smashed Show, who then chose to wait upon being hit, to meekidly fall off the ladder. Cena made a painstakingly repugnant letter o face that destroyed all that occurred. He couldn’t even do that right.

The speculation was rife. Did Cena intend to win, or was it a bungled spot, which was supposed to see Show grab the case? Either way, it was a mass mess up.

In WWE’s portrayal of getting John Cena’s ego over in tact, it decided to kill off every other star it had. Not one star managed to excel on any level and became a waste. The Miz returned, in order to be jobbed out in a match that could have remade him instantly.

PPV Rating - 2/10

Men/Women of their matches - Christian, Alberto Del Rio, Epico, CM Punk, Tyler Reks, Tamina, The Miz

Man/Woman of the PPV - AJ

Riddled with botches almost everywhere, WWE cannot be anywhere near pleased with this disaster unfolding before their very eyes. Almost every match had one.

Cody Rhodes and The Miz were screwed again. Rhodes, who was a possible contender last year, many believed, was his time this year. It should have been. Only Sandow, Rhodes and slimly, Ziggler were the only candidates necessary to lift the case. What an amazing platform to launch Sandow on to give him this accolade. Of course, WWE will make many stars wait two years to be “prepared.” Rhodes has been fully prepared for this chance. Sandow, while still developing, would have a whole year’s space to develop in the role over this period. Do remember, he doesn’t have to win, and could also gamble the case away towards the end of his yearly time if “unready.”

The Miz returned to a matrix stylee glow...

Sin Cara and Big Show claimed the exact same spots previously. Cara was powerbombed by Tensai onto the ladder from last year by Sheamus, while Show was buried under the ladders, and brought his own special one out once again.

As champ, Sheamus, an unconventional bore with no personality nor charisma, was inable to work and did only 3 – 4 moves in this match. Del Rio did everything. Yet Rio was regarded as inconsistent to be champion, based on talent, because Sheamus, is tall and favoured for being boring and unable to work. Don’t you wish Orton hadn’t disappeared so he could protect you? Del Rio substituted perfectly, showing WWE there are more in the company viable, though not projected through WWE’s protraction of outward retraction.

Watching the event was extremely exhausting, filled with so many mishaps and irrelevant decisions that irked almost every member of the WWE Universe who value wrestling and understand its ‘entertainment’ levels ‘necessary’ to make the connection. That connection was lost with the audience. How yours ratings, by the way?

The O face. Only Cena could.

WWE tend to focus on one or two matches only, then piece the rest together at the last minute on a whim. The end result shines through.

Ryback’s rampage continued on again. Can you believe they keep running with this? Yes. They will be running with it for quite some time. To total and compare to Goldberg’s sterling undefeated record, Ryback will be crushing jobbers continually. The more he completes, by the time he is “prepared” for a real match will be way too long wasted, and best performance shown will be Ryback’s jobber esq qualities.

Ryback won’t know how to work when he eventually comes out of the other side and begins “wrestling” properly. Plus the angle will have been too tiresome over a year or more and died out. It truly is a waste of time. Drop it while you have a chance. They only way to make a star is to have wins and losses to drive their passion further forward to those watching in order to cathartically connect.

Smackdown’s MITB match saw Cody Rhodes screwed once more. When will he be called up? He is more than capable, and is WWE’s only hope in the new breed. Sandow snaring the case would have added further chances to making a new talent.

Tensai had no place, just as Santino. Christian had a sterling effort with Kidd, but Cara, for name value, hasn’t grasped any achievement. It’s hard to envisage Cara becoming a star after his many mishaps. You can only have so many chances. Evan Bourne would be prime example of this.

Filled with a lack of action, same spots as last years match, and inaccurate action with the victor doing minimal performance casting down the unsung heroes, really highlighted who in this match won and lost, in terms of value to the company.

Ziggler was involved in a car accident on July 13th with Justin Roberts and Zack Ryder, which saw none suffer any injuries after a Comic-Con convention.

How Washington was allowed to be racist with no action taken is disgusting. The fact WWE booked two no hopers also was unfortunate. WWE cannot accommodate the two useless NXT rookies. There are many on the roster available. Call them up instead. Multiple teams while you’re at it.

WWE have hired new females lately. Excellent. However, the current state is just that. In fact, all these current Divas in the six wo-man tag have a chance, but WWE may be too stubborn to realise it, or perhaps they feel it is not worthy enough.

How much potential is the key to note. Perhaps WWE wanted an evaluation on how to book all six and have fruitful labour.

Let’s start from the top.

Layla, as champion, is inconsistent, and seeing the portrayal since Extreme Rules to now, should either have not won the title, or transferred it back at one of the previous PPV’s. She still needs to work on ground work more than anything, though overall is losing her mantra.

If the reason said is “She came back from injury” then this highlights how incompetent the pressure to put a title, let alone a return match from a year’s absence onto her.

Beth Phoenix, without the source of all her powers, her skirt, has been duly destroyed after the intense work she put in over the last year. Some must feel it may be all for nothing, but her commitment and contribution were vast, and is now in tatters, in order to book Layla with victories to save face for the company and its top diva.

Natalya finally entered as a sole figure. While still close connections to Phoenix both must dominate the division and work together, but maintain single personality.

Tamina must be the one standing on the other side. Not given the title over Layla proves WWE don’t value her. Whether she should win or not is debatable, even with myself. Though WWE can present her and push the woman who can wrestle, and her excellent bout with Phoenix at February’s Elimination Chamber is a testament to that. She needs to be the top babyface currently. While she may have a way to go, she delivers more than Layla can, and Layla should be second in command than first.

Kaitlyn must be dismayed. Stuck in NXT limbo, and lost buddy AJ to the dark side, now WWE’s flavour of the month (which is subject to change), Kaitlyn needs to work on in ring participation and is miles away from a title reign, but has a stage, if presented to her, to take. Working on her dedication may pay off in a couple of years. Wrestling must flow, however.

Bringing us back to Hoeski Eve. Lest we forget that she was feuding with the team she sided with on Sunday over the past year, and having a four month hiatus even on the active roster, Eve, who was given a role by Wrestling Wonders, snapped up by WWE, had an opportunity to make a name for herself. She has now (un)comfortably slotted back into a useless glamour puss with no direction or worth. Is she worth keeping, then?

Unable to headline a main event on PPV, despite being one of the longest reigning champions, now set to challenge John Cena on the 1000th Raw episode, where Cena stated he will cash in his Money in the Bank contract, which is expected to last near one hour of TV time, shines the light on both standard stars, with no level of personality any more.

Bryan who expertly works matches WWE desperately needs, cannot be called upon forever, even when WWE dislike the small guy and now realise they need to book him considerably. Centrering the PPV around AJ was invalid pressure. Once moved out of the match, the result was clear, it fell apart. WWE needs to take tentative care in its angles and following through with them in audience need than seemingly one way choices.

Lastly, Brock Lesnar and Triple H's collision would have been best placed on this card, though has been saved for the 1000th Raw episode, for build up, which WWE staff feel is troublesomely losing its stead. It could have been booked, but with the nights botches everywhere, was perhaps a blessing in disguise to save its already lacking legitimacy.

© Max Waltham 20th July 2012

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