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Damien Sandow: From Waltham clone to future World champion?

Damien Sandow: From Waltham clone 
to future World champion?  

First glorifying our screens in April 2012 Damien Sandow became WWE’s newest, stellar performer in vocal and wrestling skills. With his witty, intellectual knowledge and understanding of conceptual flow in narrative discourse, WWE knew they were onto a winner as a new star.

However, there was a fundamental flaw. The intellectual being had been microchipped. The body of Sandow repacked from developmental territory and crafted into the corporate system, WWE cloned its new star with a fusion of online aura. Inserting the genome once more, this time into Sandow, and tweaking his attitude to have an arrogance to manipulate fan belief of Max Waltham, fans realised WWE once again messed up a wonderful prospect.

The star was new, fresh, current, the intelligence added a new outlook to grace WWE TV screens. However it was not to be, because as great as it was, Sandow would always be a manifestation of Max Waltham. Used as WWE’s semiotic deliverance on screen, Sandow went from winning diligently in matches to crushed in minutes ranging from main stars to jobbers, all to prove a point to a creative supporter. 

Aside of these discrepancies, Sandow had a tremendous beginning with pop culture references, hiring an apprentice and aiming to recapture the tag team division interest. Dropped from main line attention after WWE, who were seeking a world title opponent of high standing to then champ Sheamus, WWE opted to shelve the choice. Boring, treading water and stagnate, Sheamus needed a strong opposing force and with Randy Orton not on the turn, Sandow was a worthy choice. WWE felt not and sidelined him with Rhodes, as RhodesScholars which was a successful pairing in disguise despite start/stop treatment. 

The ‘E however were unsure where to take them when the mockery moments took priority. Neither took strong presence for the tag titles which should now compel WWE to change direction since The Shield are growing as gold bearers.

WWE could present Sandow as a star in WWE and as World champion material to give them both an added opportunity. Sandow is worthy of WWE gold if they get the right principals or even the clone in place. But it may remain a mocking game of stalemate instead. It's up to WWE to decide if they wish to stall for further years or not and waste opportunities out of pride. They desperately need new stars whether Sandow rises or not. 

After paying his dues being crushed by DX on Raw 1000, working with the tedious Brodus Clay in squash matches and hanging on the edge of WWE’s precipice tentatively, while carrying Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara to credible tag bouts Sandow is certainly an option. With Rhodes by his side both in singles competition but as a powerful partnership, their time may be nearing mainstream. Then again, WWE may just build audience hopes with the intention to knock the WWE Universe back down again. Regardless everyone in WWE could benefit. Both have shown the skills and gained standing with audience interest, though Sandow is ready if given the chance.  

Since July 2013, fully equipped with Heavyweight title contendership, Sandow is in prime position. WWE like to generally book the victor of a future with the disguise of multiple losses to produce a surprise factor upon a possible win. However, WWE now need to establish strong character and victories as a top player for Sandow. This of course is a problem for WWE when Sandow's predecessor Max Waltham decided not to give any more tips on character development.

One of many from the Waltham page-book - "You're Welcome!"

Many audiences also doubt the legitimacy of a unified cash in. WWE have considered at times, unfifying both hevwyeight titles, among others once again. This, would be a massive mistake for WWE. Though the credentials of challengers is sparse, with only Randy Orton, CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Alberto Del Rio and John Cena comprisiong its heavyweight division with Undertaker and Brock Lesnar as part - time backups, WWE need to flesh out its challenging pack. With only one title, the WWE title and WWE dominance of John Cena as champion, no one would be able to assend nor make a new name star for the company in its long term perspectives. 

WWE need to establish challengers, champions and credentials to drive the future along. While it still has its minor back ups and occasional front man, subject to change for monthly periods alternating between four or five regulars, WWE are still playing the stalling game. Sandow has the case. WWE now need to build on that stepping stone in order to give rise to potential challengers floating around the title picture with different aspects of strong prominence. 

©  Max Waltham 04th October 2013

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