Thursday, 26 July 2012

Roddy Piper dismisses rumoured allegations of indecent behaviour

Online Fan claims Piper
upset WWE Diva

After Monday Night Raw’s landmark 1000 episode celebration (Review coming shortly), WWE Legend 'Hot Rod' Rowdy Roddy Piper was thrown into controversy.

Instantly after the end of the Raw 1000 showcase, online dirt sheet ‘writer’ Ryan Clark, of Wrestlezone fame insinuated the former legend had made lewd suggestive remarks to WWE Diva Kaitlyn backstage, including sexually inappropriate connotations in comments.

Clark wrote on the site “suggestive comments” that made Kaitlyn “uncomfortable.” He would then go on to say “As of writing we have no further details” which clearly then proves it shouldn’t have been written as this is unworthy of “News” and is just a random chance to gain more hits for his site, which Clark was said to have thrived off.

Piper's pissed

If you need to create an outright lie to get viewers, it just proves your dirt sheet is exactly that and has no legitimacy. As well as shelving your so called credibility, nor integrity. You prove, once again, you are nothing and just some random guy on the net.

Piper claimed that one of his young children saw the comments and sent her into a flurry of tears. Piper was extremely upset with tearing his family apart, and vowed to find those responsible for causing ripples in his family in order to gain a few extra viewers – which means absolutely nothing.

Viewers will come and go, but how you get them to stay is another thing many dirt sheeters don’t know how to maintain.

Among many tweets, Piper, who won’t allow this to drop until responsibility taken, maintaining virtue and morals also had this to say – “RYAN U THINK UR BEING A "SMARK HEEL" AND GETTING HITS. YOU PICKED ON A "REAL DEAL HEEL" HURT MY FAMILY,HURT ALL WEB SITES I KNOW WHAT TO DO!”

Ryan Clark, who calls himself an “insider” who has no inside scope, and constantly “copies and pastes” from other sites as a plagiariser personified, has just added Wrestlezone and Twitter accounts Markin Out an lawradio to “look like fools” according to one fan.

Clark has been known to lie or stretch truths in the past, adding no name value other than to plagiarise others and cause distress to those written about.

Clark's online profile picture (The only one available)

Some believe the sites should be shut down or Clark himself, while others call for an updated new post and public apologies. No site has done any practise as such.

Clark claims he has reached out to Piper to "clear the air" though blames Piper for refusing to talk. Piper isn't talking to him because its called morals. Why would you talk to someone who spreads lies just to get an article to raise web statistics?

Wrestle News Source, which is another imbecile that copied what Clark wrote onto their site, in order to get viewers with more stolen and “recycled” ‘news’ backtracked with its tail between its legs giving a half-hearted apology, where the marks should not have copied the story to a) plagiarise and b) try to get viewers through rubbish presented with no truth involved in it, after Piper's warning of action.

Sometimes you have to decide yourself what to put up on the net, not just copy what everyone else does. This makes you look completely thick and pathetic. That is why everyone who has no professional qualities cannot be an online writer, nor accurate source when they post outright lies or untruth’s.

In short, don’t believe the bull your reading from these morons, because only a handful of people have actual levels of professionalism who know what they are talking about. Those that don’t, need to stop posting anything they know nothing of.

As of writing, Clark is continuing to stir the pot with lies, allegedly, using Piper’s name to get further reputation. The ignorance to “back down” and “man up” with apologies and set records straight isn’t favoured. Clark is often known as a “TNA mark” who targets anyone outside of the company he likes as a fan, according to all his online ‘community.’

That’s what happens when you actually know nothing and claim you have inside knowledge yet you can’t provide that information credibly or at all. Everyone is responsible for their own actions, even in what they write.

The Twitter war continues. Clark states he will be placing an ‘article’ up later, in order to get more views. Most are boycotting the website/s and accounts affiliated for its unfathomable fraudulence. It’s pathetic.

© Max Waltham 26th July 2012

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