Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Maxine withdraws from WWE

Diva leaving gaping hole in
minuet division

WWE Diva, Maxine, Karlee Leilani Perez, 26, has chosen to quit the company, after a series of miscommunications between the two.

Maxine asked for and was granted her release on June 28th .

Naomi, AJ, Kaitlyn and Maxine on NXT

The namesake to MaxWaltham, Maxine was being booked by WWE a measure of mockery, to make severe points to the man, through the sacrifice of Maxine.

Locking up with AJ on NXT season 3. Perhaps AJ's latest role has pushed Maxine aside...

The WWE Universe, outraged by the choice, though understanding of her needs, are ever more critical of WWE's handling of talent. Numerous claims Maxine could have been a new star with a rising talent in the ring, while looking hot also, to add a newer dimension to the division and its company rocketed.

As any mark instantly does, when someone announces departure with "the big league", they blindly scream "coming to TNA" which Maxine instantly shot down. "Why would I leave a company to go to another?" The diva has no plans to return to wrestling at all, causing a crippling, defragmented loss in the void of the business that, while the big boys won't be too concerned of another "number" should understand the decision highlights the mass ripple in how the business transgresses, and it's ever lacking interest of faith in supposedly clever people who continually drop their ball so willfully.

Maxine chose to leave due to her treatment by the company in less appearances, jobbed out to make subliminal points to someone else, and her minimal treatment on WWE's NXT brand, frustrated with the never ending stalling of call up ever coming, feeling she was "stuck" on the show.

WWE seemingly had no plans to elevate her above NXT level, though made a brief appearance in a fair tag match with Natalya on Raw two months ago. Her last appearance was on WWE Raw on June 25th as part of a Divas summer bikini battle royal. She was first eliminated, in general WWE fashion, within two minutes or less.

WWE's seamstress, Terry Anderson could not contain her pleasure at the female's release, taking to Twitter to confirm and cryptically speak about the decision.

Seems Anderson had a few teething problems with the leather laced sultress.

Here with NXT stud, Johnny Curtis

Derrick Bateman "whisks" Maxine away

One has to also question the hiring of new Diva Buggy Nova highlighting the company's attitude to young females with a "look." While Buggy is a credible choice to add a unique outlook, the choice behind it was the same the organisation continually look for, the stereotype. Maxine could have also broken that, and enhanced fans into a new level of developing superstar with a new presence which would have highly caught on.

One fact remains, WWE need to rehash its ethics in how to hire, book and place correctly, which only one man knows how to do, as WWE can only ever do it one way. Push aside the pride, and put the future first, or there simply won't be one.

© Max Waltham 03rd July 2012

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