Saturday, 14 July 2012

Maria (Kanellis) manhandled

Maria Kanellis manhandled by 
male fan at ROH house show

Former WWE Diva and Ring of Honor's "First Lady" Maria Kanellis vented her upset near two weeks ago at a ROH show when one fan in attendance, seated front row, took it upon himself to grope Maria's backside upon entrance to the ring.

Kanellis, extremely miffed, later responded that the man was a "pervert." 

“Thank you New York for coming to see @ROHMikeBennett and myself. But the guy in the front row that grabbed my bum, I will have you thrown out next time. You are a pervert!!”

Dear Maria, allow me to explain for you why the perv grabbed your pert derrière. All females in sport, more so in wrestling have been sensationally degraded to one common denominator, all females are sexual objects, and onject alone. WWomen are regrarded as having no soul and only here to be touched and desired by men with o morals how o treat women and see them only as a heightened sexual object.

Psychology suggest Women, upon birth, are classed as weak. They cry or winge about the slightest thing, they are strategically designed to be less active and productive than a man. Man overpowers a female in every right. While this may be debated, in wrestling, this theory is put to the test in a positive light. Man presents females as sexual objects, with mass sexual degradery, favouring pert, model, enhanced "look" where most ladies spend eight hours in hair and make up to present that image on screen, where outside of the role, most are not like this.

Let us take WWE as a prime example of enforcing this behaviour. WWE's lead female, Kelly Kelly, whom the company feel is the number one portrayal of females, because she is thin, at an alarming rate, pert, blonde hair, and enhanced breasts to entice every man. Wearing a cajoled, little mermaid, loose fitted undergarments, many do not respect females because this portrayal of female, with no wrestling aptitude and the domineering force booking them feeling this is the drawing point of a female in a man's world, fans do not look at these women as such, they are viewed as "tits and ass." what else do they have going for them? 

TNA arn't getting off scott free neither. The over sexualisation of the Beautiful People, with Velvet Sky and Angelina Love in very revealing outfits promoting they are practically prostitiues asking for it, sets an increasingly worrying tone, because, one day, some female at a wrestling show, will one day suffer the ultimate price, rape.

No one wants to mention such a drastic revelation, though this is what is impressed into the minds of fans watching or being there. With sexual tension and hormones flying all over a "red blooded male" who has since been stripped of his morals, is taught in his mind that the female is for him, and he can do whatever he likes to her. Supporting this, men in attendance will "agree" and adorn him in his grabbing of a female. Worryingly, society will do what it can to encourage this behaviour.

Therefore, the question is asked, is it not time pro wrestling finally books females in a light that is not fully sexual? Yes, females who cannot wrestle and disgrace the sport, like Kelly Kelly, have thier sexual appeal, everything in today's society, which is terrifying, is about sex, place Kelly and the others of that tone in roles that are specifically devised for tart-ism, and keep the rest, that can wrestle or contribute to the roles of valet etc, to further develop the ailing female divisions.

Many come to see females fighting passionately. Women's wrestling is an extremely lucrative market. This also supports females in the role of becoming stronger, "powerful" and having a general backbone. It also encourages females to be involved in sport.

The fan had no right to grope Ms.Kanellis, and should be ashamed, but he wont,  as any fan is never allowed to interpersonally touch any sporting superstar inappropriatly unless agreed or in light humour. as a blaatentl "cop a feel" these fans are out there, already having mass support saying "can't blame him for grabbing it" which, again sends the wrong messages. With no strong role models ever teaching anyone what is right or wrong, with the greatest media platform, a television, warping the mind of those watching, should be encouraged to stand up against and portray real morals to society that support females, instead of ripping the to shreds for the sake of a few dollars worth, and an expensive cost of personal dejectory.

Over the last week, WCW commentator from the past, Mark Madden, who is no credible source that the "online community" are latching onto because he was a commentator on WCW, posted jibes directed towards Maria and her new beau Mike Bennett, stating whether she missed former love CM Punk. Punk, now WWE champion, becoming the newest wealthy player in wrestling and WWE, had dated Maria before his rise to championship fame in his ECW days of WWE's re-branding takeover. Madden targeted Bennett in order to stoke a fire in a detrimental way. Mike Mondo also became involved, to which he stated support to his Ring of Honor co stars.

© Max Waltham 14th July 2012

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