Thursday, 17 October 2013

Stork of Stratusfaction rocks Wrestling world

WWE Diva welcomes baby 
Maximus into wrestling world

WWE Diva and Hall of Famer wrestler Trish Stratus gave birth to a healthy baby boy weighing 8 pounds 3 ounces on Monday 30th September. Both mother and baby were fine.

Stratus and husband Ron Fisico, together for 21 years named their first son, Maximus.

Baby Maximus.
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Stratus will have a strong willed, able thinker and independent future child. Trust me, and not just on name value. He’ll also be full of words and impartial. But they will often seek Venus’ love. The quality of Venus will fully dominate lifestyle. He will constantly care for others more than himself. Stratus and husband will surely make up for that. You’ll barely hear a sound from him when he sleeps though early on.

The stratus family were congratulated by tons of supporters. Trish and family thanked well wishers on Twitter also for their kind thoughts.

Max Waltham and Wrestling Wonders again wishes Stratus and family a wonderful time filled with joy. Who knows, if he ever needs a mentor. :)

Bring on the Maximum Generation!

©  Max Waltham 17th October 2013

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